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Comments on song "De De Pyar De"
sweetylovesyou on November 03, 2007
what sweet
he s dancing for a her
i relly lik this song
impitbulI on March 26, 2008
i love bachchan...4ever til death
cricrimou on May 29, 2008
J'aime cet acteur, c'est l'un des meilleurs. J'aimerai connaître sa vie, combien d'enfants etc.. que fait il? continue t - il à jouer des films.
vit78devi on June 15, 2008
Well sung song and excellent acting by AB.
assirmel on August 14, 2008
il est marié à l'actrice Jaya Bachchan ils ont deux enfants une fille et un garçon qui est à son tour un acteur (Abhishek Bachchan marié à l'actrice Aishwarya Rai). Oui il continue à tourner des films.
cricrimou on August 15, 2008
Merci assirmel, je suis heureuse pour lui, oui en effet j'ai vu des films de son films, il ressemble bcp à son père, ainsi que ses manières de faire ce qui le rapproche de Amitah. Bon acteur, rien à dire. Je recherche un film de 1990 avec comme actrice Rajshri et acteur Salma Khan. Où pourrai-je l'acheter. Merci d'avoir repondu et à bientôt. Cricrmou
naseem1986 on September 27, 2008
amitabh sahab ki kya baat hai janab. he is a wonderful actor for all times.thanks for posting this sweet song, this is aman dayani from toronto canada.
parakala1 on December 08, 2008
Bigb is my favorite actor.thanks for video.I love him.aaj ka stars feel like they are super stars should learn from this legend.
kishore5 on December 13, 2008
Amitabh is great but KISHORE made him greater
beskyfernandez on January 26, 2009
best part is dat , he does not over act in des song like usual des days..
GuyanaDudes on February 04, 2009
when did dis movie com out?
echoslove4 on February 14, 2009
He is just so much fun! I love the dance at 1:30:) A bunch of us Americans are getting together for a Big B film fest some weekend. We need an Amitabh national holiday in US.
DaRealDeal2008 on April 26, 2009
I totally agree with you my friend, but before that happens, there needs to be one in India, right?
Rickduden on April 27, 2009
Is the band just short or is he a giant?
dhjustin on May 02, 2009
is Jaya Prada the name of the song?
vijayverma17 on May 13, 2009
no, jaya prada is the actress playing in the movie. the name of the song is DE DE PYAR DE
sirisha9595 on May 23, 2009
Jaya Prada is Heroin of the movie!
9906264 on June 02, 2009
Sharaabi came out in 1984.
xoticeyes on June 17, 2009
awesum movi and funni how the band knew exactly wat he waz gonan sing:):p
rinkichamkar on July 28, 2009
Well, this is Bollywood . so leave your brains at the door :) But you don't need either to appreciate the sublime beauty of Jaya Prada, the awesome personality of Amitabh and the magical voice of Kishore-da.. Hello, the "inteha ho gayi" song is even better than this !!
Highguard1701 on August 13, 2009
Why you have to be this mean dude. I am not a indian myself but I enjoy listening to their bollywood music. I am sure your culture has music too so you can tell them and yourself to get a job too.
SWEETloveer01 on August 13, 2009
amazing movie awesome song love it Big b rock
ramenda on August 30, 2009
love it real music i love old music
whitemask555 on November 10, 2009
this is copied from a famous bangladeshi folk song by abbas uddin but later on he permitted mr lahiri"s father to use this music.bappi took it from his father and use in da movie sharabi
Rubygurl19 on November 13, 2009
The music in this song sounds like a spanish folk song too except toward the middle of course it is more Bangla style.
herafeno on November 22, 2009
el mejor 1000 respetos para el sr.amitabh
terry8998 on December 03, 2009
my moms russian and she loves this song because she loves the actor
925shams on January 08, 2010
i love it your songs are great thank for posting
farsara on January 16, 2010
@Ahmad0very nice song what a man he was and is always the best in his role ? He still alive
dasalekhya on April 05, 2010
now that is a classy public display of affection
vogchod1 on April 30, 2010
this is a blatanct copy of the bangladeshi folk song ALLAH MEGH DE PANI DE..suprisingly none checked it out and Bappi Lahidi got the filmfare award for it...what a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mausumich on May 09, 2010
@vogchod1 check your facts, you illetrate bangladeshi. what a shame.
dbananza on May 11, 2010
I love that a band just happens to be walking down the street at 11 pm. :)
MainYahaanHoon89 on May 15, 2010
Humhe bhi KOi pyaaar de de YAaaaar :-P
lub783 on May 18, 2010
it always suprises me how a simple song makes people insult each other soo badly lol whats wrong with u ppl?
killlerks on June 01, 2010
i met him!!
and got pictur etaken with him!!
mahbub2345 on June 09, 2010
a copycat from bangla old folk song "Allah megh de pani de chhaya dere tui"..
narainpur on June 12, 2010
u dumb vogchod its bangla folk song not bangladeshi folk song.
where was bangladesh before 1971 or to be more correct before1947.

gmann1892 on June 13, 2010
@vogchod1 just cool guy does it matter what a tune no matter where it came from!!!!
vogchod1 on June 14, 2010
unfortunately not only bappi lahiri, but laximikant pyarellal, anu malik, nadeem-shravan, all got their filmare for songs for the film karz, baazigar, raja hinudstani respectively for having copied songs in those films. I beleive award should be given to orginal score not for a compied tune how good would that be doesn't matter.
vogchod1 on June 14, 2010
u nuckle head..whether it is bangla or bangladeshi it doesn't is a copied song and bappi lahiri won filmfard award for sharabi for having two copied songs..unfortunate.
vogchod1 on June 21, 2010
whether it is folk or classic immitation of the same tune used for any other song is called copying..that is the definition...
probalda on July 17, 2010
Amitabh is Amitabh...
HappyGolucky0999 on September 18, 2010
Its funny because back in those days when he made movies around that most of them he was ALWAYS DRUNK!! LOL


A BOLLYWOOD ACTING LEGEND.No-one will ever come close to replacing him...ever!!
HumbleRuby on September 22, 2010
One of my favourite Hindi movies with wickest songs as well!
shakeelabegumschkeel on October 02, 2010
MrSatishkumar1975 on October 12, 2010
Amitabh to Amitabh hai bhai.
He takes many National , Filmfare awards & most appreciable thing that he awarded as a Millenium star. He has no challenge. his image is The angree young man in Bollywood.
MrSatishkumar1975 on October 12, 2010
Amitabh to Amitabh hai bhai.
He takes many National , Filmfare awards & most appreciable thing that he awarded as a Millenium star. He has no challenge. his image is The angree young man in Bollywood. I like sharaabi movie .
funzoneisinmyhair on October 18, 2010
dis da best way 2 propose ur grlfrnd!!!
shineyemraan on November 07, 2010
too funny song
brilliantly performed and sung
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