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Comments on song "Divaana Mujsha Nahee, Iss Amber Ke Niche"
mady on March 17, 2007
Lovely song and video. Asha has deadly eyes. They make a good pair.
laxmibhsl on March 24, 2007
killer eyes.. :P
AawarA on April 06, 2007
Wah Shammi has its own class
deep388 on May 14, 2007
such a lovely song, and so sad that that "zamana" has long gone now...We can never get it back!
Xxcoolgal010xX on June 01, 2007
dis film is so good and has great somgs in the film
bubblykittypuppy on June 22, 2007
who says u need light eye colour to have deadly eyes look at our dark brown
eyed beauties nothing beats dark eyes
kyheang on July 03, 2007
ooih! syuuuk nya.masatu aku dok kat kupang. naik sikal pi tengok wayang. takdak duit kongsi duduk dua orang satu krusi. Devana! devana!
imranwzd on July 08, 2007
Whilst watching this wonderful song of Rafi Sahab I do notice this fact very vividly that even the great personality can necessarily effects or imparts its greatness on its sibling. Being a son of a legendary artist Prithvi Raj Kapoor as well Shammi do lacks many of the traits of his great father like expressions, good composure and control on his dialogues delivery. But any how great gem of Rafi Sahab and I appreciate its poster immensely.
alemoh on July 13, 2007
It is sad when people look to criticize, to make themselves feel better
about themself. This is a great song with great actors.
hassiii on July 23, 2007
You find me an actor in bollywood today who can come infront of the camara
all sweaty and with a hair style like the bride of frankenstein and still
pull of such extraordinary acting and expressions much like Shammi
Kapoor... Impossible
gpnema on August 12, 2007
She is the Greeeeaaaateshshsh in bollywood.See for youdelf
deep388 on October 25, 2007
lol, whoever said Asha Parekh has a big rear end was right!!! lol, hehehe...
coolchap89 on November 02, 2007
RAfi se behter kya???
The king of Indian playback singing. I am proud of you.
Divine25Sun on December 17, 2007
Reminds me of the nostalgic 1960s. I always carry '60s with me; I have not grown up. Rafi Saab - there can never be another Rafi Saab.
Rafi singing for Shammi as in so many movies.
UsherRed on December 30, 2007
Asha Parekh is such a legend. She is such an amazing dancer and actress. In addition to that, she has the most beautiful eyes, along with Hema Malini. Good song! Great upload:)
sanat kumar on January 05, 2008
song n asha s fantastic rear turns me on
hvpmadhi on February 23, 2008
1965 Highschool life,one of my best song,shammi kapoor and rafi like raj kapoor and mukesh,so many songs so many life happy.
pundadah on March 22, 2008
psingh99 on March 29, 2008
Not even from my generation, but I grew up listening to it because my parents love it...and now, I do too!!! such a classic!! thank you posting it.
aly7500 on April 01, 2008
asha parekh

if any person men or ladies like to see the most beauitful lady in the unvirse please look to asha parekh
aly7500 on April 02, 2008
asha parekh

as long as i look to you my eyes never comes down and never want even to sleep wants to be open for everlasting so not to loose a second of looking to the most beauifuil lady an eye can see

are u from the pinapple society are u from the apple society are u from the strawberry society
aly7500 on April 02, 2008
asha parekh

as long as i look to you my eyes never comes down and never want even to sleep wants to be open for everlasting so not to loose a second of looking to the most beauifuil lady an eye can see

are u from the pinapple society are u from the apple society are u from the strawberry society
dragon on April 03, 2008
Such a fantastic song!
Noon50 on April 06, 2008
Original Indian songs have built sweet memorial impulse into so many hearts
during teenage-period in Sudan four decades ago. There were considerable
numbers of Indian workers in Ginaid Sugar Factory, and lot of Indian
merchants in Sudan that time. I can well remember that time my friends and
I nicknamed some of our sweethearts by names like Asha Parikh,
Vejentimalla, Momtaz and others.
faizhakim on April 08, 2008
Lovely sentiments. It reflects well upon the magnanimous spirit of the
people of Sudan. Indian Cinema when done right have a way of building
relations that span cultures, religions and geography because they appeal
to the good side of humans. I married someone from East Europe and the
story there is the same.
Noon50 on April 09, 2008
Thanks Faiz Hakim (فايز حكيم) for the enlightenment. I noticed that you
have nothing in ur channel. When will you build it? To do so choose only a
narrow theme (niche) for the channel to be attractive!
heroniotimi on June 02, 2008
great song.. rd and rafi saab is magical form.. and this song i based on
the tune of a nepali song..
ranvirdeb on June 12, 2008
Wow! I love this song..and always will..
nasayiv on August 09, 2008
Talking about crossing borders... well, I can guarantee you that such evergreen songs are entranched deep in our hearts in Malaysia too.
Ben Abi-Aden on September 16, 2008
Those were the days my friends
kamscall on September 17, 2008
der is no form dis was rd burmans first film he did by himself
heroniotimi on September 18, 2008
rd magic here.. and yes this song is inspired by a romantic nepalese song:
ae kahnchha ma lai sun ko tara. both asha bhosle and shammi kapoor
confirmed this in their interviews..
kamscall on September 19, 2008
oops wrng info dis was his first film he got noticed for. he did couple
ohers before it
udayangrover on October 06, 2008
And of course only the inimitable Shammi Kapoor could pull it off with such ease and one quite wooed a woman on screen as he did...
deep388 on October 06, 2008
I agree!! (well, except maybe Dev Anand...but none of the actors in his days was as charmingly delightful as he was!!) And boi does Asha Parekh look excessively cute here, with her gleaming dark brown eyes, long perfect (never out of place) black ebony hair, and girlish humour...Both are such charming actors!!
deep388 on October 16, 2008
Same for all of us diasporic indians, whether it be Malaysia, or South Africa, or the Carribean...Me personally being of Indo-Fijian descent, my grandparents were so full of shock and in the same delight in re-watching this song I showed them here...brought back the memories of their days listening to all of this in their youth back home in Fiji, and particulary when they were newly wedded...
jazzman1100 on October 23, 2008
you r right heroni!!! exactly sounds like 'aa kancha'.
Rafisaabsfan on October 27, 2008
Rafi sahab's amazing and unmatched vocals is wht makes this and countless others he sang, into hits!!
Ravs023 on November 08, 2008
He's like the Indian Elvis. Hehe
kchopra4080 on December 06, 2008
You can't be more right! All these actors owe a huge part of their personal
success to Rafi's golden voice whose songs enhanced their acting abilities
many folds, in fact in some cases, masked their acting limitations. I am
sure a great many would even admit so. Kanwal
Ulhas Dabholkar on December 07, 2008
you r true. Behind every hit old picture and actor and actress there is
mind blowing songs, words and music. Credit goes to lyrics, singer and
music directors. Old is Gold.
inappro on December 11, 2008
one of the all-time favs of mine :) Just too good to express in words!!!!
RIP Rafi Saa'b...And of course shammi's magical 'gardan ke jhatke'...
rodungp on December 28, 2008
This song is copied from an old Nepali song "Eh Kancha" by Aruna Lama.
byoh11 on January 06, 2009
great song with great song I thank the song writer and the musicians. I
have enjoyed listening the songs so much.
byoh11 on January 06, 2009
I thank shmi kapur and the pretty girl. I love you all Bjak from Toronto.
aslam123m on January 14, 2009
truely maserpiece nothing like it hats off to rafi ji i also wanna thank
shammi kapoor for choosing rafi ji bause of him we got hear lots of rafi
ji's song may allha bless them all
KMPH on March 07, 2009
Love this song. thanks for uploading. Shammi and asha - perfect couple
themysticknight on April 30, 2009
This song is beautiful, I really enjoy the old classics =)
Wampertful on May 04, 2009
this is very romantic song i ever seen
passionableguy14 on May 28, 2009
the problem is people have misconception that all white people r evil. i am a white dude with green eyes just as the guy who is in this video. majority of green/blue/hazel/brown eyed dudes r verrrrry nice people, but majority of blue eyed people r evil no matter if u r white or black or brown or wheatish. its natural.
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