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Comments on song "Dhadakte Dil Ki Tamanna"
arvindvyas on April 08, 2009
O ji

Yeh suntae sunte nera dil itana dhadaka
jaljale aa gaye ahssas ke dil yu phadaka
arvindvyas on May 09, 2009
jinhe dil ki dhadakan banaya, wo dil tod gaye
jindagi ke kitane mamalo ke bil chhod gaye

kaise rahi ji
Rubz on August 09, 2009
Khilao phool kisi ke, kisi chaman main dil ki raah se gujri hai
wohh bahar hai...
BlueNargis on November 05, 2009
Hey Suraiya has playbacked for Nimmi here, apart from singing for herself, didnt know that...
shabbs45 on November 16, 2009
This Tune was repeated by Ghulam Mohammed In the film Pakeeza as Chalte Chalte sang by Lata Mangeshkar.Ghulam Mohammed died during the making of this film so Naushad Ali took over..
jp5764 on January 10, 2010
This is a best song all time hit. It will take you in past life...
Beautiful music, lyrics and voice... Wah ... kya baat hai???
shobs76 on January 12, 2010
what a fantastic song!
sindhnir on February 06, 2010
just amazing word to express my feeling . thanx for
posting you really a true music lover
mirchi55 on February 08, 2010
Never expected to find this beautiful song anywhere!
surjit587 on April 18, 2010
a beautiful song
MrAhmadAyaz on April 30, 2010
Records, CD's aur Cassettes mein ye song complete nahi milta. Yahan ye complete hai. Thnx
Vineesh Vedsen on June 15, 2010
this song takes me to some other plane of enjoying and following music
Suvarna on June 25, 2010
Both are looking very sweet-(Nimmi and Suraiya)
mdkaushal on July 04, 2010
These songs can never fade away
mastkalandr on July 05, 2010
@mdkaushal dear friend It is an immortal song and ;ll never fed away ,
Thanks for sharing this rare GEM
mastkalandr on July 05, 2010
@rohitlele456 ..You are welcome ..My dear friend
mastkalandr on July 05, 2010
@vivedsen1 ..Enjoy nice feeling .. Thanks for sharing this rare GEM
mastkalandr on July 05, 2010
@MrAhmadAyaz My dear friend thanks for sharim\ng this rare GEM ...,aapko
pura nagma mila,aur aapko pasand aaya..ab khuub suniye aur apne aziz doston
ko bhi sunaiye ye khubsurat surila nagma ..shukriya
mastkalandr on July 05, 2010
@javedtahir99 ..You are absolutely right my dear friend Thanks you for
sharing and comments.
winsome814 on July 24, 2010
i love this song. what a melody.

mastkalandr on July 24, 2010
@winsome814 ..You are welcome my dear friend..
Sunil Bang on July 31, 2010
Tusharbhatia20 on November 11, 2010
Suraiya at her absolute best !
mastkalandr on April 16, 2011
@TheRaj3352 ..wah wah bahut khoob mahrum suraiya ji ki jitni tarif kariye
kam hai. mujhe bhi kuchh yaad aa raha hai ..aap bhi suniye .. harchand
har ak shay main tu hai , par tujh - si to koi shay nahi hai . hasti hai
,kuchh adam hai 'galib' aakhir tu kyaa hai aye nahi hai...
MyJonathan9999 on April 18, 2011
Name of this beautiful actress please ?
tyerji on April 19, 2011
same voice for both singers surraya`
mastkalandr on April 19, 2011
@MyJonathan9999 ...The beautiful actress/singer is Suraiya @ 0.52
hamidfchohan on April 23, 2011
Rarely a female is bestowed with impressive features as well as remarkable voice. Surayya had both the boons. She was the first Malika-e-Tarannum and was an excellent actress as well.
mastkalandr on April 23, 2011
@hamidfchohan Truly said..Suraiya's singing creates an irresistible spell.
I love the masterful renditions of KL Saigal, Talat and Geeta Dutt. But
more often than not I find myself looking for and listening to Suraiya's
songs. As time passes her talent seems more and more precious.
Gorgeous.suraiya was not only a great singer/star but also a good humans
sense very honest dedicated to her first love dev sahab and remained
unmarried whole life .. Thanks for sharing the rare real Gem
Jamie Kaur on May 07, 2011
@Ajnbidesi Sir can you send the lyrics of second antra of song "Afsana Likh
Rahi hoon" by Uma Devi of "Dard" movie? There are some words i could not
mastkalandr on June 05, 2011
@missperfect2010ful ..Lyrics of "Afsana Likh Rahi hoon" by Uma Devi.. jab
too nahee to kuchh bhee nahee hain bahaar mein jee chaahataa hain munh bhee
naa dekhoo bahaar kaa hasil hain yoon to muz ko jamaane kee daulate lekin
naseeb laayee hoon yek sogawaar kaa aajaa ke ab to aankh mein aansoo bhee
aa gaye saagar chhalak uthhaa mere sabar-o-karaar kaa aajaa ke ab to aankh
mein aansoo bhee aa gaye saagar chhalak uthhaa mere sabar-o-karaar kaa
mastkalandr on June 05, 2011
@ishtiyak007 sur .kamal suraiya jamal Ghalib sahab ne bhi kahi likha
tha.. harchand har ak shay main tu hai , par tujh - si to koi shay nahi hai
. hasti hai ,kuchh adam hai 'galib' aakhir tu kyaa hai aye nahi hai...
Jamie Kaur on June 05, 2011
@mastkalandr Dear Sir i am so delighted today with the lyrics you sent me.
Zenbaba Ali on June 15, 2011
wah wah kya baat hai mastkalandar sahib.
mastkalandr on July 06, 2011
@arti333ify ..Very nice n touching comment.. .. Thanks for sharing a small
tribute to legendary Suraiya Dhadakte dil ki tamnna ho mera pyaar ho tum..
kabhi akashwaani ke ak radio program..bhule bisre geeton mein suna karta
tha ..ab YT pr upload kr aap sab ke sath sun ne aur shair karne ka lutf
Rameshbabu Babu on August 26, 2011
god has sent suraiya ji to this world as an engel to sing with her ever
green golden voice ...more than gold ...we are lucky to have suraiya
sing to us i request u tube and other uploading kind hearted and loving
persons to put entire suraiya songs at a place/ one album thanks one again
ramesh babu warangal
mastkalandr on August 30, 2011
@TheZenbaba ae welcome my dear friend.. Thanks for sharing ..
mastkalandr on August 30, 2011
@hira1ft ..Thanks my dear friend for sharing and blessings.. GOD BLESS YOU
mastkalandr on August 30, 2011
@rameshbabuheritage .. I am thinking to make a new YT channel and dedicate
to legendary Surraiya..
M Reza on August 31, 2011
Which one is Suraiyya and which one is Nimmi? Can anybody tell?
mastkalandr on August 31, 2011
@mhdreza .. @ 1.45 is Nimmi and @ 1.50 is Suraiya.. Thanks for sharing..
KishorKR on September 17, 2011
Woh gam haseen hai jis gam ke zimmedaar ho tum! Wah..Wah! Fabulous song by
the legendary Suraiya. Fantastic lyrics too from Kaifi saab. And topping it
all is the magnificence of Ghulam Mohd's melodious music
Priyansh Doneparthy on November 04, 2011
I listened to this song on Vividh Bharti in the morning of 4th November,
2011 on Bhoole Bisre Geet Programme. I was going to my Institute in a bus
at that time. I think this was the last song in the programme.
Suvarna on December 06, 2011
@mhdreza -One who is standing and singing the first stanza is
decked with jewellery is Suraiya...
aramuskguy on February 21, 2012
@mastkalandr : please do..all Suraiya's fans will be very grateful to you!
The great Suraiya deserved much more fame and recognition as a singer than
what she got...Most people from today's generation hardly know her which is
quite sad.
mastkalandr on February 23, 2012
@aramuskguy ..Sure ..I will .. Thanks for sharing ..
Suresh Kumar on February 26, 2012
@mhdreza The lady with plaited hair and with hair decked with jewellery is
Suraiya and the other lady is Nimmi.
Raj Sharma on April 04, 2012
Oh my god, such a fantastic and painful song. Great lyrics. Where are those
kind of Lyricits
Swaraj Kaushal on May 23, 2012
The song starts with Nimmi.
mastkalandr on May 24, 2012
Friend !.. Truly said.., Thanks for sharing this touchy timeless classic,,
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