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Comments on song "Chali Chali Re Patang Meree Chali Re"
Ravi Gokhale on August 30, 2008
Another classic Rafi-Lata. Many Thanks.
Sushobhan Bhadure on September 11, 2008
evergreen song of lata-rafi but where is the original song of rafi's chal
ud jaa re panchhi
shujashoab on January 20, 2009
One of the Best song shine for forever
Prem kumar on July 15, 2009
This breezy duet makes your spirit to soar with joy. kite flying was also
rafi saab's favourite pastime
krazzy4lolo on September 16, 2009
wow no words for this!
jasbongy on December 27, 2009
Awesome due by Lata ji and Rafi ji. Thanks SunhareGeet ji.10*************
jasbongy on December 27, 2009
@jasbongy Duet sorry for mistake.
johnsandrabaitali on January 03, 2010
Sarla ji & Sanjay. This is amazing. Everyting is superb. Beautiful choice
of song. Both of you have sing so nice. Beautiful video mixing by Randhir
ji. All stars to all of you.
Dee Thakore on January 03, 2010
I was never able to fly seven kites in one dor (thread). But I never try
after couple of years, so I would say after 1960's. :) As always both of
you doing an exceptional job by going the extra mile and delivering above
and beyond the singing as simple duet. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up for
rest of 2010.
nrkamath43211 on January 03, 2010
Hello Sarla Ji and Sanjay Ji, Kya Baat Hai. Aap Ne To Jawaani Ki Dinon Ki
Yaad Dila Dee. Congratulations to both of you for singing this famous duet
so beautifully. I also liked the syncing with actual video song. A
Brilliant Job. Also you selected the right song on "Patang" or "Kite" on
the occasion of Makar Sakranti. While I was watching the Video, I liked
that Beautiful Photo of Sarla Ji during her Youthful days. Thanks for your
post and letting me know. Please do some more duets. Regards NK
kuckudk on January 03, 2010
Very nice reproduction of 1957 song, sarla ji aap ka aalaap ha ha
ha...bahut hi sunder hai 1957 mein aap ki aawaz jaisi thi aaj bhi vaisi hi
hai. Dr Sanjay aap ne dholak ki thaap ke saath khoob gaaya aur aap ki aawaz
hero ke lips ke saath synchronize ho gai hai, 500 stars to both of you.
jasbongy on January 03, 2010
Thanks Sandra and John for your bautiful comments and stars. from all of
us. Love. Sarla.
jasbongy on January 03, 2010
Thanks Maya ji for appreciating our efforts and stars. From Sarla and
Sanjay ji.
jasbongy on January 03, 2010
Thanks Di for your always,always, beautiful and interesting comments.I love
to read your description about the theam of songs and stars. Love. Sarla.
jasbongy on January 03, 2010
Thanks Dr. Kamath ji for such kind and encouraging comments. That picture
was taken when i was 15-16 years old.I enjoyed singing this song mainly for
my two fav. artists,Lata ji and Nanda,watching her films i grew up. With
respect. Sarla.
jasbongy on January 03, 2010
Thanks Sharma ji for such lovely and kind comments and your stars. Aab
Hamare leeye Y.T. ke raste mai roushanee hee roushanee hai.Thanks from
Sarla and Sanjay ji.
jasbongy on January 03, 2010
Thanks Tomandjerry2007 ji for liking our efforts of singing this beautiful
duet. Thanks from Sarla and Sanjay ji.
jasbongy on January 03, 2010
Thanks Jemal ji for liking this very beautiful and popular duet in our
voice.Thanks for good wishes for this fastival. With respect. Sarla.
Danny on January 03, 2010
Beautiful duet, well sung by both Sanjay & Sarla.The video is an excellent
combination of your pics, original still and movie clips, which makes
interesting viewing while listening to your melodious voices. Thanks for
the info, I have learnt something about Makar Sakranti. All the best to
Utkarsh on this birthday..,,and many many more ..
swan516 on January 03, 2010
Really really enjoyed this beautiful song.Sarlaji and Sanjayji both of you
are amazing singers. 10*****.
kuckudk on January 04, 2010
By uploading the original clip of this song you have revived the nostalgia
of 1957 when I was in class 7th and listened to this song on record
players. Thank you very much for the pleasure you are giving to us.
cheecheepia on January 04, 2010
Great performance by you and other gentleman, you have no problem singing
fast songs at all, just like many viewers i was not even born when that
movie came out,thanks to reminds me the days when i was flying kites in
lahore.great mixing of clips too.Thanks : khalid
manitomer on January 04, 2010
Namastey Sarlaji and Sanjayji, itna achchha aur purana gaana...aap donon
ne bahut achchha gaya...Happy Birthday to Dear Utkarsh..regards,
Bhupinder Pujji on January 04, 2010
vedry beautifully sung by u and Sanjay very good song for the festive
occasion thanks for sharing
dsouza18 on January 04, 2010
nice aelection of song for the occassion and both of you sang very well ,
video is well presented with kite flying . well done 10 stars!!!
latabeatles on January 04, 2010
Wonderful singing Sarlaji and Sanjayji !! Nice way to celebrate Makar
Sankranti and a Happy Birthday to Utkarsh on a milestone birthday. Enjoyed
the video and the red kite. Thanks. All the stars in the "gagan"
MsSHABANA123 on January 04, 2010
Sarla ji-thank you another wonder ful experiment and i ll give you full
marks 10/ out of ten. i also like to watch you sing live too. all the
festive pictures are a delight to see. p.s. Sarlaji did u know that here in
England when the weather permits i always go on a kite flying ventures,i
can make my own kites which are quite big and on one string,.mostly when i
fly them people just stop and watch because most of theirs are two strings
and mines are one just like your b/w videoclip.thnx Shabbu
noushadkwt on January 04, 2010
Sarla ji Excellent and perfect,Both of you sung very nicely.
Congratulations my friends, Thanks for sharing. 5******
Malleck1 on January 04, 2010

I closed my eyes can could feel your voice-prints upon the song.
Dear friends, you are gifted singers.
Humbly your's,

jasbongy on January 04, 2010
Malleck ji thanks for such lovely comment. Sarla and Sanjay ji.
jasbongy on January 04, 2010
Noushad ji thanks for liking our duet and stars. With respect. Sarla.
jasbongy on January 04, 2010
Shabu dear i have told you many times you have very very creative mind. You
can do still many things which still you don't know . Yes like i stop at
your channel to enjoy your beautiful,creative uploads,there is no surprice
that people stop to see your Kites flying. Share me your talet please.
Thanks for your lovely comments on our duet. Love. Sarla.
jasbongy on January 04, 2010
Thanks latabeatles for always encouraging with beautiful comments and
thanks for your stars. With respect. Sarla.
jasbongy on January 04, 2010
Diana thanks for always give beautiful comments and for stars. Sarla and
Sanjay ji.
jasbongy on January 04, 2010
Thanks Bhupindersing ji for always encourage with lovely comments. With
respect. Sarla.
jasbongy on January 04, 2010
Manisha ji it is really nice to read always your encouraging comments.
Sarla and Sanjay ji.
jasbongy on January 04, 2010
Khalid Bhai i am really happy that you liked our dute of this beautiful
song.Only through music ,we all can talk on different things as music has
that miracle to bond people and appreciate each other's hobby.With respect.
jasbongy on January 04, 2010
Sharma ji,you are giving joy by appreciating this video by writing
encouraging comments. with respect. Sarla.
jasbongy on January 04, 2010
Jyotsna ji thanks for liking our duet. and really appreciate your beautiful
comment. Sarla and Sanjay ji.
jasbongy on January 04, 2010
Danny thanks for your support with such encouraging comments.I am searching
beautiful duet for us and i know i will succeed to find it. Bless you.
cheecheepia on January 04, 2010
Agree sarla ji, i wll send you my own video with mykids.Thanks : khalid
jasbongy on January 04, 2010
Thanks Khalid Bhai. I will wait for that.I really appreciate that. With
respect. Your fan Sarla.
jasbongy on January 04, 2010
Thanks Mitzi105 ji for listening to this song and liking it. Thanks for
your invitation for friendship. I am sure we will be good friends. With
respect. Sarla.
Sanjay Sahay on January 06, 2010
thanks Sarla Ji for the song and the opportunity to sing with you also
thanks for the B'Day wish for my son. been busy with work but should put up
more old gems
Ramesh Rawat on January 06, 2010
Didi, Patang from NY, dori from Ohio, aur YT ke aasman par Sitaron ko choo
rahi ye patang ki kataar, ab kya kahana. Dekhna kahi meri bina dum wali
patang agar kat gai to naya song gana padega: "..meri zindagi ek kati
patang hai" :) regards and Love rr
harishkainth on January 06, 2010
Sanjay & Sarla ji, Jawab nahi aap dono ka. Many stars for u both
jasbongy on January 06, 2010
Bhaiya aapne muje early subah mei etana hasaya ke meri ankhose aansoo
niklete hai.''Haste Haste.'' Bless you . Very very sweet comment. Nahee
Didi ke hote hue aapko woh gana nahee gana padega. With respect. Didi.
saz9297 on January 06, 2010
Sarla Saheba. i am late due to settingup computer . as you are aware i flew
above clouds from toronto to leesburg VA and back, thence to Karachi.
peeping out from aircraft, whole way from window in search of kites. But i
didnt find a single kite except stars/moon and sun in 16 hours travel. Then
how do you say patang chali badalon ke paar. Even NO Basant festival. yes
listening beautiful, melodious rather MADHUR MADHUR awaz that i enjoyed up
above... cont'd
saz9297 on January 06, 2010
O' Mr. imareare you are imposing penalty. NA KOEE UMANG HAE... well she has
still lot of UMANG hence let her sing. jab umang khatam hogai to gana kahan
se sunen gey?? let sarla saheba sing, feathering like PANCHI BANU UDTI
PHIRON with freedom. yes ever with smile. mr sanjay aap ko bhi sah raha
hoon. kya kia jaae ab to sahna hi badey ga. na aap itna acha gaate na mein
sunta. aap log gaate rahen aur ham log sunte rahen. with love and regards
V. Siddhartha on January 06, 2010
The two of you created quite a joyful riot there, evoking feelings of
basant in the dead of winter!
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