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Comments on song "Dil Mera Churaya Kyun Jab Ye Dil Todna Hi Tha"
Farzana Naina on February 10, 2008
Just love this one, it's very nice.
Mohabbat3 on June 29, 2008
FABULOUS heart breaking song ever (:(:(:((:
fijianmc on July 12, 2008
y did u break my heart.. y did we fall in love.. why did u go away away away..dil mera churaya kyu.. jab yeh dil thorna hi tha.. humse dil lagaya kyun..humse moo morna hi thaa </3
ziarehman23 on August 13, 2008
Lovely songs express my heart's voice.
coolpieces on September 22, 2008
ya its good while it lasts..then its BAD...
divyanshimylove on September 25, 2008
so good song ..loved it ..
piyarinoorum on October 11, 2008
yeah its true..jb dil bherjata hai log raasta badal lete hain
Amee Shah on October 20, 2008
its such a true song...y did he go away...he was my lyf...v had lived evry
moment 2gether in lyf...n he says,he gettin bored of me...i no he loves me tym is nt wid us...
coolpieces on October 21, 2008
hey thats not true yaar.even boys break our hearts...
sweety3945 on November 22, 2008
prideonepal youre absolutely right, it does sound like Whams 'Last Christmas'
i was thinking the same thing,typical bollywood!!!
julnar2021 on December 13, 2008
manisha is gorgeuous..i love her
fsweeti on January 18, 2009
lol, nice song but the english part had me crackin up, especially with the
indian accent LOL
shortyrags on February 16, 2009
yeah it sounds a little like last christmas but they're actually pretty
Tamanna19 on March 08, 2009
I know lollzz did anu malik sing that ? hhaha and he thinks he rocks loll
anmali on March 26, 2009
I wonder people especially girls who wud die for these actors such as
shahrukh khan, hrithik roshan, etc. make FUN of their accent when they talk
in english.i would seriously like to know
gmdchanar on April 15, 2009
nice musice,specially these sentences #why did u break my heart# r heart
pashtana12 on April 30, 2009
Very touching and sweet
So true too for some ppl
Thamisz on May 02, 2009
Omg..I feeel the song..
sunny00765 on May 03, 2009
i love this song tis song is touching my heart and mind .i really really love this song
nomiemalik on May 06, 2009
ofcourse touching song but this song never apply that person who is dearest for someone special.
cherrychickacola on May 07, 2009
very true..d song itself describes wat ol questions cum to ur mind wen
sumbody's breaks ur hrt...buh d songs really beautiful..:)
ereuroracer on May 30, 2009
Nice song... I will let my GF hear that when shes not talking to me:))
zaranicegirl on June 01, 2009
i love ths song..ady i love you..
mana22172 on June 11, 2009
what a beautifull composition by ANU MALIK.
RoxyGirl Flowers on July 01, 2009
Why did u break my heart.. why did u fall in luv..!!!
LvDaMuzic on July 02, 2009
some where it sounds George Michael
Addy A on July 03, 2009
Its A Copy Of It
Addy A on July 03, 2009
angeo007 on July 25, 2009
last christmas i gave you my heart... by George Michael. when
would our music directors stop getting inspirations ;-)
ritikashan on August 06, 2009
This song is so painfull this song is ndadicate for my life shaan(ritika,ritu)
iamdead1974 on September 04, 2009
love hurts very badly especially when its deep, true love :((
Sudhanshu Rai on September 05, 2009
but its nice!!!!
Sudhanshu Rai on September 05, 2009
aankhon mein aansu chupe they kahin. :(
tzzar L on September 22, 2009
can anyone kinly temme da original song? the george michaels
coolpieces on September 24, 2009
its last christmas...
sairamesh on October 01, 2009
Golden voice of Kumar Sanu !!! so much of pain and emotions in his voice!!!
RoxyGirl Flowers on October 07, 2009
:-( Why did u break my heart lol...
4ya4ever on October 30, 2009
life is spoiled
rasush79 on November 15, 2009
last chrismas i gave you my heart...dil mera churaya kyu.
numbiskshits on November 20, 2009
Ah, the Nostalgia!
deep datta on December 12, 2009
anu malik is a copy cat
prancerz on February 10, 2010
@dnd611: TRUE but some of them have turned out pretty good too.
I still don't like his voice per say but some of my all time favz just happen to be his compositions :P
deep datta on February 11, 2010
i know dats sad cause the man has bit of talent like some songs from the
movie refugee. but i dont understand why does he steal tunes even from
Bangladeshis. may be he is klepto
vishalian1 on February 15, 2010
totally original song.. can't believe george michael copied this
vinky bharadwaj on March 23, 2010
i luv dis song
sumitaggarwal143 on April 16, 2010
very touching songs i want everybody to feel it
JESSELOVERful on April 27, 2010
nice n sad i love it 4 my bf Ryan wilson
Vijaya Raghava on May 15, 2010
@coolpieces excuse me i never saw that..
lalityaadav on May 16, 2010
really yar .love hurts..more than anything else.but still dis heart loves the same person who broke your heart..why???????
tjohn1986 on July 15, 2010
ppl stop crying on youtube
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