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Comments on song "Chhuda Ke Daman To Ja Rahe Ho"
Buffyfan90 on February 10, 2008
it's anu malik the composer.
thanks for the video though =]
minhaj91 on February 11, 2008
thx for correcting me.
collegegirl22pk on February 14, 2008
plz upload this film
jazminjaanu on March 18, 2008
que bueno esa es mi cancion preferidaaa de la pélicula imtihaan y cantada
por kumar sanu que es el mejor cantante de la india esa cancion es lo mejor
la amooo
dhirendra gupta on March 28, 2008
Man i love this song. This song has everything.
heejongkoh on April 09, 2008
beautiful song from kumar sanu
148720 on April 27, 2008
i love this song ,reminds me of my college days !
148720 on April 27, 2008
raveena is b'tiful
motera vala on April 28, 2008
yaar mast song hain.. thnx for uploading
Tamanna19 on May 08, 2008
man I always loved this song! thank god saif redid his hair lol! His hair
reminds me of rahul roy when he first joined the film industry lolz!
xxxdevdasixxx on May 17, 2008
xute song... Saif luks so young n different!
dragun39 on July 16, 2008
same here. Takes me back to the 90s and playing hindi tapes in the car!
Mids14 on July 24, 2008
saif looks cute!
Gul7577 on July 28, 2008
This had 2 be one of my favs from 1993/1994 era.Great friends..everlasting memories!!
prabhatkarna on August 19, 2008
one of my all time favs. Kumar Sanu rocks.
Omid Safi on August 20, 2008
saif ali khan is much better now... u rock saif :D
DERVAISH420 on September 26, 2008
raveena is looking so beautifull in simple dress.nd the composition
of song is excellent
14653 on September 26, 2008
such a beautiful and romantic song!
saif is looking so young and handsome here :-p
Javed Shah Afridi on October 02, 2008
This simply the magic of Kumar's voice nothing more. Simple composition and
flat lyrics but there is something in the voice of Kumar Sanu voice which
make this song immortal and melodious. Kumar sanu is the best. Check my
videos "Best Of Kumar Sanu 1 2 3 and 4".
comment54 on November 15, 2008
kumar sanu has got a voice that expresses all feelings
jaheshkhan on November 22, 2008
great composition from ANU MALIK. my life time favourite album . still
haunts me the music of this movie after 15 years
zaibo zainab on December 17, 2008
i love this song gr8 song...
visor19990 on December 18, 2008
wow saif and raveena look great
bastibuzdar on December 28, 2008
The song set up is artificial but Kumar sonu has real emotions in his
voice.Saif needs more dance training
raj uk on December 29, 2008
where is raveena tandon these days?
guyanezeboi14 on January 14, 2009
their noses match raveena and saif
thats why they look good together
Irockuknowit on March 26, 2009
daymm .. memories... song is classic!
ayshajadoon412412 on April 05, 2009
saleem raza.could you plzz tell me which one...
mana22172 on April 20, 2009
what a melody man,anu malik & kumar sanu rokkkk
Sapna Upadhyay on May 30, 2009
she got married with a Rajsthan business man,Enjoying married life with
hubby and two kids.
goldyaar on June 25, 2009
ANU MALIK ka to bhagwan hi malik hai . kya pura ka pura song uthaya hai woh bhi with same to same lyrics ... kya kahe . song is " jhata k daman " . by saleem raza it's on youtube too
WaqtKate on June 27, 2009
you are an idioit. only the lyrics in the mukdha are inspired and the tune
is inspired. the rest of the songs, antras, music, and overall song is
different and original.
BITElvisking on July 14, 2009
You Are right that was amazing song by Saleem Raza and copied by Anu
MAllik. Its almost alike.
fahadi11 on September 23, 2009
TheNadiasaleh on September 28, 2009
annu malik and pritam da and buppy lahri they r copy cats ..
TheNadiasaleh on September 28, 2009
but ya gannna acha ha saif ko dakoo yar aur ab dakhoo he groomed hmself a lot
Hassanx6 on October 29, 2009
u r right... specially his acting in OMKARA and many other movies... he really groomed well
pleycop on May 12, 2010
90s 4Ever.
myluvforuinsatiable on September 04, 2010
la la la chiki chiki dam :D
Amir Ali on September 12, 2010
Dont normally get so excited and somewhat upset at the same time eith this
beautiful tune!!!!Takes me back!Beautiful and such innocent dayz!!!!!
Yasir Khan on February 14, 2011
watch the remke of this track on my page
Nilissa34 on May 29, 2011
@someone19832000 please look up what carbon carbonmeans. Only the main
mukhda resembles the original song. get over yourself
arpishe on September 09, 2011
awesome..we wan kumar sanu to sing more & more songs .
arpishe on September 09, 2011
copied or watsoever..kumar sanu rocks...its enchanting.
Yasir Khan on October 06, 2011
Remake of this track on my page now check it
rajnikantsharma on October 18, 2011
Its that constipated voice again. Makes a mess of this song.
Roshanara Gillani on October 30, 2011
thanks for the upload awesome
TheMayurYenkie on December 31, 2011
raveena use to rule the 90's
ABDUL hai on June 06, 2012
raveena lips are beautiful
vijay Garg on November 25, 2012
what a melodious song
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