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Comments on song "Dekh Tere Sansaar Ki Haalat Kyaa Ho Gai Bhagavaan"
DecentPunk on November 20, 2010
these lyrics are the blueprints of feelings at dat time in d mind of its writer after seeing dis world fighting for such valueless things and are as same as d present condition of our search of hunger or power we r forgetting dat our forefathers believes in love ,sacrifice n now we r in search of money,lust n luxuries...shame on dis song...beautifully sung
sargam19 on December 14, 2010
sach hai ji ynic songhi hakikat hai ji realty nic song
sargam19 on December 14, 2010
sach yahi hai ji realety butyful song
felistigrispk on February 20, 2011
OMG! Ajit is looking so beautiful in this song. Excellent expressions! We
have always seen him in villanous roles, never knew he was so beautiful in
his youth. Amazing!
TheBharatLohar on April 08, 2011
Loved this song. This is the actual reflection of Human Being. Insaan,
Bhagwaan ko bhi Kha jayega..
Masood Humayun on August 21, 2011
A very nice old movie song. Stands very true even today
arj1901 on December 21, 2011
Film : NASTIK - 1954
Cast : Nalini Jaywant, Ajit
Singer : Kavi Pradeep
Music : C. Ramchandra
Lyrics : Kavi Pradeep
mullaa1 on March 02, 2012
which movie is it
nidhi bahuguna on May 13, 2012
what great poetry and song-today on 60 anniversary of the parliament
listening to songs
rajesh kapadia on June 08, 2012
another immortal beauty..when will any present day song (can we call them
song??) ever match these ??and even applicable today, these words..65 years
Babu Kali on July 08, 2012
Yes, it has sad story of modern humanity.
Rajesh Kochhar on July 18, 2012
The song was first offered to Rafi, but he refused to sing it.
Daud Khan on July 20, 2012
Kaash k partition na hoti aur M.A. Jinnah Gaandhi jee ki baat maan lete
itna khoon kharaba na hota. Yeh song 1947 k haalat pesh karta hai.
Seelampuria on August 04, 2012
Master Tara Singh ki bewakoofi ka nateejs do Komo ko bhugtna para
radil505 on May 23, 2013
This song was relevant in the 1950s when it was made, and unfortunately it
is relevant even in today's India.
Narasimhan Ramachandran on June 13, 2013
This is from the movie Nastik. Music by C.Ramchandra.
Seetha Ramaiah on September 12, 2013
These assumptions and presumption cannot be taken granted.
txlish on June 26, 2014
Song is from 50+ year old - But still very much applicable!
kiran thakur on July 05, 2014
ye song aaj ke samay ko chitrit karta hai
Irappa Kambali on August 22, 2014
Naresh Bist on February 06, 2015
Good song = नरेश जंग बिस्ट = निरा बिस्ट = निरजा = नित्या = निशा = निरज जंग
बिस्ट = नेपालगंज = नेपाल 
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