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Comments on song "Chup Gaye Sare Nazare Oye Kya Baat Ho Gayi"
th3dilwalebollyw0od on June 24, 2009
i love rajesh
Pgeorge66 on June 30, 2009
i don't understand hindi but i love this song..
nawabshaukat on July 14, 2009
laxmi ji ka aik aur CHAKA
Vellaipura on September 01, 2009
great hero..with great song...i love this song
Tahir Ayub on September 22, 2009
very nyc song! thx
mushtaqahmad95 on October 07, 2009
kia song hy wah wah wah wah wah thanks for uploading such a beautiful song
s29865 on November 06, 2009
Rajesh Khanna and Mumtaz = the ultimate golden onscreen pair of bollywood .
love these two.
Neeraj Gupta on November 26, 2009
very beautyful & good actress
Rafiq Anjum on January 25, 2010
thnx to upload . so beautiful song
MrNadeemanwar on January 30, 2010
i like this gold song
Ratilal Shah on April 16, 2010
All time great Duet of Rafi/Lata great composition of LP
vaadaenmacchi on May 02, 2010
what a beautiful face she has.
L.K. Panesh Babu. on May 19, 2010
It is very few people who know that Great Mohd. Rafi Saahab has sung few
songs for the popular great singer like Kishore Kumar also. -(12:48
a.m/20th May,2010).
MrRajan11222533 on June 11, 2010
@vprkartik108 what u mean by that
dptxp on June 17, 2010
In Do Raaste, Kishore Kumar sings the sad song for Rajesh Khanna, not Rafi.
7riyazkhan on June 20, 2010
What a lovely song------
saddy941 on June 25, 2010
The lovers couple of the 70..they look so beautiful together...and the song
is lovely .. old is gold... thnx for sharing
vishvaskanji on June 27, 2010
one soul called the other . and we met . how beautiful that sentiment is ...
NinjaLord89 on July 01, 2010
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Mian Gull Muhamad Sadiq on July 07, 2010
good mumtaz .a beautiful actoress,i see most picture to much
enjoy.gulistan mobiles.chichawani
DECENTPARVEEN on July 12, 2010
kaka ji and mumtaj wow ab wo baat kaha
peacebird2peacebird on August 08, 2010
mohd rafi magic with all actors even none Mohd rafi actors for them mohd
rafi gave great songs
abhinav juvekar on August 14, 2010
What a picturisation!!!!!!! A romantic mood everywhere in the song !!!!!
lifeiscool25 on August 25, 2010
very lovely song
lifeiscool25 on August 25, 2010
she dances very well
Reshma Singh on October 13, 2010
Luv this song!
kalai45 on May 06, 2011
omg rajesh khanna rocks...i love him..he was my teen idol during school days...u know at that time i used to cut out pics of him and paste all over my scrap book n cover it on my is so handsome
satishpribhdas on June 24, 2011
What a chemistry Kaka n Mammu . fire on screen!!!!
MrRambhakt on July 14, 2011
recently some words of a latest bollywood song fell into my ears on
carefully blistening the song i found the words extremely unbelievable and
nasty ,the wordins ditto are as "unche se uncha banda, potty par baithe
nanga. hare krishna hare raam !"to my shock what a great fall our film
industry is having by serving such nasty stuff to our indian public . Also
! coiuld somebody reverse the time
Hatanawe Last on July 20, 2011
How comes these two never fall in love outside the Bollywood? Gosh terrific
combination!!! Gone r da days..
Rizwan paks on July 22, 2011
bot06 on July 30, 2011
@RizwanPaks i have made it thumbs down
manzzable on August 02, 2011
perfect song,lyrics,picturisation,expressions.. bhagwaan aaj ke song iske 1/1000th part bhi nahi hote.
rana advertising on August 05, 2011
very good song
arnvir singh on August 10, 2011
what a amazing woman in the world . miss you.
Kamran Rasheed on August 29, 2011
kishore da and lata.epic...lag raha hai kaan mei ras ghul raha hai
ruk on September 03, 2011
@kamiijee its mohammed rafi who is singing not kishore
Ashish Bora on September 26, 2011
I am the biggest fan of MUMTAZ

Hatanawe Last on October 02, 2011
OMG...The beats of the Tabla and the music composition is
fantasic.pure proffesionalism and the love of Good Music!!!
Chiman Jagani on October 07, 2011
Album: Do Raaste Year: 1969 Track: Chup Gaye Saare Naazare Singer: Rafi
Lata Album Star Cast: RajeshKhanna Mumtaz BalrajSahani Track Star Cast:
RajeshKhanna Mumtaz
Romi Mughal on October 13, 2011
Forever Hits...
Rizwan Pasha on October 16, 2011
Can, today's composer compose a song like this.even after taking
grammy or oscars... I challenge till their death, they wont be
able to compose..
Apvatar3000 on November 09, 2011
she was so juicy back then... :)
Inatsikap on November 12, 2011
Rafi + Lata = The Ultimate Playback duo!!
MrAk2926 on November 18, 2011
Rajesh and Mumtaz, one of the most romantic pairings in the history of hindi cinema. Truly a pleasure to watch.
HighDefinitionOnly on December 04, 2011
Donno if should compare or not. Its like watching SRK+ Kajol nowadays.
ghulam omarzai on December 11, 2011
Seda Ohanjanian on December 15, 2011
Could you, please, friends, write the lyrics of this song, love it very
fatin albatati on January 23, 2012
MUMNTASSSSS,,, Jajesh khanah... Hemmmm ,, yeh jo MOHABAD Haiiii,,,
fatin albatati on January 23, 2012
Upsss,, ,Muje MAF'KARTU,,, Rajesh khana,,
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