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Comments on song "Chalo Ek Bar Phir Se, Ajnabi Ban Jaye Ham Dono"
mgkhan2007 on December 05, 2007
Thanks for uploading this evergreen gem.
Beautiful Song, nice video quality.
more Mahendra Kapoor song please.
paradigmnnf on December 08, 2007
Wonder if somebody could post the song "Aaj Ki Raat Muradon ki baraat ayee
hai" from film Dharm Putra. Thank you
haqnelson on February 25, 2008
very nice classic song, beautifuly sung.
sonal khindri on February 28, 2008
aaha waah waah...mazaa aa gaya...rooh khil uthi
dikuchakumaku on February 29, 2008
what a song, sahirji's heart touching words...
Rajgot on April 26, 2008
sorry pushed thumbs down by mistake, will somebody correct my mistake by pushing thethumbs up button (by two persons at least to get the score right)
RawanTheNoble on April 29, 2008
r-u-hulla-hgsl? (Are You???), I heard that you people, I mean,"Dagha Rora
Da Takh Takh" are going to change the name of your province to,"Pakhtoon
Khwah Mkhwah" Is that right????
krn1944 on June 08, 2008
O afsana jise anjam tak lana na ho mumkin use ek khoobsoorat moad de kar.. what immortal poetry!wonder whether any other language in the world is capable of rendering itself to such sentiments?
mrazaali1984 on June 09, 2008
mahendra kapoor songs is sitll ruling (:-)
mrazaali1984 on June 09, 2008
this song touches the beat of heart:great
kchopra4080 on June 24, 2008
some poetry!! greatly stylish... kanwal
kchopra4080 on June 24, 2008
" If a logical finish is not possible for a trial, then better forget it by
giving it first a send-to-oblivion taxi" What a marvellous thought. Great
poetry indeed. Kanwal Sydney
ganesh26dec on June 27, 2008
superb wording n music.. i like this very much
Rajendra Bora on June 28, 2008
Its great lyricist Sahir Ludhiyanvi at his best. Tks for uploading the
evergreen song.
Charles Shobhraaj on June 28, 2008
really this song changes the mood but its the matter why not today song
like this are being made .
LE DONKEY on June 29, 2008
because people are no longer inspired, people do not love anymore, they are
afraid to.
kuckudk on July 12, 2008
You are right Dhruv.We should make this our philosophy of life.There is one
more song "man re tu kahe na dhir dhare" If one follows this golden advice
he will not be disappointed in life.
kchopra4080 on July 31, 2008
Coming back to listen to this gem again, and again, and . The lyrics is
an expression for a most positive way out when faced with an unwelcome
happening. Really an education. voh afsana jise anjaam tak le jaana na ho
mumkin use ik khoobsoorat modh de kar chhorhana uchhaa. Poetry of the
highest class, what a beautiful way of putting aside something that you
don't want. Classic is the word. 11 out of 10 here! Kanwal
sthonangi on August 07, 2008
I used to feel bad why such songs are not being written or sung these days,
but it struck me suddenly. Imagine such a respectful lyrics are sung for a
mallika or a Bipasha, does the scene look jelled? NO it looks like a
beautiful dress worn by a beggar lady. so such songs no more are being
made.Hurraa i no more regret for the present day even though i belong to
this generation am contended with the old songs and dont get tired listen
to them any number of times.
lalith dias on September 11, 2008
pls can somebody write the meaning of this song i like this song
Aman Dayani on September 17, 2008
very nice song. thanks for posting, this is aman dayani from toronto canada.
Imrankniazi on September 18, 2008
Let us continue as strangers once again I wouldnt keep any aspirations that
youll fondle my heart, Nor should you look towards me with amorous eyes
Neither should I reveal my heartbeats (for you) through my words, Nor
should you disclose your predicament through your eyes.
Imrankniazi on September 18, 2008
There is hesitancy on your part that is forbidding you to take initiative,
People (ie. The general world) tell me that you are not meant for me, My
only companions now are my unfulfilled ambitions from the past, As for you,
you have the solace of the nights that we spent together. If a disease
becomes incurable, then it is better to cut it out (of the body),
Similarly, if a relation becomes an onus, it is better to snap it off,
Imrankniazi on September 18, 2008
The story (allusion to their love) which cannot be taken to a proper
conclusion is better left unfinished at an appropriate stage.
BubblesPothowari on September 28, 2008
Full throated, un pretentious, flamboyant, boyish voice, refused to age,
will miss him, just last month onwards was loving his songs from Nikaah,
where his rendering was as if just 20 years old & dating.Mumbai...
Pongokoki on September 29, 2008
Remembering respectfully you immortal Mahendra Kapoor ji
rajivminerva on September 29, 2008
one of the greatest song of hindi film industry,everything in it from music to lyrics and a soulful voice of mahendra kapoor jee, mahendra kapoor jee we miss u very much, may god bless another reincatnation to him as mahendra kapoor only so we can hear his magical voice again.may ur soul rest in peace
katpalli on September 30, 2008
the first thing i did when i read that mahender kapoor is no more is to listen to his greatest song of alltime.
forsgrendavid on October 01, 2008
Excellent song
gori95 on October 02, 2008
beautiful song. did u no him and nargis had already married by then?
simplysumeet1985 on October 05, 2008
such a nice song i l really love it
ParooSahadeo on October 09, 2008
losing your love to someone else is pain which no medication can take away
ParooSahadeo on October 09, 2008
losing your love to someone else is very painful which no medication can take away
ParooSahadeo on October 10, 2008
sunil dutt was unique, rare and left a haunting memory to many who has been in a similar situation like this
vhappywhappy on October 14, 2008
challo ek baar phir se ajnabi ban jaye hum dono...miss you
langifiles on October 14, 2008
there is only one mahendra kapoor - shaan panjab di!
puneetknp on October 15, 2008
look at ashok kumar.. those fiendish eyes.
kuckudk on October 15, 2008
wo afsaana jise anjaam tak lana na ho mumkin, usey ik khoobsoorat mod de
kar chhodna achha. this should be made philosophy of life.very nice song.
gori95 on October 16, 2008
so beautiful.
Imtiyaz20 on October 17, 2008
am falling in luv again after hearing this song
PrePPyPuNJaBi on October 22, 2008
real nice song, beautiful music
NanaMamu on October 24, 2008
woh afsaana jisay anjam tak laana na ho mumkin ussay eik khoobsoorat mode dakar chodna achha...Only Sahir could come up like this. he was a revolutionary poet in a class. no other poet can reach that caliber of presenting romance and revolution together so elegantly.
Anuj Bhatnagar on October 26, 2008
They don't make songs like this now. Simply awesome.
Lekha2007 on November 02, 2008
lovely song from a lovely yesteryear movie. thnks for uploding.
Fahad429 on November 14, 2008
it is really a WEHSHI song... as one of my friend once said
jag khurana on November 17, 2008
THE real definition of seduction..
jaazizaidi on November 21, 2008
one of the all time brst of the best
Kulwant Warraich on November 24, 2008
A marvellous songs touching the depths of heart. Music is superb and lyrics
are truly heart touching.
mhthakur8755 on November 26, 2008
i feel this sayari is real life od SAUYAR sahir ludhyanavi a suitable voice
of late mahedra koopur
greatgoindia2020 on December 08, 2008
i was not even born then but this song is marvellous ...just cant explain..
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