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Comments on song "Delhi 6"
Kayur Vyas on January 24, 2009
off the hook
remo411 on January 27, 2009
ar rehman and india rocks...
remo411 on January 27, 2009
excellent music by legend himself "ar rehman" india rocks..
lostsoul836 on February 08, 2009
This song is sick! It's stuck in my head.
DeadSalmon on February 13, 2009
wow totally hooked to the song.
Sunny6Singh on February 23, 2009
Good Songs maan
Belette holt fente on March 02, 2009
Great song, terrible film. AR is having a vintage year.everything is
ramesh pv on March 02, 2009
this song shud be lapped by someone in the west, else the world will miss
this wonder Totally rox...
jrjr18181 on March 02, 2009
how? the wonder is of this song that it is made in the ancient EAST<<< IT
CampRockOfficialFan on March 08, 2009
A R Rahman is an idol! he is amazing!
ramesh pv on March 10, 2009
What I mean to say is, this song should also be remade in English for rest
of the world to take note.
Siddharth Bhattacharya on March 11, 2009
nice different..aur apni delhi key liye agar koi gana
gaye to hit hi hoga :)
lalabinnylala on March 11, 2009
crazy song!
jrjr18181 on March 11, 2009
is there french in this
jrjr18181 on March 13, 2009
hell yh, suits delhgi gotta say
icanhascheeseburger9 on March 14, 2009
0:28 aur 2:01 hai french rapping ka times... bodh aacha song hai, lekin
movie gandhaa tha... mujhe to bodh boora luga
icanhascheeseburger9 on March 14, 2009
is video me french rapping sara touch hai is song me..
xNymphetamynexGurlx on March 16, 2009
the French, dunno. The Statue of Liberty because he was born and raised in
New York and sort of is coming to terms with his Indian heritage as he
spends more and more time in Delhi.
jrjr18181 on March 17, 2009
deepikafan1 on March 19, 2009
IT's my fav song ever after Kaise mujhe tum mil IT..Cool beats
Heartopener on March 26, 2009
I absolutely loved this movie. If you are looking for the usual fantasy
dreamland bollywood film - DONT WATCH THIS FILM! If you are looking for
something a bit more intelligent - WATCH THIS FILM!!
Heartopener on March 26, 2009
Sonam's acting is great. film is good if you don't care of the usual
fantasy dreamland escape bollywood usually provides. this is more
realistic. it is metaphorical. probably suited more to an Indian who lives
outisde India like me and who doesn't really like most bollywood films
because of unrealism
Chanel Kaan on March 27, 2009
I love this song its like indi rock lol well it is just in panjabee
Ahad Shahid Ahmed on April 03, 2009
very tatti movie...but this song is awesomeeeeeeeeeeee!
Paul Atma on April 05, 2009
wow this song so gud ..i may be even falling in love with the female singer
BollywoodRox on April 09, 2009
loveeee this song!
drsumantr on April 10, 2009
A.R.Rahman is the most Gifted Person in Bolywood in Our Times ,, He is Real
Indian Gem,,,
suresh252 on April 16, 2009
madra's very own Ar rahuman rocks
stoppeekin on April 17, 2009
a r rehman rocks man.. all the way all the time.
Anish Pandey on April 17, 2009
hes the best ever... ever .. ever GOD IN MUSIC
Byoyo93 on April 20, 2009
How come I can hear french in this song ?!! Surprising ^^
99problams on April 21, 2009
mmm may be cuz you know french !! hehe
Byoyo93 on April 24, 2009
Thanks kushptl I stil think it's french , here are the words I understood
(but since it's rap , I couldn't understand few words ) "Imagine les (?)
d'un paysage qui te submerge, pas à pas tu pénétra dans cette atmosphère
belle (?) qui t'aspire. Toi tu regardes ce qui t'inspire " But it's true
that French and Spanish are quite similar ^^
sssana on April 25, 2009
Rohit S on May 14, 2009
Wazzza mate
jojo386769 on May 17, 2009
this movie is part sad and rest is great
abc on May 27, 2009
She saying dilli w/ a hard D sound in stead of the soft D sound, to sound
foreign. How pretentious!
vishnuonfire007 on June 07, 2009
"south indian accept problem"... could you explain that please????
GottaFindYou54 on June 08, 2009
on dance india dance, three contestants did a dance to this song, it was
amazing!!! the guy dancing in it is hott and won dance india dance!!
Farhad Campwala on June 10, 2009
sending great vibrations across globe india steppin in as superpower..
purely new generation. hats off to rehman for great delhi 6
Rajdeep Sinhmar on June 10, 2009
abhishek doesnt fit as a dilliwala...great music!
atifrocks on June 21, 2009
Oh yeah, Salman right?
GottaFindYou54 on June 23, 2009
yes!! salman was amazing. he was my fav!!
I4DIOR on July 10, 2009
<3 nice song "yeh delhi hai mere ayaar, bas ishq mohabbat, pyar"
akhiltanwar on July 17, 2009
basti hai mastanon ki dilli...dilli...gali hai deewanon dilli 6..
socandylicious on July 26, 2009
i'm from France and even if it's a very small country and that very French
has the same mother tongue , there are also different accents between North
and South and people make fun of each other a lot. If there are some
problems like that in France, that's normal in India too.
vikram0127 on October 04, 2009
nothing can beat INDIA !!!
karmadecides on November 13, 2009
I love DILLI ...
StupidNub on November 16, 2009
The message and idea of the movie was ok, but the movie was badly executed.
The music is awesome.. as always from A double R.
xerwill on December 24, 2009
Mast! Kya gaana hai waah... Ye dilli hai mere yar :)
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