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Comments on song "Bole Re Papihara, Papihara"
lprasai on January 29, 2010
Thank you for the meaning!
priyanka2502 on May 24, 2010
the song is sung by- suman kalayanpur, she was gr8 singer
tony frank De' S on June 10, 2010
@chebsachin yes you are right. It is indeed Vani Jairam
kolkatadoctor1 on October 20, 2010
rkdivyalal on July 10, 2011
Superb song
vinay kumar on July 23, 2011
this song is sung by suman kalyanpur and not veena
Bhuvana Sai on August 14, 2011
superb song rendered by vani jairam madam.Nice song,One of the divine
singers of India-
Bhuvana Sai on August 14, 2011
superb song rendered by vani jairam madam.She manages to sing in each
language as if it is her mother tongue(Eventhough she is from
tamilnadu).Either it be in sankara baranam(telugu) or Aboorva
Ragangal(Tamil) or Guddi (Hindi) it looks as if it is her own vernacular
language. One of the great singers of India
Vikas Pratap Singh on September 01, 2011
great classical song...
cienu33 on September 17, 2011
this is a song you can listen to a zillion times and the feeling of
freshness will remain each time you hear !!
sukuchak on September 28, 2011
Come On, this is Suman Kalyanpur. I respect both Vani Jairam and Suman
Kalyanpur, both are great singers, sometimes even better than Lata
Mangeshkar. But this song is sung by Suman Kalyanpur, 100% sure, check the
playback singer's list for the film Guddi
sukuchak on September 28, 2011
Apologies for my previous post, It's Vani Jairam indeed. Sorry Guys...
Chiman Jagani on October 13, 2011
Album: Guddi Year: 1971 Track: Bol Re Papihara Singer: VaniJairam Album
Star Cast: Dharmendra JayaBachchan UtpalDutt Track Star Cast: JayaBachchan
Ajit Rajwade on November 11, 2011
@vijay014: this is a dirty rumour spread by some people. Lata was neither
against any person from any art of India (north or south) and nor did she
do anything to vanquish Vani. Vani lost out because she did not maintain
the high standards she had set for herself. If you examine the songs of the
1970s, there were many female singers who sang plenty of songs. Vani Jairam
failed to make it big even with O P Nayyar's (temporary) backing because
the quality of her songs for him was mediocre.
bmwcalcutta1 on November 11, 2011
Completly agree with vijay. In 70s Vani jairam was performing excellent.
Listen Her meera bhajans in the film 'meera,' just outstanding. The film
was released in 79. Even meera bhajan performed by Lata ji iz upto that
level. But all of a sudden she vanished from Bollywood same like Suman
bmwcalcutta1 on November 12, 2011
Who was the music director?
sampa chowhury on November 23, 2011
One of my favorite song!!!
Sreelakshmi Viswam on May 25, 2012
wah! kya gaana hai! bahooth soorillaa bahooth khupsooroth gaana ! thumps up
if u r listening to this song in 2012
jjsadhana1984 on August 26, 2012
beautiful.. one of my favorite song... but some of the translations are not
right. but anyways i love teh song very much...
Sreelakshmi Viswam on October 01, 2012
wah bahi waa maan liya
Sreelakshmi Viswam on October 01, 2012
5 dislikes dont know waht REAL music is legandry music ! they just listen
to item song
Rhyes2012 on October 16, 2012
5 people were searching for Justin Beiber!! @ dislikes duh!
Himanshu Joshi on December 31, 2012
Mian ki Malhaar... Superb composition & singing
Sumit Mazumdar on January 25, 2013
7 deaf's are confirmed after visiting this page
Mani Menon on February 01, 2013
I totally agree with you, Sumitji! One has to be stone deaf to dislike a
song like this.
Kutti Krishnan on May 14, 2013
What a beautiful song. Melancholic. This song will remain in my heart till
my death. Vanijayaraminum Music Directorkum abhinandanangal...
Venkatesh Padmanabhan on July 03, 2013
Latha did not allow anyone - including her own sister to shine. She was a
control freak. Vani Jayaram had a much better voice than Latha and knowing
this, she used her influence to sideline her.
786unknown80 on July 05, 2013
@Venkatesh : Lata is a very good person. She doesnt have and didnt have the
intention to challenge with others. She didnt do that. You can watch her
Shridhar V on July 09, 2013
Watch this if you understand Telugu: ?v=WW-nphnuZlU She even tried to
supress Kavita Krishnamurthy! Kuch na Kaho in 1942 a love story was
originally sung by Kavitaji. Due to pressure, after R D Burman's death, the
producer was forced to have Lata sing that song.
deepti on July 27, 2013
sweet song of jayaji,with VANI JAYARAM nice singer
gopal sinha on August 18, 2013
Behad khoobsurat gaana,jise bahut pasand kiya gaya..vani jayram ne shayad
pahli bar hindi film ke liye gaya aur bahut sundar dhang se gaya..basant
desai ki ek aur sundar sangeet-rachna..geet ke bol aur bhav bhi madhur
hain,jise sambhawatah yogesh ne likha hai...
Suresh C Roy on August 23, 2013
Very nostalgic..I saw this film in 1971...
udaibhanu1 on October 28, 2013
Nice song. Very well sung. Thanks for uploading!
Akshay Jadhav on December 07, 2013
gopal sinha on December 28, 2013
मात्र एक गाने से अपनी उपस्थिति जता जाना बड़ी उपलब्धि है...बोल और धुन भी
अत्यंत मधुर हैं !
sita ram on April 21, 2014
Simply fantastic!
dinesh kadam on April 24, 2014
beautiful song and voice ...
DR ARTI SAHAI on July 19, 2014
Dhinakar Rajaram on August 04, 2014
Raga Amirthavarshini or mian ki malhar
irfan ahmed on September 27, 2014
One of the indian best tamil singer still she singing some tamil songs.
Vaani jeyaram who sung more than 16 languages promise still she got her
amazing voice 
jyotish kumar deb on November 22, 2014
After Guddi
Vani Jairam sang in a Film called Ek Mutthi Aasmaan ( Vijay Arora), music
by Madan Mohan (?)
There was a beautiful duet with Kishore Kumar " Pyar Kaa Bhee Kum , Na
karna Sanam"

can some one find that ?
Chinnadurai P on November 30, 2014
What a song what a beauty 
Abhilash Nambiar on January 26, 2015
Thanks for the subtitles. I know Hindi, but had no idea what the song
kaarigan kisco on March 28, 2015
The voice that shook The Nightingale of the Indian cinema, No wonder why
Latha felt so..Absolutely stunning! 
htgajjar on April 04, 2015
Singer is Vani Jairam who sang this great song
Sonalika Jadhav on April 18, 2015
i like this classical song.also voice quality is very different and
nice.meaning is nice and i dont know which is raga in muzik but it nice is
Arif Khan on April 28, 2015
Another great talent gone down the drain due to Mangeshkar sisters
Shambhavi Prabhat on May 01, 2015
epic song! hats off to the singer,composer,lyricist,musicians... n of
course, jaya bhaduri who made it look more beautiful
bhaskar jawanjal on May 16, 2015
Hats off !!
Beautiful song. 
Bhagwati Nainwal on June 26, 2015
Such a sweet song. I have been listening this song since my younger days.
Now I am sixty. Vani Jairam ji ko naman. 
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