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Comments on song "Dil Ding Dong Ding Dole"
queennikki01 on November 13, 2007
Dear Sahibzadajaffar, thanks for posting this song. Really nice. Very entertaining.
ruba4evr on December 21, 2007
Fahdy786 on January 21, 2008
Jay ROFL Yeah
indianhottie4ever on February 14, 2008
totally and completely agree!
genieten86 on February 23, 2008
nice song, but thushar words!
zportz on March 04, 2008
zportz on March 04, 2008
awesome... espesially frm 1:33 to 01:40 and her cool face at
kadooshinator on March 17, 2008
lol gangsta curries XD
btw im curry
*_curries rule_*
zeshafi on May 11, 2008
awesome song and video. thanx to the uploader
queennikki01 on May 15, 2008
Oh Yeah Sure! My dil went ding dong ding bole after hearing this song.. Thanks for the upload...
changa2019 on May 17, 2008
i mean songs not sons
icecold177 on June 13, 2008
i achally luv someone called ding...hehe
IMYRA789 on July 02, 2008
lmao...i lovee thiss song:)
narendar2005 on July 25, 2008
love this song.
fugaku10 on September 23, 2008
check also the moves at 2.30 HA HA HA HA the same as 1.59 =)
Angela Barez on September 25, 2008
love the song but sometimes the guy reminds me of a monkeyy :P
Lailaaaaaaaaa on October 17, 2008
Hahahaha Look at 3:35 Ahahahah OH MY GOD, I die out of laugh!!!!!!!!!
Lailaaaaaaaaa on October 17, 2008
The boy is looking to bad without shirt!!!!! Lol
Lailaaaaaaaaa on October 17, 2008
I wish the boy where John Abraham!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sinni23 on October 31, 2008
i like the song but tushar is a disaster
payalno1 on November 08, 2008
lol u guys r so tight on tusshar btw john looks like hunchback with his
overbuilt body in dostana thote i'd let u knw :P personally i prefer
Hrithik :)
Lailaaaaaaaaa on November 09, 2008
By the way I am not a boy ok??
vyb5b on November 12, 2008
So true. Look at his dance. looks like a chimp jumping for banana. i m
scared he may start throwing f3c3s any time.
vyb5b on November 12, 2008
So true. Look at his dance. looks like a chimp jumping for banana. i m
scared he may start throwing f3c3s any time.
Bhaktividenta Prabhoopaadaa on November 12, 2008
delightfully gay!
Angela Barez on November 12, 2008
i dont think this song is from a movie..
payalno1 on November 14, 2008
its ok with me if u r a boy or girl i dont realli care lol
innocent4eva on November 14, 2008
its from the movie kuch to hai
Simi Kaur on November 17, 2008
lol i agree!!!
Saba Samreen on January 05, 2009
omg! He is already awful looking but when he takes his shirt of he looks
completely ugly!!!!
LuckyCrazy94 on January 22, 2009
this vedio cracks me upppppppppppp.the back up dancers loook better than
john malkovich on January 24, 2009
that chick is peng, tushar is a dikhed, and the song is WHACK!!!!!!!!!
abanni123 on January 24, 2009
tushar must know that he should select back up dancers uglier than him becoz he is the hero and he must know that he looks much uglier when he takes his shirt off.
Sciencenerd on February 13, 2009
OMG!! only the song is goood!
Kheksha B. on February 26, 2009
ok omg he isent that ugly but he is ugly but still hes ok lol
rajukundi on March 16, 2009
no guys he is ok so stop commenting
baaghi11 on March 17, 2009
hahahahahaaaa u guys made my day cant stop laughing.
disaster, monkey, chimp, ugly...
tushar jumping like a monkey lollll
btw what is one supposed to do if he is not so good looking. i think if he gets his nose fixed up he can look better, no?
aishwary1 on April 16, 2009
yes it is kuch tu hai
Aravind Jairam on April 26, 2009
Anita Hasnandani is super hot! vid ...abt 7 yrs old!
Neelam mann on May 15, 2009
love dis song esp ding dong!!!!!
Subhamoy Halder on July 30, 2009
ha kuch to hai...
mang0fuzoN on August 03, 2009
please don't touch the nose - he'll become the Indian Michael Jackson.
Hana Kay on August 05, 2009
never gets old
Savita Singh on August 07, 2009
i always thought this song was kinda wild
flyingWIDdaFISHES on November 05, 2009
OMG I RMBR THIS SONG. b4 KK started ruling the playback scene.
zabadimaza on January 08, 2010
oh my goodness i'm not indian but i just can't resist this song. so wild makes me dance like a crazy girl
desi4life852 on March 14, 2010
woah tushar actually looks kinda hot in the beg. with the black jacket
cutiefrogskermit on September 20, 2010
love the song but the video is sorta ripped off of Michael Jackson's In the Closet video. especially when tusshar and the girl are on that revolving thing and he goes underneath her... that was an exact scene from mj's video. but theres no harm done i guess the director was inspired
AemiliaPaulla on September 28, 2010
Anybody think that Tusshar is gay?
Hamasa A. on October 11, 2010
@ImiraI om den er super gooood
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