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Comments on song "Dil To Hai Dil Dil Kaa Aitabaar Kya Kijai"
alakanandaa on July 08, 2008
what a lovely song!! brings back great memories. superb movie. to all those who made this movie possible, you are the BEST!! THANKS A TON FOR UPLOADING THIS.
ananya7ananya on August 23, 2008
122000304 on September 11, 2008
WOW they don't write songs like this anymore
quickfixyz on September 19, 2008
who wrote the lyrics for song...anyone knows
SHANKOREA on November 04, 2008
what a lovely song!! brings back great memories. super movie. to all those
who made this movie possible, you are the BEST!! THANKS A TON FOR UPLOADING
yaniv191983 on December 12, 2008
whats all the extra sounds ? this ain't original is it ?!?
yaniv191983 on December 12, 2008
i was right, The original is here :

stargate669 on January 12, 2009
George Bush wrote the lyrics for the song after a good curry
tahira2003 on January 15, 2009
now a days songs are no where near nice as they were at that time. LOVE
this song like hell:)
patanpatel on January 25, 2009
this is for cq79 enjoy it man dont try to be smart nobody want to compare with anyone be cool and enjoy if you have original put on youtube everybody will enjoy and i will be the first to put good coment
Bibi Khan on February 06, 2009
Dil to hai dil ...sweet song
rahilanaz on February 12, 2009
lajuwab song ..great Memories ..dil ko chone wala super song ...
naqiiiii on February 24, 2009
all bengali girls very beautiful...including rakhee
jok3ronloose on March 03, 2009
awarni on March 03, 2009
sukria ap ne mere liye aj jeh geet gaea jaana jaana. miss u a lot
angel4life215 on March 27, 2009
very nice song...thankz 4 uploading...
Upkar Saimbi on April 02, 2009
yes it is - in one of his most critically acclaimed hit films...
qamber1984 on April 04, 2009
yes it was a very hit song. when i was 3
sanny kim on April 10, 2009
i like this song ...
Mizzwildcherry102 on April 14, 2009
y can't hey have songs like dis no more.. dis is nuttin but a
abf16 on May 02, 2009
I totally agree wid ya.. these are the kinda songs u'll never get bored of
listening.. =D
fonzi0was0cool on May 02, 2009
wow !! what a magical song..
rohancu2 on May 07, 2009
beautiful songgg, you dont see much of the young gen. liking songs like
this. im glad im not one of them
watswidu on May 18, 2009
hmm..i just heard an old song..and wanna listen more of the
old..songs...warna.mnein bhi un mein sey hi hoon.aaj kal ki gen...
ananya7ananya on May 19, 2009
one of da bestttttttttttttttttt songs!!!
jamalakbar2008 on June 08, 2009
One of the best y always girls leave alone...? if they have family commitments then y they promised...
dragonse73 on June 17, 2009
sattydelhi on June 20, 2009
What a music, what a singing, i think our music has gone down in terms of
quality over the years..
chutneyboys on July 04, 2009
unforturnaley it will never be this good again.beautiful!!!!!!
vijay mk on July 04, 2009
wow what a voice of lata . never listen in life before. lata is evergreen
till she die.will we evergreen forever
sanh2o on July 10, 2009
these are the depths and heights of emotions that only Lata Mageshkar's
voice can take us to
Sony7tv on July 12, 2009
nice music
gr van mee hoi i iiiii
thinkRightnFree on July 13, 2009
This is called Indian melody.
This can only be appreciated by
ppl having good values,heart and mind.

When i was kid i liked pops, never liked
these songs.Now i m in my 30s and understand what the melody is.
darknite2510 on July 25, 2009
lolololol.agreed, but its the songs of this generation. im 21n ill always love the oldies but i dont mind sum of the new stuffs. i say take the best of both generations n enjoy.!!!!
TSTE79 on July 25, 2009
this is beautiful
Nikita D'costa on August 17, 2009
Lag ja gale
b2008778 on August 25, 2009
hahaha, poor you, it took you 30 years...
relaxedfromcore on August 26, 2009
the song is lag ja galese phir yeh haseen raat ho na ho.. shayad fir is
janam mein mulaqat ho na ho.
Rajeev Ranjan on September 04, 2009
wht is dis jhing jhing jhing bludy sum1 destryd d beautiful song
shineyemraan on September 17, 2009
love the song, can hear it even today many times
nikhatani on September 27, 2009
watched this movie again on saturday on TV...still my favorite...
johnsandrabaitali on September 30, 2009
My Favourite. Thanks Yuan jie.
MrDhamaal on October 01, 2009
After listening carefully I just can't stand Zhankar beats
shineyemraan on October 13, 2009
wow lov this song and it's so magical
shineyemraan on October 14, 2009
this song has such an impact on me
if i hear it once i wanna keep hearing
magical singing by lata and lov the picturisation and music
davina thondrayen on October 24, 2009
kya gana hai yaar.i love it
symplgal143 on October 26, 2009
i agree with you wicked song init
jhimi lama on November 14, 2009
beautiful song
morogoro100 on November 27, 2009
just speechless.gr8 song
jagotusk on November 29, 2009
what a voice..stunning
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