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Comments on song "Tuk Tuk Dekhe, Pal Pal Dekhe"
priya1985 on April 27, 2008
wow she can dance. that cool
jasoos1984 on April 30, 2008
i dnt lyk her, but i lyk da song.
Monica Sharma on May 03, 2008
eww...shes soo ugly...she cant dance at all
nindy23 on May 03, 2008
Whatever! she looks good man!
vyb5b on May 05, 2008
lyrics:- 10/10 music:- 10/10 set:- 10/10 dance:- 10/10 kamar ke jhatke:-
10/10 irfan pathan:- 10/10 rakhi sawant:- 1/10 Overall:- 61/70*100 = 87% ==
awesome. :D
SiddharthaTP on May 09, 2008
rakhi sawant mein kuch dekhne wali baat hai nahi
wiclepotter4eva on May 14, 2008
luv dis song
hate rakhi
needs to buy some clothes
saggitarius886 on May 15, 2008
nice song good music but ugly dance
kajrani on May 16, 2008
Hey, maybe she keeps on the veil for so long, because the filmmakers didn't want us tortured with her face for so long!!! I mean, I actually thought she looked pretty, before I saw who it was!!
UchihaTrina on May 22, 2008
lol hahah funny N true!! i soooooo agree
Soni36 on May 31, 2008
she knows how to dance but its just the way she dresses n stuff like shes behuda thats y ppl don lik hr
maitrededame on June 14, 2008
I luv bipasha! don't hate...
maitrededame on June 16, 2008
haha srry i was logged on my freinds comp. seriously seriously they are
both beautiful but I've just seen bip more often
kajrani on June 16, 2008
They didn't - it says in the making of the song that she asked them for the job, and they said okay. They didn't choose her.
maitrededame on June 16, 2008
*gasp* O.O you don't think bipasha is that pretty.*gasp again*
maitrededame on June 16, 2008
*still gasping* I'm very picky about the girls I find beautiful she
immediately stuck out to me...
maitrededame on June 16, 2008
I don't understand how anyone can not ADORE Aish she is .no word is
worthy enough to state her beauty.
maitrededame on June 16, 2008
:) well nice talking to you
003sanju on June 17, 2008
ru sure??? is ur source credible?
vyb5b on June 18, 2008
lyrics:- 10/10 music:- 10/10 set:- 10/10 dance:- 10/10 kamar ke jhatke:-
10/10 irfan pathan:- 10/10 rakhi sawant:- 1/10 Overall:- 61/70*100 = 87%
== awesome. :D
kajrani on June 18, 2008
They said so in the making of Dekhta Hai Tu Kya...I think the video is still is still on YouTube, if you want to check - just type in Dekhta Hai Tu Kya Making.
n2uluvse7en on June 19, 2008
i agree..or maybe rakhi sawant-0.5/10? lolx
harshvardhan1 on June 23, 2008
rakhi bindaas hai aisa hoi confidence hona chhahiye sab ladkiyon mein .

rakhhi mein bhi kitni acchhi acchhi qualities hai par woh ladkiyin ko nahi dikhti ,

sad .
waise i like sushmita and not rakhi
but ok she is fine .

Badmaas Keta on June 26, 2008
arre kya jhakaas maal hai bidu
lilmisschocoholic on July 02, 2008
hate da clothers the wears day r so skety and hoey soz yh uuh i dont like
her she jus want publicity. she is pretty doe. buh she needs 2 change her
iindianchick on July 07, 2008
Omg y'all...quit hating...I agree with 003sanju. And anyways, she dances soo good in this song. The hip movements are really difficult. I bet all the girls commenting here are just jealous of her. =P She's worked so hard for this song...I mean look how much she's worked on her body.
RukilDentarg on July 11, 2008
It doesn't matter whether she danced well or not (she did) whether or not the song was choreographed well (it wasn't) Its the blatent use of Americanisms and horrible dub over of "YEAAAH MAAAN" and "CHECK DAT STUFF"

Indians have a beautiful past, present and, hopefully, future in their culture, clothing and country. Please stop trying to be like America and the West and stop trying to fcking RAP! YOU CAN'T DO HIP HOP! 3:20 Bollywood will never have my respect because of this type of film.
devi1992 on July 15, 2008
its just a song, my gosh calm urself
Sunita A on July 21, 2008
U guys can't be judging someone from what he/she wears...on ur comment even
I could state something like u need to change ur attitude towards others
clothes or how they look. Cuz its none of our business...they are wearing
that just so that we can get some money for their family or whatever reason
Sunita A on July 21, 2008
i totally agress with urself.
lilmisschocoholic on July 21, 2008
rakhi jus wears dem 2 get publicity ever1 noes she a attention seeker after
what she comes from indian version of big brother. people noe she does that
dats y dey dub her for doing dese types of item numbers :Z
lilmisschocoholic on July 21, 2008
and wat ur triying 2 tell me der por der rich y wuld dey want money der
003sanju on July 22, 2008
thnk for tat..glad some1 felt tat 2..ur?
003sanju on July 22, 2008
kya yaar, i read asll ur comments.. turn my mood off th song..haha kidding.. all u guys, CHILL!!!! take care..
chubjub1 on July 27, 2008
i like this song except that girl is really ugly!
asskissersrp on July 28, 2008
yea whatever. everyone says that. but i'm pretty sure all the guys find her pretty hot.. and down inside they like all her antics.
lynika123 on September 01, 2008
LOVE THIS SONG! but ummmm anyone kno y he was tryna wipe up her tattoo at
da end?..?
lynika123 on September 01, 2008
shes not that ugly.. if ur not guna write sumthing nice then dont write it
at all kthanxs
mdniteblue7 on September 09, 2008
in the movie he has a problem of he saw the tatoo and wanted
it to wipe it off so the space could be -micky(@@)
lynika123 on September 09, 2008
oh thx. i havent seen the movie
meghamillie on September 17, 2008
her face is very ugly but good body and nice lyrics
clyde2525 on September 24, 2008
shes an std warehouse..
clyde2525 on September 24, 2008
she looks like a man.if you find transvestites attractive then go right
ahead.but dont comment about what all the guys think.cuz im 1% of the you cant write about what i think buddy...haha
satgian on October 11, 2008
niceeee song but a bad quality dude
serpilLICIOUS on October 11, 2008
what means Dekhta Hai Tu Kya? i like the song but i don't know what that
means. rakhi is very beautiful sorry my english is bad :)
desigurl1008 on October 16, 2008
it means 'what are you looking at?'
ruparuparupa on October 25, 2008
u ppl r so evil...she is just doing what she needs to do in order to feed her self...its just that her profession is entertaining public..and public takes the opportunity to bash her...and if u think no she is not entertaining then dont' go online looking for songs that rakhi is dancing in..
24Sonia4 on October 27, 2008
i like the song it soun good, the music too.
but i don't like the video
hollybollybabe on October 29, 2008
that girl need some proper clothes. she's basiclly just dancing around showing everyone her belly.
kirycool on October 30, 2008
who is tht who is that girl lol love the song
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