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Comments on song "Chhun Chhun Ghungharavaa"
Iskander98 on July 07, 2007
this is one of the best songs ever sung! more zohrabhai please
chanto7 on September 30, 2007
Amazing song and dance!
chanto7 on October 09, 2007
I just noticed the way the dancer and singer are fully covered in big
dupattas,looking so cultured and sophisticated. the photography is very
artistic .
Kiriko49 on March 08, 2008
Yes,more of all these superb singers who went out of fashion because of
Lata...she is great but so are Rajkumari,Amirbai,Zohrabai,Shamshad
begum,and so on...real grown up women's voices.
kqs92 on March 29, 2008
wah! classic and evergreen!
Vijay Kumar on April 03, 2008
Music is phenomenal. So subtle yet so powerful.
EISENHEIM2452 on June 28, 2008
As a Westerner,I fell in love with this film over 25 years ago,I have it on DVD and must confess I still find it both entrancing and enchanting,Lataji is as usual wonderful in her range,hard to believe that she was 20 when she did this film,Madhubala remains a quintessential beauty and it's astonishing to think that she was only 16 when Mahal was filmed,superb music by Khemchand Prakash and in this clip,the young dancer is ethereal and erotic,yet possesses innocence also, sheer magic on film.
chwaqas on July 11, 2008
kya bat hai ji, swad aa gaya ustad ji. such enchanting song and
performance . boht wadhiya
rahman212294617 on December 06, 2008
Oh, --------what a woderful song ,and what a wonderful music. Superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb.
Haji Alam on March 04, 2009
good old song
sticky4rod on April 02, 2009
they are supposed to be courtesans who were frequented by arsitocrats of India and their youngs to learn culture and arts.
pravchaw on July 03, 2009
I agree. The popularity and genius of Lata and Rafi over powered a great
many talent.
Kumar Bhatia on July 03, 2009
I agree with the sentiments expressed by others. The lyrics are
outstanding. They express very good advice to us, that these sublime
evenings are rare and we need to enjoy them because they may not happen
again. I have this song in an audio CD and have listened in the car
numerous times. Thank you for the upload.
Dudeyfruity on July 20, 2009
i didn't get his part because, the lawyer comes to them to buy the house so it thought they were some rich people then they broke into dance. Or were they supposed to entertain him for the night so he wouldn't go back to the house?
alokeprasad on August 13, 2009
Which actresses are portraying the dancer and the singer on the screen?
SunahareGeet on August 15, 2009
Neelam and Kaneez
alokeprasad on August 15, 2009
Who is doing the dancing? That is one of the most sensuous dance I have seen on screen.

The way she makes eye contact and smiling ...
Swayingpines on August 18, 2009
Beautiful acting by Ashok Kumar!
Neeraj Gupta on August 29, 2009
Lovely song Thanks 1,000,000 times for posting.
LonelySea79 on October 28, 2009
Awsome song. thanks so much for uloading... (can u c one lady which
is also dancing behind Mina Kumari in the song Chalte Chalte.. i cant
recognize her name at the moment)
Vinod Bhardwaj on January 02, 2010
Kya baat hai.
Sidharth Bhatia on April 28, 2010
Superb, that is the only word for it. Khemchand Prakash at his finest.
Unfortunately, this song has been relegated to the background because of
the most famous Mahal song, Aaayega aanewala
mdkaushal on July 04, 2010
Thank you for such a wonderful song which I have been looking for so long
TheSantosh84 on July 04, 2010
Ashok kumar was damm handsome and the topped the bollywood charts in his earlier younger days
amoralis123 on July 20, 2010
@EISENHEIM2452 I am a distant relative of Kamal. I was a child. I heard so
many stories of struggles & despair. K was terrorized by the Producer not
to make this film so dry. The film is based on Rider Haggard's Return of
She with an Indian touch. K fought tooth and nails to keep it becoming
trash that was the norm. It was Ashok Kumar, the hero who put up the money
to continue. AK was intellectual. He understood the story. It catapaulted
its singer, heroine and Kamal. Even today, it is a hit.
Pat E on August 11, 2010
Lovely Indian dance, great moves.
deepasahni on September 07, 2010
Does any one have any other songs of Raj Kumari and Zohra Bhai? Wonderful voices ..
deepasahni on September 07, 2010
Does any one have any other songs of Raj Kumari and Zohra Bhai? Wonderful voices ..simply loved it..
Ashwin Nagakar on October 19, 2010
i heared before madhubala, Meenakumari was selected for this movie. But
there bwcame problem in betwn KA and Meenaji
SunahareGeet on October 20, 2010
I had heard that Suraiyya was the initial choice but she (her grandmother)
was demanding over a lakh and Madhubala agred for 25 thousand. We will
never know.
orientlover1 on December 01, 2010
@SunahareGeet Suraiya's famous grandmother (Naani) was actually her real mother. She was deadly against Jaddan Bai and her daughter Nargis and spared no opportunity to criticise them and the same was true for Jaddan Bai who could not stand Suraiya and her Naani (mother).
orientlover1 on December 01, 2010
Ashok Kumar was initially hired by Himansu Rai owner of Bombay Talkies for a sum of Rs. 75 p.m that was gradually raised to Rs. 150 and then to Rs. 250. When he received Rs. 250 for the first time he was so excited that hecould not sleep whole night and deposited those rupees in the post office next morning. The same Ashok Kumar was getting Rs. 100,000 for a singe film contract by mid 1940's.
orientlover1 on December 01, 2010
The story written by Kamal Amrohi was initially titled "Haveli" which was later picturized under the name "Mahal"
Munib Samir on December 24, 2010
No doubt very well sung.
minshawi737 on January 13, 2011
@EISENHEIM2452 me too fall in live with this movie. i m 25 years old. i
love ashok kumar & madhubala
orientlover1 on February 18, 2011
@ashoo26 This film was released in1949 at which time Meena Kumari and Kamal Amrohi did not know each other. As such there was no possibility of any problem between the two.
Rizwan on July 15, 2011
@orientlover1 right , read Manto's khake, in which he wrote about Nargis,
her Mother Jaddan Bai and yes he didn't mention about the rivalry between
Suriya's naani and Nargis mother Jaddan Bai, in Manto's words Naani would
compare Nargis face to a rotten papaya (Sarra hua papeetha) who Jaddan Bai
would curse Suiya for her frontal bulging teeth as Dracula
orientlover1 on July 15, 2011
Incidentally both Suraiya and Nargis are buried at Badaqabristan near Marine Lines in Mumbai. Death has brought them together.
orientlover1 on July 15, 2011
Jaddan Bai died in 1949. About Madhubala's tomb, pls. type "burial place of Madhubala" in the google search box and read articles given therein. I have unfortunately no idea about Suyaiya's mother's (Naani) death.
munib samir on December 24, 2011
Superb . Super singers and composers.Full marks to Zohra and
Abdul Qudus on September 19, 2012
Poetry in flesh & bones(borrowed words), she lost, like his poor wife whom
he never saw once, or that tribal girl who was accused of being adulteress
by her her impotent husband, she danced & escaped 2 daggers by the priest
but the third one got her. A movie for the lovers who are willing to loose
every thing, even their lives. You have to watch this eternal classic to
understand my words.
khatpandwa on October 06, 2012
good comments, impressive, best wishes, imran hasan
khatpandwa on October 06, 2012
enjoyed,old is gold
Hosagrar Suresh on February 14, 2013
this song was over shadowed by the superhit ayega aane vala & mushkil hai..
Thabadcat on October 12, 2015
absolutely delightful
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