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Comments on song "Chahunga Main Tujhe Sanjh Sawere"
indusdolphin on February 19, 2008
A heartbreaking song, brought tears to my eyes, is he singing to god, or his lost love, the song is knowingly silent about it.
jkenhar on February 20, 2008
Terrific song by rafi.
kokapandit on March 03, 2008
U have to watch the movie if u havn't. Its one of the most awesome movie of
all times about friendship. Incidentally he is singing in memory of his
friend. Cheers!
lilguyaneseboi1194 on March 05, 2008
This song has such a great meaning to it .. if u waych the vhs it has
subtitles at the bottom... this song has a great meaning so wat i want to
do is sing this at a funeral or at a jhandi.It might sound dum to
sing at a funeral but all the old guyanese people will no the meaning and
they will congradulate on ur
lilguyaneseboi1194 on March 05, 2008
Any 1 have lyrics.. lol... im serious 2..
lalith dias on March 12, 2008
great what is meaning pls..
lalith dias on March 12, 2008
great meaning
jyotijwala on March 17, 2008
what a song on friedship.
devi1992 on March 23, 2008
devi1992 on March 25, 2008 not exactly sure what he is saying but i do know that he's talking
about an old friend who died.from the looks of this movie it seems
reallyy sad...and this song makes me sad
narowal on March 28, 2008
sabna ka iko hi raakha
haqnelson on March 29, 2008
classic song superbly sang.
pelikan w on March 30, 2008
the only thing is bollywood films get overdramatic and preachy.. it
would've been funny if he had gone into traffic and gotten hit by a car..
pelikan w on April 02, 2008
i did, 30 yrs ago, and many times since then. the song itself is good...
movie was overdramatic
23sept04 on April 03, 2008
i will love you morning and evening, but now i wont call your name. (2)
see, i know everyfin, u (God) listen to wat is in our friend
i wnt call u again and again (3) u are pain, u r friend i
wnt call ur name again and again i will love u day and night but now i wnt
call ur name hope that helps...
thickalicousrain on April 04, 2008
i love this film more than any other film new or old plz rajishri how i can get this film in longage india
Yousuf Hussain on April 04, 2008
In 1964, this was the Laxmikant-Pyarelal's way of telling the world that
they have arrived. The rest is history...with Rafi and Majrooh they took
Bollywood by storm.
mia412d on April 16, 2008
Bless..Thanks for the upload.
aravpatel on April 17, 2008
wow...i was born in 1990...but i liked this movie..soo much...good songs
xx22az on April 24, 2008
just tears in my eyes whenever i listen to the songs from this beautiful movie,sing by the great mohd.rafi.
alouareali on April 28, 2008
magnifique reste toujour
gauravrpathare on May 04, 2008
mohd rafi is dud yaar
mnjhf on May 06, 2008
Incredible A+++++++++
sondisonia on May 08, 2008
Is it a joke...
16reema on May 18, 2008
lyrics, music, singer n movie ..everything wonderful!wonderful!!
wonderful!!!..nothing else to say.
birju123456 on May 22, 2008
28 years happen when rafi sahab passed away but still his magic is there
what a song and lyrics .. AWESOME
djkitz82 on May 26, 2008
its just too touching songs.awesome song
ruls1987 on June 04, 2008
its beautiful and touching like nothing else...
dsouza18 on June 13, 2008
wow what a beautiful song by rafi whose movie is this i mmean producer and
Princessjasmineariel on June 15, 2008
i love this song.thanks :)
Raazzi on June 18, 2008
Immortal Voice,Still alive in the hearts of music lovers,Everlasting!!!
Thanx for posting great job.
hifzmaster on June 24, 2008
I was eight years old, when this movie was released, what wonderful singing
sunizach on July 05, 2008
wow thanks so much for posting this -- haven't heard it since i was a
kid!!! Lovely lovely song!
Imran Ahmad Khan on July 11, 2008
Bhai sahab embedded ka option kyun lock kar raka hai ye kya tum ne direct
kya to jo yeh kadam uttaya hai :P
realjungkc on July 14, 2008
wow brillitant singing
moonlighttz on July 14, 2008
everytime i hear this song i feel like crying the emptiness is there since
this great legend is no more in life but our hearts immortal
alemoh on July 16, 2008
This movie I saw at a drive in it was so very sad but what a beautiful
friendship. I love it.
MUBASHIRBHUTTO on July 17, 2008
i love this song and singer coz i m big fan of marhoom muhammad rafi sahab
BoratBrother on July 23, 2008
Rafi at his best...inimitable...
Rejani1025 on July 23, 2008
Rajshri, Why have you embedded these videos? I want to put it on my orkut
profile and it won't let me. :( I want to share these songs with people
flitz10 on July 26, 2008
u shameless , respect the singer and actor.
jhjh993 on July 31, 2008
awesome song
xx22az on August 12, 2008
all the songs from this movie are so heart touching.
moonlighttz on August 16, 2008
im sure anyone can connect this song to whomever they love and lost.
legendery mohd rafi sahab kya baat hai bas lajawaab...
pierre perera on August 22, 2008
great song, i wish this voice can be reincarnated in future space and time.
Thank you for the song
AshleyNadineLal on September 09, 2008
does anyone what happened to these two actors
YUMRGM on September 11, 2008
Sudhir kumar and Sashil Kumar
Wazirchand Bansal on September 15, 2008
all the songs dosti movie are so heart touching.rafi tum lajbab ho
kshtjjn1 on October 16, 2008
I have ben looking all over the place to watch this movie online. Can anyone suggest. By far this has the most beautiful songs all in one movie. Cheers...
chantinaani on October 17, 2008
what is the name of the movie ?
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