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Comments on song "Chale Aaj Tum Jahaan Se, O Dur Ke Musaafir"
kdrnkg on June 19, 2008
mesmering and just short of words to explain the depth in the immortal voice
TheZaheerAhmad on June 27, 2008
i first herd this when i was 9 i am now 31 and i still love it great voice,
great actor, the bygone era
viralpatel17 on July 15, 2008
gr8 song .. ma favourite ...thanx 4 uploading
rumahale on July 16, 2008
Really great... Thanks.
uzbekmann on July 29, 2008
i am now sixty and i hear and sing always this song when i drive to various destinations all over europe. I am an express courier driver and this is the only treasure i have with me, the old golden songs.
sabnavees on November 29, 2008
other than RAFI sahab who can sing this song with perfect melody & pitch ? Hats off to Naushad for his evergreen composition & choosing RAFI sahab as the playback. This number I am hearing from my very child hood. During my childhood I used to break down while listening to this number when I was not able to understand HINDI/URDU ( My mother tongue being (Telugu) & now at my 56th year I am breaking down when I understand the meaning & RAFI sahab's dedicated rendering.
CrazyWindwalker on December 09, 2008
Wow what a beautiful & haunting number. It brings such nostalgia. Im 35 and
having experienced the music of the 80s and 90s and the music of today.
I can say that theres no parallel to the music of the 50s & 60s. Most
importantly the compositions of Naushad sahab & the evergreen voice of Modh
Rafi sahab. We are indeed lucky that they left these gems behind for us.
Ashok Bhalla on December 29, 2008
very good song
rumahale on December 31, 2008
Absolutely true.
rumahale on December 31, 2008
Welcome. Sincere appreciation.
rumahale on December 31, 2008
Welcome. Thanks for the appreciation of good music.
goonjsagar on January 04, 2009
I say kudos to the oldies! The pure poetry in the language and the
simplicity of the enactment is what lingers on in minds long after the song
is over. This is my personal favorite. Thank you for uploading.
rumahale on January 05, 2009
Rich tributes in the form of comments. I am also impressed about the
Konkani video .. Konkani is my mother tongue.
goonjsagar on January 06, 2009
Konkani is my mother tongue too. I have not lived in India for over 18
years so the only time I get to speak it is when I call my mom once a week.
I keep watching videos on YouTube so that I don't lose my languages
rivkateam on January 09, 2009
this is the most beautiful movie and song. love as powerful as that is so inspiring...:) i hope eveyone will have that kind of love...:)mohd rafi is the best!!...rivka from israel
ragnarerous on January 10, 2009
what a melodious compositions
rumahale on January 11, 2009
Thanks for the response.
rumahale on January 11, 2009
Absolutely right.
rumahale on January 11, 2009
Shakeel Badayuni the real poet.
chwaqas on February 07, 2009
tumhen mil gya thikana .. hamen mot bi na aaie . kya baat hai ji ,
super hit
vakantie41 on February 28, 2009
love this song so much my anty was always playint it, it whas here fav. song
it reminds me of her.
Oesha kamaansing
anuume on April 10, 2009
all though i am a srilankan , i love this marvelous person , mohomed rafi you are the best , you are the best in the world . after mohomed rafi their are no singer found india so far , i love mohomed rafi and this song and india too.
lotuscamel on April 21, 2009
Singers may be born but genius epople created only once by God. Thanks for the comment.
Kmahabir on June 20, 2009
It is poetry like these songs that keeps me close to roots. We should never
forget how strong our love can be. Thank you for posting.
shailesh101983 on July 28, 2009
rafi sahaab...missing you...
rumahale on July 28, 2009
Welcome. Remember 31st July and please be prepared to pay tributes on his
death anniversary day.
shailesh101983 on July 29, 2009
brother , i have been doing rafi shows and rafi nights on this sad day for the past 3 years now.i dont need to remember this day.though i have never met him or seen him as a person, i feel connected.

rumahale on July 29, 2009
I am pleased very much. Please furnish the details so that I can witness
(if these are web cast). Regards.
dboy0189 on August 17, 2009
wonderful song so beautiful many thanks !!!
sai869 on August 26, 2009
Four geneiuoses together RAFI,Shakeelji,NAUSHADJI-Dilip saheb -what a CLASSIC CONTRIBUTION!
MASTER PIECE-unparallel
rumahale on August 27, 2009
True. Thanks.
coluny on September 02, 2009
dboy0189 on September 07, 2009
my favt too thanks
Vijay Bagga on September 16, 2009
Dilip Kumar's actual name is Yousuf. Are you taking about this Yousuf or
somebody else? If you are asking about Dilip Kumar, just to go Mumbai
(India) and every taxi driver knows. Thanks
nandu1f on October 03, 2009
Hi-impact song. In otherwise strange movie. The legendary Naushad was
excellent until at song's end he had a habit to raise the singer's pitch
and/or speed up the tempo excessively to loose the sweetness, e.g. the
ending line of "mohabbat zindabad" in Mughal-e-azam was worse for my taste.
Thanks Ramchandra ji
rumahale on October 04, 2009
Thanks for the critical appreciation.
muskurado4me on October 07, 2009
My father used to sing this song like Moh Rafi Really Amazing Song
rumahale on October 07, 2009
Thanks for liking.
chwaqas on February 06, 2010
top of the list swad aa geya ji
rumahale on July 09, 2010
@raspoteenk Thanks.
Vipul Mehta on July 12, 2010
Rafi was great. This one is for my Dad. Miss you.. R.I.P.
rumahale on July 13, 2010
@vipmehta Thanks and welcome.
vijaykhakharia on August 18, 2010
@raspoteenk Dil uthgaya jahe se le chal hume yahe se wow Rafi saheb!!!
kkjb586 on September 29, 2010
Like 'O RAAT KE MUSAFIR' from film Miss Mary this song also is great.Thank
you very much Rumahale for uploading such songs.You are also mad like
us.Please enrich our lives by uploading such unforgettable songs.
manzar589 on October 02, 2010
remind me of times when i was in school use to study late night n turn on
radio,,, what beautiful times memorie associated to theses songs.. didnt
knew meaning of these songs very well that time but now enjoy equally good
rumahale on October 02, 2010
@manzar589 Great nostalgic moments. Thanks.
Amber Zaman on October 08, 2010
Who are the two b*tches who rated this down?? I want to know.
1001degrees on October 19, 2010
@ambiman101, must be retarded.
Indrakamal Majumdar on November 27, 2010
sometimes great songs are unfortunately filmed on celluloid chimpanzees
like dilip kumar and shahrukh khan.
kunwaryahoo on November 27, 2010
It is impossible to forget the sweetness and depth of voice of this talented artist who are born very rare once in one or two centuries.
Kr.Shiv Pratap Singh
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