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Comments on song "Dil Ki Aavaaz Bhi Sun Mere Fasaane Pe Na Jaa"
dmrqais on December 23, 2009
lovely composition and rafi's unbeatable voice
dubbooman on January 29, 2010
can there ever be a voice more beautifull than rafi saheb's in india's movie history?agreed that ghazal singers like anup jalota, pankaj udhas and jagjeet singh have also got great voices but they are restricted to ghazal singing, rafi was more versatile and could singer differnt range of songs

drvishwasaxena on March 01, 2010
A song which fills every male heart to carry out an impossible feat tranced in the intoxication of love.Posting such songs is a great service to hummanity.I am sure we can revive the romanticism and above all humanvalues by such songs.Thanks for posting them. Your feat is an step towards renaiscance ofmelody.amist world grappling with remixes and conviction less casual songs saying allis well. Kudos
Dr Vishwas Saxena
billiards on March 14, 2010
Joy Mukherji is one of the blessed souls; (I hope that he realizes!) he was
the chosen one of God; who got an opportunity to sing on the screen this
masterpiece from Rafi Sahib.!!!
oyehoyehoye on March 17, 2010
I wonder if you even KNOW the value of all that you are doing ...?
Giving sheer pleasure to a countles number of people!
oyehoyehoye on March 17, 2010
As we say in my part of the world -
this song is just QIYAAMAT (like the END ...)
Today's generation just don't KNOW what they're missing .
Mahagedara2 on March 17, 2010
My dear friend Saleem,
It is very heartening to read what you have just written.
I have many things to say but in short, I am honoured by your kind words.

We all [being the sub continent people] should be proud to know that what we are enjoying is the BEST MUSIC IN THE WORLD.
I always used to say that and I AM proud of what I say.
Your kind words are very much appreciated and may God bless you.
surgefast on March 27, 2010
Dear Mahagedara2: You are absolutely GREAT in posting GEMS like this. May GOD bless you and you keep on doing this wonderful service to us mortals. Yes those were indeed the GOLDEN DAYS. Thanks again.
Mahagedara2 on March 28, 2010
Thank you my dear friend for your extremely kind words.
By the way, I am Yuan [yuanyuanyuanyin] and we have been friends for a long time!
Take care and may God bless you.
byardley0 on April 23, 2010
Only OP could create such wonderful melodies with very simple instruments
BabiAusten on June 13, 2010
arre yaar mujhe koi un nazaro se dekhta to mai kahi aur nahi dekhti! ;op
shane90000 on July 10, 2010
Haye ram ,when he starts saying 'meri nazron ki taraf dekh' ,that inclination from low to high is so blissful , its true din bhi niklega kabhi rat ke aane pe na ja ,very inspiring and it just inspired me. Some old man (rd i guess) sung that line in sa re ga ma when sonu used to host ,he hugged the old man.
shashi0310 on August 22, 2010
aapne bilkul sahi kaha.young generation ko kabhi pata nahi chalega wo kya miss kar rahe hei .RAFI SAHEB ko sunana swarg se badhkar hei
deepak bansal on September 02, 2010
Vry beautiful song,thanks for uploading.
Rathar100 on September 29, 2010
most beautiful song by the true legened..beautiful and meaningful poetry and
beautifull executed lovely touching and meaningful music and words.
What a true picture of real love... keep listening all of your life ..belive me its
worth. enjoy '''''''''''
brazenbreeze on October 03, 2010
joy mukherjee is too good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dharma0911 on October 17, 2010
Can someone please post English translation to this whole song..tx.../
PANKAJ AGNIHOTRI on November 03, 2010
@bi11iards are right...
rkjanamanchi on February 26, 2011
Ever green song in the combination of Md. Rafi & OP Nayyar. Very clever use of Sitars.
Waqt insan pe ...saya bhi chala jaath hai-Great thought!!
Neelima Pradhan on March 04, 2011
Ishq masoom hai Ilzaam lagane pe na true..
vijay jamwal on March 19, 2011
nasha chad gaya mujhe rafi teri awaaj ka. mere to rongte khade ho jaate hain jab bhi rafi ka gaana sunta hooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yasmeenfive on March 31, 2011
totally agree with you ! Joy was awesome and very underrated! A Great Actor!
rkj128 on April 24, 2011
Lovely.. The timeless Rafi Saab..
Rathar100 on May 16, 2011
Beautiful love song.
TheOpeningwindow on May 29, 2011
Rafi,s voice is very nice to hear. Diva Rafi Mohd.
doosra95 on June 17, 2011
Just made my day wha ji wha La Jawab Rafi SAB.
mohanudiavar on July 14, 2011
rekhasondhi1985 on August 15, 2011
i like very much rafi songs.its touch to heart.
rite2sarika on August 22, 2011
Ohh My God I love this song..but never knew its picturized on Joy Mukherjee mu favorite!!! :-) Thanks for posting this song :-)
rafie282000 on September 17, 2011
this is real beauty and
a song of love and loss a truly moving song and music.
yeh mohabbat ki pal kitne anmool hai..
A legend Voice Great Janab Rafi sahab
rafie282000 on September 17, 2011
..Rekha Jee Not only touches heart also touches Soul..
rekhasondhi1985 on September 18, 2011
yes this song is touches our soul and heart
jasbongy on September 30, 2011
Very beautiful song, sung so melodiously by Rafi Ji. Thanks Ajaz for up
loading my favorite song.W.r. Didi.
Blue4fragrance on October 01, 2011
@jasbongy - Thanks for liking my uploaded song Didi Ji. you are always most
blueforflower on December 01, 2011
Dil Ki Awaaz Bhi Sun Mere Fasanay Pay Na Ja - Singer : Mohammad Rafi -
Music : OP Nayyer - Actors : Joy Mukherjee & Sharmila Tagore - Movie :
Hamsya - 1968
Ramananda Kumar Janamanchi on January 26, 2012
Audio version is much better than the Video.I like the piano bits in this
blueforflower on January 26, 2012
@rkjanamanchi - Thanks. You are always most welcome.
skosode on February 11, 2012
great songs vey melodius voice of Md Rafi
1225jameel on April 01, 2012
no match ever for Rafi sahib. The best ever.
rajtex123 on April 02, 2012
(Dil kee aawaaz bhee sun mere fasaane pe naa jaa
meree nazaron kee taraf dekh zamaane pe naa jaa)2
Listen to what my heart says, don't just rely on tales,
Look into my eyes, and ignore what others have to say
MsCutegemini on April 08, 2012
this is a soul touching song and tells every person's life truth.. wow ... thanks a lot for posting this awesome song.. i am really close to this song... lov it.??
wahaby2k on June 21, 2012
Some classic never get old. An excellent song with great poetry. Thank you
very much for posting it.
wahaby2k on June 21, 2012
Song Lyrics=English Translation#1:-dil kee aawaaz bhee sun mere fasaane pe
naa jaa=listen also to what my heart has to say, don't just rely on
tales;meree nazaron kee taraf dekh zamaane pe naa jaa=Look into my eyes,
don't listen to others/world only.ik nazar dekh le, jeene kee ijaazat de
de=look once, give me permission to live;roothane waale woh pahalee see
mohabbat de de=those who are angry at me, give the same love as before;ishq
maasoom hai, ilzaam lagaane pe naa jaa=love is innocent,
wahaby2k on June 21, 2012
#2:-try not to accuse it;meree nazaron kee taraf dekh zamaane pe naa
jaa=look into my eyes and not at the world.waqt insaan pe aiesaa bhee
kabhee aataa hai=sometimes humans face such moments;raah mein chhod ke
saayaa bhee chalaa jaataa hai=That even the shadow leaves one and goes
away;din bhee nikalegaa kabhee, raat ke aane pe naa jaa=The day will soon
here, don't just depend on the night;meree nazaron kee taraf dekh zamaane
pe naa jaa=look into my eyes too and not only at others.
wahaby2k on June 21, 2012
#3:-main haqikat hoon, ye ik roz dikhaaoongaa tujhe=I am real, one day I
will show it to you;begunaahee pe mohabbat kee rulaaoongaa tujhe=That love
is innocent, i will make you realise and cry;daag dil ke naheen mitaten
hain, mitaane pe naa jaa=The stains/wounds on heart, do not erase, don't
try it;meree nazaron kee taraf dekh zamaane pe naa jaa=look into my eyes
too and not only at others.dil kee aawaaz bhee sun mere fasaane pe naa
jaa=listen to what my heart says, don't just listen to tales;
sharma abhay on July 26, 2012
great song & voice md rafi
Ram Nagaraj on August 08, 2012
What a fabulous composition by O.P.Nayyar and rendered by the evergreen Rafi Sa'ab. Even the lyrics by Shevan Rizvi is so fresh and beautiful. Waqt insaan pe aisa bhi kabhi aata hai, raah mein chhod ke saaya bhi chala aata hai.Wah! kya baat hai. Mazaa aaya. Unfortunately this film that was produced by Joy Mukherjee himself flopped, so the song went unnoticed. But today I am compelled to state that this can be termed as a landmark composition of O.P.Nayyar.
Noor S on October 11, 2012
Nayyar Kamal on February 11, 2013
O P SHEWAN RAFI All are at their BEST.
Mohinder Singh on June 04, 2013
What is wrong with videos
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