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Comments on song "Dil Ne Tum Ko Chun Liya Hai, Tum Bhee Usako Chuno Na"
shalini123456 on March 10, 2007
my favvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv song
swaayam on March 23, 2007
Woah...dint expect this song to be on youtube...!
man, this song is mah fav...thx for uploading it on youtube!
conferenceasain on March 26, 2007
this is from hk . i have been looking 4 this song 4 awhile . its an most romantic song from melodious singer . i just love your voice SHAAN .n U deserve the filmfare AWARDS this year with CHAND SIFARISH .. HOPE 2 hear more from U . all the best
MaaNey on April 15, 2007
FINALLLLLLLy On Youtube..Appreciated!
Negin on May 22, 2007
oomggg..!! this is soo cute!!
sweetnikki45 on June 10, 2007
this boy is very cute and innocent
komallakho on June 13, 2007
Dil ye mera tum se kuch keh raha hai suno naaaa.GOSH I luvv this song!!!!!!
aurzoo on June 15, 2007
beautifull itttttt
Saurabh Arora on June 18, 2007
frm jhankar beats is mentioned
robbiekasturiforev8 on June 27, 2007
what movie's this from?? im confused.
Annie4waj on July 07, 2007
Dil yea mera abhi kutch nahi kah raha hai, but 4 now im loving the song a
Rakesh Nayak on July 19, 2007
shaan sung it very well!!!
kavkmr on July 31, 2007
Lovely song gung by Shaan. Wonderful background music & nice kiss of Riya
priyaina on August 10, 2007
i luv this song..omg...wat a wonderful lyrics..
navmak84 on September 25, 2007
This is an amazing song!! I remember I used to be obsessed with this
song..shaan rocks...unfortunately the video is bad and could've been wayyyy
rishani7 on September 28, 2007
OMG!!!Ilove this song!!! thanks!!!
Sonali Vij on October 07, 2007
gr8 song!!!!!!!!!!!!
richastar24 on October 28, 2007
i love this song and the guy tooo
indy1405 on November 24, 2007
wths the name of the man??he look sweet
Kingofdaring on December 01, 2007
great song and Riya sen oh my days!!!!!!!! Marry me pls pls pls i dnt care
abt ur google video jus say yes
pandyamuks on December 03, 2007
No I asked her first at the Bandstand, Bandra... She is mine :) Shes so
sweet and gorgeous
johnbatta on December 05, 2007
this song is very close to my heart.
brings back all the memories
soujc on December 17, 2007
its killing its beautiful n more over its make me back to the most
beautiful as well as most painful world thats called the "LOVE". the song
which will one day make me do some thing extaordinary..."afra" for ak
anuja456 on December 20, 2007
hey i am love in this song..its too sweet dedicated to my rudra..bestest song
ashkap39 on December 25, 2007
his name is shayan munshi and he is married to x-mtv vj piya chaudhary..
account302 on December 26, 2007
Saurabh Arora on December 26, 2007
"trechcrunch" this on google
zarauausx on January 02, 2008
u need to download a software named "Orbit Downloader"
preciousriya on January 04, 2008
i completly agree wid u!!!dis song is one of da bestest song of all times...a delight to watch n truly..u will fall in love wid with evrtime u hear it..simply too nice
Amit Kumar on January 26, 2008
hey whois ur miss perfect!
shanawarabbas on January 29, 2008
i cannt explain my feelings after listening this song,,it touches the
bottom of my heart
andomai on January 29, 2008
This song also touches mthe bottom of my heart. It is honestly giving me a realization of the girl whom I love. It everytime sparks the memory of the girl I love. However, I am not sure if I love her or not. mah. :-(
rovino52 on February 20, 2008
Ishmit sung this song and don't felt any different than Shan. Great singing.I think better than original.
nadiarafiq123 on February 28, 2008
damn..this is areally touching n sweet song

the best song for lovers..//
Saurabh Arora on March 07, 2008
public can demand their most lovin song,i vl try to upload for them
Nahyacita on March 09, 2008
can someone please translate the song? :) i loved the movie, it was so funny lol
xoShanixo on March 17, 2008
what is the name of this movie..was it a hindi film? Cause it looks like
the movie Kya Yehi Pyaar Hai
IshyaShah on March 18, 2008
it's the movie jhankaar beats
ravini87 on April 21, 2008
fabulous mind blowing song
jhangir77 on April 24, 2008
can't stop listening!! great!! LOVE IT!!
sahel moska on April 26, 2008
ohhh how romantic! Both are so cute.
dashingraz on May 14, 2008
Actually thtz a luv long>>>>
fruity2008 on May 16, 2008
my heart beats faster when i hear this song :P love it love it!!
uaebabe19 on May 17, 2008
dil ne tumko chonliya hai
tum bee uskou chonounaa
kaab koi dekta hai
tumbee sapnei bonounaa..
dil yeh mera tumse kuch kehrahaa hai sono naa
uaebabe19 on May 17, 2008
If im not wrong i think da one who sings it is Shaan :) 5 stars
Nostradamus D on June 05, 2008
great song, must've heard it again & again over a million times...a
classic, timeless
Czer Bilal on June 20, 2008
movie ant good buh song is awesome..
innocentme08 on June 21, 2008
wow what an amazing love romantic...and sweet!
mikek99999 on June 21, 2008
Can any1 let me know who is the actor in this song. Thanks
peligrosity on June 23, 2008
Shayan Munshi
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