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Comments on song "Dhani Chunri Pahan Sajke Banke Dulhan"
Kripalinee on March 28, 2009
Very attractive and soothing music. Worth adoring. Hope peolple understand the feelings behind
bombay63 on April 05, 2009
This one is the most beautiful song in this film, Everything is so Indian.
farman101 on December 19, 2009
My Dear Fellow.welcome back.Another beautiful song.Thank you. Best Wishes.
jasbongy on December 19, 2009
Jemal ji,thanks for this my fav. song of Asha ji.10*****************With
respect. Sarla.
MsSHABANA123 on December 22, 2009
I have to have this one in my playlists, thank you shaamji,.
rszht07 on January 14, 2010
Absolutley beautiful. lov this song. thnx 4 upload
Mrpkv1006 .pkv on February 01, 2010
Believe me this is one of the 10 best of asha. THe tune the voice and SJs
orchestra makes this fantabulous. It would have swept us off our feet had
it been released now
nargis44 on February 18, 2010
One of the most beautiful song sung perfectly by Asha Bhosle.
44prad on February 18, 2010
OMG !!! I love this song !
63asha on February 18, 2010
The song that will never be erased from my mind!! Everything is beautiful and so Indian.
mohabbat6 on February 18, 2010
Fantastic and wonderful song !
marker390 on February 18, 2010
This song is on my top list !!
ramboo75 on February 18, 2010
Powerful and fantastic song.
zorba286 on February 18, 2010
Amazing heart touching song by Asha bhosle! Unforgettable song ever.
surrey0 on February 18, 2010
OMG!!!!! I love this song!
tylor747 on February 18, 2010
Very cute song and so touching voice !
rayaan7 on February 22, 2010
This is the best song in this movie,Its so heart touching,And asha bhosle sweet voice is at her best.
Mrpkv1006 .pkv on February 23, 2010
What a song. No wonder SJ and asha always remain the greatest of all times
Mrpkv1006 .pkv on May 12, 2010
very very rare. only from SJ l ibrary you can get such rare collections
Mrpkv1006 .pkv on May 12, 2010
Even Sj were alive they could not have created such a song nor can asha
sing like this ever. Simply a challenge to todays composers and singers
saddy941 on May 14, 2010
I like the song.. indian classical wonderful and who are the
actors??Thnx Mr Jemal for the vid
Neelam Dhyani on June 10, 2010
it is good song
Dinesh Sharma on July 09, 2010
Excellent in every aspect, thx for uploading
Dinesh Sharma on July 09, 2010
@Shaam44 I couldn't find words better than these.
Alain Pigeonier Pigeonier on August 02, 2010
One of my favorite indian songs. So beautiful and so indian.
Ashok Bhalla on August 28, 2010
Very beautiful, melodious Indian classical masterpiece.
Murtuza H on September 22, 2010
@Shaam44. Naina Sahu, perhaps, has one more film to her credit named
"Pushpanjali" (1970), which I came to know through the Internet yesterday.
Sanjay Khan has been mentioned to be the hero of this film. I request you
to please verify and get the fact corrected.
Valparaiso436 on October 24, 2010
Rajeev 5-Stars for this one ! Thank you dear.
ahmednadir143 on October 31, 2010
Words can't define the subtle height of beauty that this song posseses.Words,Voice and Music, all at its best.
Jamie Kaur on November 27, 2010
Naina Sahu was very pretty with very beautiful hands. She was daughter of
Kishore sahu. I saw this movie also. Thanks amitajai for this emotional
azzy314159 on January 15, 2011
Total masterpiece song
azzy314159 on January 15, 2011
Total masterpiece song
dmrqais on February 13, 2011
@ahmednadir143 what a lovely song , melody disappear since indusrty lost SD
burman came he is not a % what his father was since i was in school in 70"s
Parmsingh1234 on April 18, 2011
Amitajai you doing really good
sudhir Pune India on April 30, 2011
nice upload !
sudhir Pune India on May 10, 2011
ASHA the great !
Mrpkv1006 .pkv on July 15, 2011
Tremendous observation Ahmed nadir. Truly we cant describe this song.
Speechless. SJ we owe a lot to you for this moment of happiness
vinay k joshi on September 04, 2011
Naina Sahu is Kishore Sahu's daughter.
Amrik Singh on October 04, 2011
Great song. Thanks for this super upload.
MAC Beauty Zone on December 23, 2011
MAC Beauty Zone on January 10, 2012
@amitajai great movie & songs! Gems of yesteryears! Thank you so much for
uploading this friend, you're doing a fabulous job! Happy New Year :-)
MAC Beauty Zone on January 10, 2012
MAC Beauty Zone on May 12, 2012
Beautiful bride!
bleachfan19911 on May 14, 2012
Nice song.Ashaji sings so beautifully capturing the mood of the song as
always.Lyrics by Shailendra.His real name is Shankardas Kesarilal.He was
famous for his association with Raj Kapoor and SJ.His famous songs include
rammaiyya vastavvaiya Koya koya chand and aawaara hoon. It was widely
popular even outside India.Thanks for the song.Take care.
Famous men on July 04, 2012
Beautiful music beautiful song by Asaha ji
jasbongy on July 27, 2012
Beautiful & my favorite song from the time, i had watched this film in
60's. ASHA JI's brilliant singing in her unique,lilting,crispy voice is so
sweet & enjoyable to ears. Thanks JEMAL Bhai for quenching the thirst of
sincere music lovers with your variety of excellent uploads Thumbs Up..With
Hari Sharma on October 20, 2012
another clasic song from SHANKERJAIKISHAN nice to hear even today
Sabreena khalick on October 30, 2012
Such a beautiful classical and memorable song. This song and the film reminds me of my childhood I haven't heard this song since! Def. beats "Munni Badnam ...", "Chamak Challo" and "Sheila Ki Jawani" anyday. How many people will remember these songs in say 20 years as compared to golden hits?
Satish Shetty on January 01, 2013
The film produced and directed by Kishor Sahu and starred by his daughter
Naina Saho and Biswajeet was not upto the mark.But this song sung by Ashaji
was a hit.
Habibah Ahmad on January 28, 2013
I was looking for this song over a year ago , and I thank "God : that I did
just found it . I saw this movie as a child and I had always love this song
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