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Comments on song "Dard E Disco"
fizzyhello381 on September 15, 2007
okay,yeah there is no dhoom 3
pankaj Pankaj on September 20, 2007
Look at the way he has transformed himself in such a short time, somewhat
looks like an inspiration from dhoom dhoom hritik...but kudos to shahrukh
for the hard work...I do fitness training and I know it takes a lot of hard
work and get the type of body shahrukh has NOW !!! so now
body wise minus the age he is going to give Hritik a run for his money
indy1405 on September 21, 2007
look a bit like in main hoon na from the record it a farah khan
ahmedfahmida on September 22, 2007
yeh farah khan movie
MOHAMMAD SHARIQ on September 22, 2007
PACKS doesn't look good on him.Imagine how he destroyed his look in Pepsi
ad with JOHN ABR.HE'S looking starved 4 months n drug addict 4 yrs. He
should b looking to good acting like he ever does not on SIXorSEVEN PACKS.
Nabs in PR on September 23, 2007
Well you have to give the guy credit He's never looked better. Don't
MOHAMMAD SHARIQ on September 23, 2007
hi Halvaa i agree he's doing good n making effortless efforts but this much
of dieting can n is ruining his looks.well let's look forward to the movie
may god it become the huge hit ever in film industry.
Len Prasad on September 23, 2007
HeyY ppl check out dis Shootout At Lokhandwala Part 2 Trailer Directed by
Len.. Its Funny pls insert dis at da end of link v=BVE4kbyOFR4 DO Rate n
Comment.. Im Actin As Maya
AurelKay on September 28, 2007
Wow, he looks totally hot. He did a really good job getting those muscles
and abs.
bobo_vision on September 30, 2007
My Uncle just creamed his pants.
desigyal04 on October 01, 2007
is it meh or does he jst luk like he's tryin too hard.seems pretti
funni..dun take me rong.. i luv srk.. buh dun think he's suited foh item #'s
evilAniron on October 10, 2007
looking good!
AurelKay on October 10, 2007
Dude, seriously who cares what religion he is? Is it like not allowed for
people to mix or something? Anyway that has nothing to do with his acting.
I love SRK in this. He looks amazing!
Kasiulka922 on October 13, 2007
It will be a hit!
czenina on November 11, 2007
IT'S A GREAT MOVIE!! definitely an addition to shahrukh's greatest hits! (:
shumsham on November 11, 2007
Quisyfrottesypique on November 20, 2007
I walked in the livingroom and this commercial was playing. GASP! I thought
that he had taken a few steps back since Hritik showed-up, but BAM he's
hotter then ever. Call me Shahrukh, o.k.?
torontobboy21 on November 21, 2007
too much oil
globadob on November 23, 2007
Wheres deepika padukone?
Elia Aezaz on November 24, 2007
great movie
abc305 on November 25, 2007
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ayseiremXOX on November 25, 2007
I watched this movie and it was AWESOME :) Go Shruk Khan...
Hayuhi on November 26, 2007
Bohat khubsurat trailer, I watched Om Shanti Om ,It is excellent movie.When
Shah Rukh plays, that movie becomes a success.:)And I love King Khan
Bohattttttttttt :)
ayseiremXOX on November 30, 2007
Who doesnt love Shahrukh Khan?? :D
sweetpalace on December 01, 2007
of course his skiny and his abs aint all dat look at his age. and he did
4rm the film
baseballer305 on December 06, 2007
This movie had like over 30 stars in it including:SRK, Arjun Rampal,
Deepaka Podukon,Saif Ali Khan,Amrita Arora,Malaika Arora,Shabana Azmi,Vidya
Balan,Mithun Chakraborty,Juhi Chawla,Priyanka Chopra,Vishal Dadlani,Bobby
Deol,Ritesh Deshmukh,Dharmendra,Lara Dutta,Sanjay Dutt,Subhash
Ghai,Govinda,Jeetendra,Karan Johar,Kajol,Karisma Kapoor,Rishi
Kapoor,Tusshar Kapoor,Arbaaz Khan,Salman Khan,Zayed Khan
baseballer305 on December 06, 2007
And Akshay Kumar,Urmila Matondkar,Dia Mirza,Dino Morea,Rani Mukerji,Javed
Sheikh,Amisha Patel,Rekha,Hrithik Roshan,Shilpa Shetty,Sunil Shetty,Aftab
Shivdasani,Sridevi,Tabu,Preity Zinta,Amitabh Bachchan,Abhishek Bachchan,and
Bipasha Basu.
Lisa McMahon on December 18, 2007
because it was set in the 70's, the costumes were pretty weird and loud in
the beginning. But John Abraham would have been awful in this movie, it was
written for SRK, he's not ugly in any way, shape or form.
kunalhuhu on December 19, 2007
dhoom 5 its the best
Guilliana Rodríguez on December 22, 2007
what u mean by dhoom 5?, i've already seen dhoom 1 and 2 =S
indiboyfromoz3 on December 23, 2007
lol u say tht coz ur a true big fan of SRK.. and i can c in ur FAVS list
lol..BTW if he gain 5 more lbs he's gonna look like yogi bear or may b
shane warne.. He needs Garnier Age care formula more thn steroid.. btw did
u watch tht movie ?
indiboyfromoz3 on December 23, 2007
does anybody else thinks tht he needs hair cut ?
yankeelephant on January 02, 2008
King Khan all the way!
Froghkarim on January 12, 2008
Lovely song.I like this song very much and it s really the best. I like
King of Bollywood, he s the best and his songs and movies r the best.
Shauzia3 on January 21, 2008
good movie :)
fizzyhello381 on January 22, 2008
Oh yeah cause a guy leaving his wife and child is so much better.
fizzyhello381 on January 22, 2008
hes not 45 hes 42
dagasdt on January 22, 2008
LMAO him being named king of bollywood? thts sooooooooo funny more lik he
calls himself king(which oviously he is not) he is only a superstar while
amitab bachan is a mega star so how is srk the king of bollywood
:S..other than tht his acting is always the same shet... he only got
famous cuz he got lucky and of all the movies which he did, they hv got a
good storyline to it thts the ONLY reason y ppl fall for him
liz111111 on February 09, 2008
hey could you plzzzz tell me where did you find it?a kind! guy upload only
7 parts and left it unfinished. im really interested to watch the rest! tnx
in advance
liz111111 on February 09, 2008
for you information i shall tell you that KING is the maening of his name
in PERSIAN. in persian SHAH=KING+ROKH=FACE and its pronunced shahrokh not
rukh and its already boys name! still very fashion and high class and used
in Iran
Lisa McMahon on February 11, 2008
Hi there, I saw this movie at a theatre here in town, I haven't been able
to find it on dvd yet, I don't think it has been released yet. It was a
very fun movie, you'll love it!!
guyaneezegal16 on February 16, 2008
i luv this movie...i jus love shahrukh!!!
liz111111 on March 01, 2008
i could find and download it some days later but tnx anyways! funny yes,
and still belongs to bollywood style. chak de india is the film i
appreciate most.among bollywoodian style kkhh, k3g, and specially kank are
really outstanding!
BlweLotus on March 15, 2008
Use Ares.. download... or Limewire. haha, or you could buy it
Nachtwandler1978 on March 18, 2008
Maybe because "real" life isnt that way. In a world full of things who get
wrong, it is nice to find shelter once in a while in a world where
archetypes exist and where the "good" guy is really the good one, where the
sun shines so purely that we forget that it ever could rain again. I think
therefore are their movies so colourful. And for this reason I like them
really very much.
Nachtwandler1978 on March 18, 2008
Havent seen that movie yet but... gosh! Wow! He IS very attractive and does
not necessarily have to take of clothes to prove it but... WOW, when he
does it! Cannot wait to watch the movie! He really IS hot. *grin
KathaWolf on March 23, 2008
Thats "KIng Khan" (Shah Rukh Khan) the King of Bollywood and the song is
Dard-e-disco from his "new" (Oct.2007)MOvie "Om Shanti Om" If you don't
know him you never watches a bollywood-movie, eh?
ryahul on March 28, 2008
I hope someone nukes bollywood. Period.
AurelKay on April 13, 2008
Shah Rukh, can you get any hotter ? *faints*
Aaisha Akhtar on April 13, 2008
luv his 6pac
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