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Comments on song "Chinta Ta Ta Chita Chita"
thousanddesires on April 23, 2012
sonakshi sinha is so beautiful! ;)
Ac1Cent on April 23, 2012
lol funny song
Mustafiz Bagewadi on April 23, 2012
the HD quality is SONY. :) keep bringing HD videos.
Surendra Pratap Singh Rajawat on April 26, 2012
Bcoz lots of people in India can understand Hindi..! That's y directors
decided to remake their own film in hindi and make more money..! :) btw its
not about copying from Telugu. its depend on the movie how good it is..!
TheDonSays on April 26, 2012
this is going to be akshays second 100 cr grosser after housefull 2 InshAllah :)
Abdul Rahman on April 26, 2012
sab khel janta hon main hone bada khiadi
jabbarkoyaa on April 27, 2012
LOL...You south Guys r remaking your movies here .. .Not Us ... Priyadarshan , Prabhudeva , Sidhik ... R dey from NORTH ????? :D
MrSethur on April 28, 2012
coz for brainless masalas one has to look into telugu cinema..
askbabloo on April 29, 2012
hey is that prabu deva along with akshay kumar?
Arli shree venkat on April 29, 2012
oh.. so you mean.. you're ready to watch the copied versions ?? you dont
mind being a copy cat ??
Jemi1Love2 on April 29, 2012
25 people + anyone who dislikes this song seriously need to check their
ears :P
AFLATOON619 on April 30, 2012
or brains!!
Prince Yalin on April 30, 2012
thumbs up if u hate south indian stuffs & bollywood remakes of these
sub-standard south movies.
Pav THAMALI on May 01, 2012
thats Prabu Deva.. haha..
Pav THAMALI on May 01, 2012
Siruthai in Tamil..
jiteshkris on May 01, 2012
these dumbf@cks are too preoccupied in their hate and ignorance to know the
difference between a copy and a remake(credit is given here to the
original).. somebody's gotta tell them that all movies stick to a formula..
I doubt I will see anything drastically different.. I hate the songs
frankly.. not taking anything away from the telugu movie industry.. they
are good!
susanninainlove98 on May 01, 2012
hahahahahah joss song :D chinta ta ta chita chita pa pa pa hahahahahaha LOLz
TheBangaloreblues on May 02, 2012
if dis movie is a copy of a telugu movie u guys shud raise ur STANDARDS !!
theetamilan on May 03, 2012
OMG what was that at 0:17 marble or something...hottest hip ever..sonakshi
give me that...
Arli shree venkat on May 03, 2012
Look who is talking about standards here ? excuse me !! your mega hit movie
wanted is also a copy of telugu movie pokiri !!
TheBangaloreblues on May 03, 2012
yea yea if you are talking abt hindi movies vs telugu movies check d number
of national awards awarded 2 hindi n hw much in favour of telugu let d
statistics speak !!!
amrit rajesh on May 03, 2012
best navel eva. omg
jackie chan on May 04, 2012
a copy of telugu movie
TheBangaloreblues on May 04, 2012
ders somthing callled recognition my friend !! a national award is d best a
movie can get and if ur talking abt telugu movies being copied 2 hindi
temme hw many movies are copied 2 hindi from telugu ? m not all dat in2
telugu movies but i do keep a track of wt happens in d industry
TheBangaloreblues on May 04, 2012
y is d hatred towards bollywood ?? now dont temme coz ur telugu industry
makes movies which can outclass hindi n other languages :P
Arli shree venkat on May 05, 2012
Exactly.. !!
Arli shree venkat on May 05, 2012
hahaha.. you should also check the number of movies being released in hindi
& telugu.. and bollywood is something which covers almost 50 or 60 % of
india.. ! look at the expectations.. look at the amount of people you
have.. but telugu is spoken only in the southern part of india.. but look
at their creativity.. !! they always create movies on their own.. we dont
remake movies like you guys do..
TheBangaloreblues on May 05, 2012
what creativity mr ??? magadheera was good i admit u ppl went a step
further but dont telugu movies copy from other languages ??? venkys
bodyguard was ur own creativity kya ????
Arli shree venkat on May 05, 2012
recognition?? dude.. !! do you know sarojini naidu ? the nightingale of
india .. is there any better recognition needed ?
TheBangaloreblues on May 05, 2012
wt has dat to do wit movies???
ninicita8888 on May 07, 2012
Pink pants ??? .
Sid Kool on May 07, 2012
kari jhanduuu wali baat abe sari movies telugu movies se inspire ho kar ban
rahi hai
shejin george on May 07, 2012
It is an amazing film. Watched original
pmkak1 on May 09, 2012
AKSHAY is going crazy with aging ..iss budhe se aab public pareshan ho gayi hai ..
bollygoogly on May 16, 2012
mast song he :::::: for more songs videos scenes and videos just..
search bollygoogly and come to my channle and enjoy !!!
bollygoogly on May 16, 2012
Sonakshi sinha she is hot jalebi of btown no compare !!!
Arli shree venkat on May 16, 2012
entra maatladtunaav ? pichi vedava > i dont get you !!
Shoeshoeshoeshoes on May 17, 2012
She is sooo beautiful! I am glad she lost the excess weight and I hope she stays this way. No more weight loss like Kareena and no surgeries! I love her features even if they might not be perfect.
shalukashyap on May 19, 2012
D song of dis movie chhammak chhallo chhail chhabili is so nice..
i love it
SuperDisney1992 on May 19, 2012
even the hand trick is copied from south indian movie...bollywood when will stop copying..its better to watch south indian movies dubbed in hindi itself.rather the wasting money on making a new film which is exact copy...when will bollywood stop copying from hollywood, south india and every possible source from where it copies :( :( :(
SuperDisney1992 on May 19, 2012
south indian movies always show the real india and dress code of actresses actors is also indian to which we could connect..rather then wanna be hollywood films bollywood..south indian films are the real entertaining films..
and i am not south indian :)
Rocky on May 20, 2012
some south Indian movies are good & I dnt knw wat kind of entertainment u r
talking about?? may be when one punches someone & he float in air like a
rubber balloon. most of the south movies are yukkk...
SuperDisney1992 on May 20, 2012
but they are way too better than bollywood i mean look at RA.ONE, vulgar imran hashmi films, and senseless love stories...south indian movies are mostly based on the themes which are related to a common man such as corruption, life of a middle class man etc...m not saying bollywood is yuk but day by day its loosing its originality..not all bollywood is trash but nowadays 70 % of it is a trash
jasbir singh on May 20, 2012
pmkak1 keep your holy mouth sut man akshay is the best ...
ukz1punjabiprincess on May 20, 2012
don't go to the cinema to watch his film, let them flop and producers won't
take him anymore, to act!!! SIMPLE!
pmkak1 on May 21, 2012
Correct ..i never watch any of his a cinema hall..the day i heard in katrina's interview that he cuts heroine's that camera can only focus on him..that day i understood what a haramzyada he is ..
SuperDisney1992 on May 21, 2012
lol...thanx 2 amir there are still some sensible movies left :D
Rocky on May 21, 2012
Absolutely. Aamir is one of the best thinkers & creative person in Indian
ukz1punjabiprincess on May 21, 2012
OMG really??? oo, can you message me that interview, I want to see too, (if
you don't mind) :)
pmkak1 on May 21, 2012
well i watched this interview of katrina i believe a couple of months b4..u need to utube katrina's interviews only ..and u will find it ..or else just google it ..u shuld find it ..
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