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Comments on song "Dekho Naa Dekho Naa"
shibinin on April 12, 2009
beautiful song.. wellll flimed, awsome songs..!!!! and wen i watch these.. tears come in my eyes.. and i miss my LOVE!
Khera420 on May 06, 2009
i love dis movie and all da songs
sisterkajol94 on May 22, 2009
This song is nice but amir khan is not good -kajol and srk is forever in
love and amir kiss kajol in the true vidoe this is not good i hate amir
khan, kajol and srk is the best i love kajol .this scene is not good .
tanyaaa08 on May 24, 2009
srk n kajol forever but this vid makes u question
neojumper8 on May 25, 2009
i love dis movie and all da songs
Deepak Gupta on June 06, 2009
why is this flagged?
sanjanaprecious22 on June 22, 2009
great song but how great this song n video will be if its srk!!!!
Megcabotfan01 on June 22, 2009
wow!!! what a song! .. n also, yh srk n kajol mke a gr8 pair but because they r frends n they're good actors .. despite this whole thing wit srk n aamir, i think they are both some of Bollywood's GREATEST actors . so who cares who;s the "king"? .. shake hands n make up guys!!
Ashleigh Ramdorsingh on July 02, 2009
beautiful song i love all the songs in the movie
lilmissfreaky96 on July 11, 2009
0:38 does she say soming rude? :/
vish p on July 11, 2009
no i think she sais your breath and something. ssry i dont know how to
explain in hindi
shyadrem on July 13, 2009
she sade :look ,look .bcs she blinde in this film..awonderfull song
shaista72558 on July 14, 2009
no..she says ye saazish hai boondon ki
Reema Sharma on July 15, 2009
no, its not what youre thinking. haha =P
5unnigrl1 on July 16, 2009
i just love this song and amir and kajal thanks 4 uploadin
Poonam Parab on July 21, 2009
great song..i love kajol.
rumneet on July 24, 2009
Kajol looks great in yellow
AksheeShadow on July 29, 2009
i absolutely love the sitar in the beginning of the song and above that
sunidhi's and sonu's voice awesome :)
MegaKadra on July 31, 2009
wow what are songs very romantic
Shimeji Line on August 11, 2009
me pueden decir si las canciones de esta pelicula fueron interpretadas
relamente por los actores???????????
MYnamesALASKA on August 23, 2009
omg i love this soooooo much keep watching and hearing but never get tired aamir khan and kajol
princessekmi on August 28, 2009
She has a beautiful voice :)
MadininaHestera on August 30, 2009
j'aime beaucoup la sitar qui joue au début, j'aime vraiment cet instrument,
la mélodie est "so beautiful !"
MizHafHaf on August 30, 2009
love this film an di love them a sa pair so cute!
MadininaHestera on August 31, 2009
on se comprend ;)
jayesh choudhari on September 02, 2009
guys it might sound really weird but just hear Hannah Montana Rock Star.
The guitar bit is from 10th sec in that song..and the sitar part from 25th
sec is the SAME! lol!
MadininaHestera on September 03, 2009
yes ! i heard hannah montana rock star and you are right. It's almost the
same one. But i prefer the sitar, it's more "exotic". thanks to see that
nskaile on September 06, 2009
uhh... its just that WE INDIANS have htins thing of compairing evething
with Hollywood :) from actor/actress looks, their dress, hair style, etc
etc :)
Rani Lala on September 19, 2009
hey the best part from this song is missing -.-
MadininaHestera on September 27, 2009
si tu a tout à fait raison, par contre c'est pas Ryade mais Rehan son nom
nskaile on October 08, 2009
agree!! Aamer is my fav but this movie is bit overrated!
곽 형섭 on November 10, 2009
참고로 저 남자 완전 개그맨이었음
martiniblue29 on November 19, 2009
what do dekho na means it a good song??
soumya samanta on November 20, 2009
It means please see. Beautiful lyrics
varsityjonasfan on November 27, 2009
OMG right?!?!? i thought i was crazy, but it's the tune to rockstar.
lmfaooo. epic fail hannah montana.
varsityjonasfan on November 27, 2009
aamir khan!! i love him.
brunnaskolan on November 27, 2009
this song is SOOOOOOOOOO beautiful ! her clothes remind me of her outfit in
Yeh Larka Hai Allah ! :D she's the best !
luvsshahidkapoor25 on December 01, 2009
it kind of sounds like I'm in Love from Neal n' Nikki

Great Song =) So Sweet!
gidilam15 on December 02, 2009
not the best song of the film, i think des rangila is better.
HEIDIBESIL24 on December 08, 2009
por favor quiero ver esta pelicula completa la `puedes bajar gracias
parmanu777 on December 16, 2009
yes... Its kinda same.. But which one is original? Rockstar came in 2007...
parmanu777 on December 19, 2009
@soumyasamanta I agree... its beautiful song..
varsityjonasfan on December 22, 2009
Fanaa came out in 2006 so it's the original. =)
Klamra on December 26, 2009
i love this movie ; )
parmanu777 on December 31, 2009
@Klamra me too :)
parmanu777 on December 31, 2009
@varsityjonasfan :)
xoxoKANSHxoxo on January 03, 2010
@brunnaskolan OMG!!! i was wondering what her clothes reminded me of!
thanks! :)
brunnaskolan on January 03, 2010
ahah anytime =)
xoxoKANSHxoxo on January 05, 2010
@varsityjonasfan hahahaha that's what i thought too!!! i think it's in the
little bridge between the verses rofl :P
rumneet on January 14, 2010
Aamir and Kajol make a very cute couple, they should do more films together, love this song! )
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