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Comments on song "Challa India Tu Aaya"
1sukhasidhu on September 02, 2010
i love this song ,tan tan ho ho
fcuku2night on September 04, 2010
royalsandhu sacha bai oye koi vi aapde jije vaare galt nahi sunda koi ode jije nu kuch nahi kahuga gussa chadda yaar rishta hi kuch ahe jeha koi ni bai appan rokte koi nahi kahu ga bai de jije ne copy mari gi
gssekhon on September 11, 2010
Everyone blaming Babbu or crook..LISTEN Chhalla is classical punjabi folk song that was sung by heaps of singers...but the time when it became famous was when Gurdass mann sang it.we can't say that it's babbal's theme. babbal rai copied this tune from gurdas man's chhalla. nd even gurdas man doesn't own this I told before it's a classical punjabi folk song. and everyone is allowed to sing it.we shouldn't say that it's a copy. do u guys think babbu will sing a copied song ???????
ashish19 on September 11, 2010
Babbal Rai di direct copy !!! What has happened to original talent ??
ashish19 on September 11, 2010
@gssekhon Babbu maan totally copied lyrics and style... tain ne ne wala..
ashish19 on September 11, 2010
@oyeoyemintu Babbu maan copied the style of Babbal rai which was never sang
before. Direct lifting.. shame..
PathlessReality on September 11, 2010
dude this style of challa has been known for hundreds of years. Even gurdas mann has a similar style for his challa, does it mean babal copy gurdas mann?
Desi Thing on September 12, 2010
@freudneo you all guys are just foool this song is also sanged by gurdas
man and rabbi shergil .. so are they should be shameful and btw the song
is not decided by babbu mann for this movie .
Surjit Singh on September 12, 2010
yaaro baabu maan da ganna different aa.naale challe da style hamesha hee
same hunda...thts y its called challa... iss topic te hora keyiya ne gayeya
aa..nt jus babbal i dont think its copied..
MrSandyghotra on September 17, 2010
sabi ghotra babu maan is gret
Trident187059005 on September 21, 2010
@MrPreetlion kar ti gal veer thats da best part loll yaara dosta nal daruu peeti cha eho jehiyaa gala hundiyaa fun shun daz wat dis song is abt
Yash Pruthi on September 22, 2010
babbu man chor
Yash Pruthi on September 22, 2010
shame on u babbu mann
mandeepkha on September 22, 2010
22 lyrics kise kumar de ne
babbu maan ne ta sirf gaya song

parsc777 on September 22, 2010
@PathlessReality Ofcourse challa belongs only to punjab and no single
artist. However, Babbal Rai's and his friends, messing around, VOCALIZED
THE CHORUS. Any challa song released from any era, doesn't have this type
of chorus vocalization. This was something new, and bollywood jumped on it
and I DOUBT they asked anyone for permission before releasing the CROOK
challa etc. Bollywood + Babbu NOT AUTHENTIC.
gorkie9 on September 25, 2010
watch "Challa By Preet Sargam" i think babal rai copied preet sargam
Qaiser Ali on October 01, 2010
@MrAkabeel miki patta emraan Apna HAI HUN wiki
djbalioyehoye on October 02, 2010
@john14320 tera peo chor
djbalioyehoye on October 02, 2010
salea merea tero peo da chota parohna babbu
djbalioyehoye on October 02, 2010
@vishalji1378 tu fudu a ehe yad rakh ibas
pennfish1 on October 15, 2010
@rRaaaNn thats because ta na nananananana cheers u up and makes u dance on this song
PunjabMedia on October 18, 2010

Babbl rai's take on challa...this has been adapted by bolly wood.­U

gorkie9 on November 11, 2010
challa india tu jindri nu kum te laya.. o dil nu kich de maya..
sthind on March 15, 2011
babbu copied this from babbal rai man. hope babbal got some money outta dis
song! But Babbu is still the best
harjinderpelia on April 15, 2011
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