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Comments on song "Deewane Kaa Nam Toh Puchho"
aniketsitm on April 26, 2008
Rakesh Kansara on April 30, 2008
Rafi and Shammi was always magic
lieberso on May 16, 2008
I like this one most of all!
fatentouta on June 10, 2008
does any One of you guys have can provide me with any information about his history till today!!
INEAS on June 22, 2008
You may want to watch a video we posted, "Phone Interview with Shammi
Kapoor". Our Institute's founder travelled for India this last December and
interviewed him and Asha Parekh. She plans to release a documentary film
about them by the end of this year/early 2009. You may want to subscribe to
receive further updates.
alemoh on July 16, 2008
Sharmila looked the best in a sari.
Sanjay Joshi on July 21, 2008
I am a guy but I find myself watching Shammi in all his songs. :) For some
reason he loves doing his songs wearing suits.
Inatsikap on July 29, 2008
Rafi Saab ROCKS!!
saminatha on September 07, 2008
Shammi has made this song more memorable. God Bless this humble soul.
Mihir Patel on September 11, 2008
sharmila luks damnn pretty!!! shammi & rafi rox.
bipudesh on October 24, 2008
I'm from Paris and I love this song !
Sanjay Pawde on November 12, 2008
Wonderful Movie- An Evening In Paris ! Year: 1967 Heavenly music by -
Shankar-Jaikishan Evergreen Shammi Kapoor with beautiful Sharmila Tagore
Director: Shakti Samanta Rafi sahab at his lifetime voice !
QAIS65 on November 19, 2008
magic .superb
settok33 on December 11, 2008
I love Sharmila's bouffant. The 60s were so awesome.
OAzgarKhanO on December 31, 2008
That's how u pronounce Paris in URDU :)
OAzgarKhanO on December 31, 2008
That's how Paris is pronounced in URDU :) Britain is pronounced as
umealvi on January 22, 2009
i dont know why since i was young ive always liked this song.!
Romesh Khardori on January 25, 2009
After looking her worst in Kasmir ki Kali, Sharmila Tagore looked ravishing
in An Evening in Paris. Mr. Kappor looked dashing too
lieberso on February 04, 2009
I know why.
Delhiidude on March 19, 2009
I always found tht Sharmila looked her very best in the 60´s style n make up.
There are many scenes in AEIP, where she looks absolutely one a kind ravishing and fabolous, especially in the 60´s styles knees dress
M11RZA on March 25, 2009
Mohammad Rafi sang for Shammi Kapoor in every film he made before Rafi saab passed away. Directors knew Rafi saabs voice went very well with Shammi Kapoor hence he was the only playback singer used in all his fims.
alder7445 on April 04, 2009
An Evening in Paris will always be remembered for its melodious songs, every one of them better than the other one
And in Rafi Saabs voice sone pe suhaga !!!
Absolutely amazing song
alemoh on April 08, 2009
Sharmila was gorgeous. That is the way to wear a saree. Her and Asha Parekh
really looked great in sarees.
neeshu30 on April 08, 2009
wow amazing outdoor shooting these days they only show actress in bikini
during outdoor shoots and the singers voice is mindblowing :) now days we
hear only music
mazmo13 on April 28, 2009
shammi like no other actor...good actor n good song
sridharssc on April 30, 2009
shammi kapoor and mohd rafi are unbrelievably in sync.always. Is there one song that kishore sang for shammi kapoor??
lieberso on May 13, 2009
Yes, but later: "Saare jahaa ki amaanat hai yeh".
sridharssc on May 20, 2009
haha. by when he had grown a beard ! honestly. I was rolling on the floor listening to that song. It is so funny to hear kishore snging for shammi kapoor.
Saleem Zamaan on May 26, 2009
I am also an ardent fan of Rafi Saab & Shammi Kapoor combination ... those
were the best songs made. And Sharmila Tagore was so "naazuq" ... wow.
niyaazkhan on June 08, 2009
rafi saab's voice from 3:59 to 4:14 is truly amazing..why are today's
hindi film songs not like this??.the standard of hindi songs has
vanished now-a days..
IreneMy on June 16, 2009
thanks for uploading all these golden classics.a trip down nostalgia
jumpingdoc on July 26, 2009
Wow. I do not know what or who is better- everything and everyone is
gorgeous: Sharmila, Shammi, singer (M. Rafi), music (Shankar Jaikishan),
location (Paris), photography and direction. I go for Sharmila and Paris-
pefect combo.
raqib56 on August 06, 2009
reminds me of Louis de Funés in
le corniaud 1964
sajhab on August 16, 2009
Rafi ji was, is, and shall remain the best singer ever in the sub continent...He gave life to so many stars through his voice and yes for hiphop songs Shammi ji made a perfect pair with him. Shammi ji always wanted Rafi sb's voice and both worked hours together with the director and music director in perfecting a song befitting the situation...God bless those great ppl..
Anuj Dehran on August 25, 2009
SHAMMI KAPOOR SAHAB gr8 actor of all times...
fabrosin on September 16, 2009
One of the beautiful songs from Muhamad Rafi...!! Love this movie, song,
actors and ofcourse the scenes which were too good...!!
byardley0 on October 24, 2009
Everyone here is only praising rafi in terms of the song. What about
Shanker-Jaikishen? Rafi would not have been the great singert hat he was
without Shanker-Jaikishen and OP Nayyar. The quality and quantity of songs
by shanker-jaikishen was simply amazing.
Subhash Acharya on November 06, 2009
If singer is the main factor, then all his songs would have been hit. But
it is not the case. MDs and Lyricists are the originators of the song and
quality of any song depends upon their design . Just listen to "Rasik
Balama" from Chori Chori . Orchestra ( esp. Lone Violin) that accompanies
Lata's remarkable song is stunning. I just wish the quality of recording
was better those days.
SOULREAVER on November 26, 2009
Imagine Rafi singing Rock and Emo POp
arjun12345a on January 10, 2010
shammi kapoor best
Rafi Habib on January 22, 2010
Mohammed Rafi & Shammi Kapoor, A DEADLY COMBINATION..
buckyafitch on March 08, 2010
damn! all Shammi's songs are so full of energy and romantic!
Muhaimin Bhai on May 04, 2010
Who can beat this Uncomparable
alojema on May 24, 2010
i like this song, and i like shamy kapoor , i like it ,i like it , ilike it , Gad bless him .
arab bouja on June 01, 2010
unforgetten great actor!
pancharutnamkrishna1 on June 11, 2010
Excellent the songthe actors; I saw while studying at school. I was enchanted by the beauty of Mrs.Sharmila Tagore and Fabulous songs and Shammi Kapoor's dancing!
Sreenath M on July 17, 2010
Never ever I can forget this song four decades ago as a School boy I saw.
On a recent visit to Paris I relived those romance in mind humming this
song from Raafi saab
Pepe Chareetur on August 31, 2010
Yes! Shammi Kapoor rocks! This was his 'terrain'. No one could shake him in
this style of songs. He was simply great. Mohammad Rafi's voice - well --
you can never compliment this great singer the way he should. Simply magic!
Sharmila Tagore is really beautiful. Shankar Jaikishan - Superb!
Rafi Habib on September 30, 2010
@kingofheartsxyz any doubts?
Rafi Habib on September 30, 2010
@ashupawar u r absolutely right. had it been the case, Music Directors wud
not have needeed any singers they wud've sung themselves.
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