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Comments on song "Dil Ko Churake Le Gaya Ek Ajnabi"
blackafrican11 on March 09, 2008
this guy is too good for bollyweid. go to hollywood.
keyabhowmik on October 26, 2008
love this song.
kamran hussein on October 31, 2008
yesyes sick track.
ArmaansGirl on November 20, 2008
vry sikk yaar! arjun rox! luv it! :)
jessieks7 on December 29, 2008
does anyone know the name of this chick in this song? doesn't seem like
yana gupta to me?
Rlitya on January 15, 2009
Is this really paki music???
AksheeShadow on March 24, 2009
NO this is bollywood music not paki
wwerockstar1000 on March 26, 2009
pala bar jab mana ye gana sona mera chan garra ho ga mai tho kaylara tha
pher ye gana shorro ho gaya i love this song JAI HO
wwerockstar1000 on March 26, 2009
PAKI SUXS, all there is is terorists people should leave that place and it
should just be a world for terrorist im serious
sweetheartqueen214 on March 29, 2009
hey, why dont u just SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!! u dont know anything about us, or
anything because ur too dumb to learn that we're good people. we're not
terroritst, and we're not aliens or something. and we're not 'curries'.
we're regular people with rights and its about time you learn that, jerk.
sweetheartqueen214 on March 29, 2009
no, it's bollywood music. and bollywood is in mumbai which is in india
muh316 on April 12, 2009
First learn how to write then talk against PAKI people.
Lujayn Al on May 28, 2009
Love this song
dollyhari on August 06, 2009
due, seriouly...who cares if it's paki music or bollywood music. IT'S
MUSIC for god's sake
528048 on August 07, 2009
4get bout india pak war.. look @ arjun he looks so cool... luuvvv arjun..n dat grls hairstyle!!!!
ramish ZADE on August 12, 2009
is that girl not the ex of saif??
dollyhari on August 18, 2009
how old is arjun??
PrincessDividiana on September 07, 2009
who is the girl?nice song .
hassan sheraz on October 15, 2009
Love this Damm Song man..
salmagak420 on October 19, 2009
just love rjun the best of all so do salman khan
doaaxsaja on October 27, 2009
wow love him
jolixx93 on November 10, 2009
great song but the man's voice is too deep, they shouldve picked a younger person,,
cheemaokeree on December 12, 2009
Does he say behencho' several times in the beginning 20 seconds of the song?
philipe1008 on January 07, 2010
Yuva did dance to song lol
sincere809 on January 09, 2010
cool song!!!!!!!!!!
99problams on January 24, 2010
LOL it was danger stranger not behencho
fiveyeareclipse on February 14, 2010
Good actor. Can do more difficult roles and may get the fame if he chooses
the right movies
Ladyundertaker8 on February 14, 2010
he's soooooooooooooooo hotttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!! He looks really good
with long hair!!!!
Rana Habib on February 21, 2010
best song ever.
christophercy on March 26, 2010
is this meant to be funny?
iceangel1011 on March 30, 2010
did anyone see this movie? well its nice
Nikhil P. on April 19, 2010
@jolixx93 I think the Singer was Sukhwinder Siingh who is a highly famous
and talented singer :D But I could be wrong and the voice added as a plus
to the song :D
lastdropofpoison on June 04, 2010
@Rlitya its not paki music its Indian ..
Usama Khalid on June 07, 2010
coollllllllll song loking like me lolzzzzzzzz
Usama Khalid on June 07, 2010
@lolomgreallynoway it's sukhwinder singh
Nikhil P. on June 08, 2010
@usama10khalid Hey thanks :D lookin at this reply got me to hear this cool
song again so ty :)
dzgfdg on June 24, 2010
@lastdropofpoison its not indian either, its hindi
dzgfdg on June 24, 2010
@MADD0GATL i thought we were curries
JESSE75946 on June 25, 2010
Mama told me..not to talk to strangers lol!
Aninda Dhar on June 27, 2010
the beats of this song are heaven high...
TheKatGirl09 on July 31, 2010
Very cool Arjun Rampal is hir very Hot
MrRananasirali on November 09, 2010
Stranger is Danger.The Game of Death.Very Cool Arjun Rampal.You so Hot and Handsam
avnish00 on December 11, 2010
my all time favourtie song
Scorpya Cristina on December 29, 2010
So hot!!!! Damn:))
Raja Waqar Khalid on January 15, 2011
This song is mind blowingly fantastic...n da item giorl is burnin hot!
gihesha on February 05, 2011
i just looove arjun !!!!he is sooooo HOTT!!!!!!!!!!! the song is fantastic
1 of my favorites... i love arjun rampal sooooooo much.. and i love this
Audrey Coutinho on March 31, 2011
arjun...^_^ AMAZING song!
psychoabuse on May 22, 2011
I hope Arjun next movie also playing gangsta role coz it really suits
him..thx pappa..
Mizzrandomz11 on June 26, 2011
i love quran badshah he is everlasting he is my god may his wishes come true opposite or no opposite dont jinx it ...
sacredelit3 on August 05, 2011
check out that swag
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