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Comments on song "Divana Mai Tera Divana, Divana Dil Hua Divana"
AznSlick786 on December 09, 2008
brings back memories. thanks
DrDhakna on December 26, 2008
Is there any one more lovely than Sonali in the whole planet ???
jasim002 on February 03, 2009
in love this song..
Jonatan Amir on February 12, 2009
ENGLISH BABU DESI MEM Movie Songs Lyrics Deewana Main Tera Deewana Lyrics
Hindi Song Title: Deewana Main Tera Deewana : ENGLISH BABU DESI MEM
Zaara1344 on February 19, 2009
Yes me lol jk
bsbs1986 on March 12, 2009
joggers park bandra...hnmmm...missing bombay .!! amazing they got
flags in joggers park for no reason, wasnt park beautifull enough!?
Jhusveen Seewoonarain on March 18, 2009
I think am addicted to this song thats the 5th time am watching
it.. Can't really help myself this song is awesome!!!!!!
brklyngurl4u on March 25, 2009
i soo love this song..old movie songs were the best..
zuckermaus1983 on April 14, 2009
super 5 stars
zuckermaus1983 on April 14, 2009
it is simply brilliant make oneself further if 5 stars
Naturegirllisa on May 03, 2009
Lol Zaara 1344 ur funny, but i like ur style ;)
lalpari2007 on August 10, 2009
nice voice of kumar sanu, wow
Honey Abhaypal on August 15, 2009
nice video..
Honey Abhaypal on August 15, 2009
beautiful ,charming video and music is also best.
ganda696 on August 18, 2009
omg i love this song, childhood memories
mailtobee on September 28, 2009
loads loads n loads of thanx
mailtobee on September 28, 2009
no... she's the best
kowaara on September 30, 2009
sonali is sweet...i think she has to make movies again...maybe one with srk
kukky90 on October 10, 2009
very nice song & sonali is always cute!!!!
kukky90 on October 10, 2009
very nice song & sonali is always cute!
ch33t44h on October 14, 2009
One Of The FiNesT BollyWood Song Ever
Other than King Kumar CudNt B better than this
Cult ClaSSiC KKS . Will Rule 4Eva
Enryu on October 31, 2009
this was one of my favourite films growing up lol
03007053879 on December 14, 2009
very nice and romantic song.
perll on February 27, 2010
i love the song since i heard it. Thanks for upload!
imran4ft on April 08, 2010
@DrDhakna yes but now she is died guess?????
rishigc on April 16, 2010
one of my faves... thanks for uploading it..
theeladeejj on May 03, 2010
wow sonali she is so purty n india clothes
burhanur on May 20, 2010
I loved my childhood, its the best part in life!
SulltaniNr1 on June 04, 2010
ihr seit seisse ok auser rahul
GCMS2010 on July 04, 2010
kumar sanu in his best form during the whole song...
azr786 on July 19, 2010
@DrDhakna yeah! we call em aishwariya & sushmita
icanshoot06 on July 27, 2010
@DrDhakna so beautiful.. her smile lol <3
TigerRW86 on December 01, 2010
my new favorite song!
zabi ulla on December 31, 2010
kumar shanu ki kya baat hai..
Princess1074 on January 22, 2011
i love this song soo muchhhh .. and i always believed greatly in love.. now faclooking back at this song, brings a smile to my face ! :)
Kat Ra on January 27, 2011
Sigh SHAHRUKH I Can Live With The mustache! <3
fiveyeareclipse on February 17, 2011
@DrDhakna Madhubala ?
fahimu01 on February 20, 2011
No sonali is uncomparable..she is my dream girl... and this is my dream
song tanks
iitcalling2010 on April 19, 2011
romantic song except shahrukh khan
Anil Mehta on June 06, 2011
one of my most favourite.
Khosay Sha on July 04, 2011
i loveeee this song , i dont think i will ever get sick of it...
bananabonbon on July 07, 2011
its a pitty that sonali dont make so much movies anymore :(( i love her!!
she is a so talented dancer, as well you can in this movie!
BLueBiirdx3 on July 16, 2011
i really liked this movie. <3
calvinrulez on October 30, 2011
Top song. But makes me sad...
106mohsin on December 14, 2011 ge mujhe kya sanam Tu rakh le.meri laaj aur
jemimakhan69 on March 17, 2012
God I'm getting goosebumps from this. Reminds me of my childhood! I was so in love with that woman in this film
sunderkashmiri on March 28, 2012
AllyLuvr on April 11, 2012
wow great songggggggggg love itttttttttttt
AllyLuvr on April 11, 2012
nice song everrrrrrrrrrr of all timesssssssss
jack hill on May 09, 2012
i remember this movie just bcoz of this song..i rememer when i was young
aroung 15 ,i use to listen with my BIG brother...Miss those i
listen alone as being far from home...BRAzil...
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