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Comments on song "Ek Ladki Bhigi Bhagi Si"
sairamesh on January 13, 2007
Nice song!!! Kumar Sanu's verison is also up to the level of Kishore!!!!
amir iqbal on April 27, 2007
not bad , kumar sanu has done a good job but obviously no comparison
samadbaksh on June 28, 2007
he copies kishore so well! unbelievable.
Desikan Nambakkam on July 24, 2007
shown as kumar sanu & kishore. But Kumar Sanu was perhaps was not born at
the time this movie and song was done leave alone doing it.
chittyhk on December 14, 2007
gola raaj?? why do you label it kumar saanu and kishore kumar?? trying to link a bald head with the knees??

connecting these two body parts is as impossible to connect as Sannu and kishoredaa.

you just want to take everybody for a spin?? is that y yr id is golaa raaj?? heh heh
j44nu on January 17, 2008
shudnt b allowed
loik345 on March 18, 2008
wats the name of this movie?
Sarita Sunwar on March 19, 2008
Chalti ka naam gadi
greenleaf81 on April 28, 2008
sala sahi mai Gangu teli (urf Batuk Maharaj) is singing along, spoiling the
song, atleast he should say that in the title of the video.
MaliniH on May 14, 2008
Hey thats fake its not Kishores Voice its Kumar Sanu dame.
madhavimithu on June 19, 2008
search on "ek ladaki bheegi" and you will get some videos, the second one
by Ajit45555 is the genuine one
Vipul Dwivedi on July 19, 2008
Abe E Gole Tu ees faltoo gaane ko utube se hataa de.
xum700 on October 09, 2008
is that kumaar shanu ? He is a good singer...but not when he is singing old songs sung by Kishor da.
BRITISHALQAIDA on January 27, 2009
it sounds like kishore kumar is so fat n he is singing this song. kumar sanu plz dont think even for a sec that u sound or sing like the legend kk.
kangal1999 on February 11, 2009
This is sung by Kumar Sanu. Who sings through his nose.
surinder50 on February 13, 2009
you are wrong about him singing through the nose. He does not sing at all.
SHAHRUKHKHANKISS on February 26, 2009
MrGar5 on May 18, 2009
wel..KUMARSANU himslf z a big fan of KISHORE KUMAR..its jus a tribute n he z succesful in keepin alive d mood of d song although he too knows very vel no singer can b compared to KISHORE DA.. a nice attempt
pionyt on June 12, 2009
My God ... Kumar Sanu, you are HORRIBLE :)
venky230983 on July 07, 2009
timeless classic.. thanks for uploading...!!! :D
inds7 on July 07, 2009
This is not kishore Kumar's Voice
Abhishek Sabajkar on July 21, 2009
This is not the original Kishore song...Sounds crappy compared to it.
sammytosammy on July 26, 2009
so-ti ra-ton-me jaa-gi-si :( :(( :(((
you are hereby charged guilty of murder of this song.
davidaud777 on August 07, 2009
not original.should have put original
shettymv on August 08, 2009
Dont spoil the original, please!!!
dragonbane44 on November 18, 2009
and i wondered why this song sounded different..
AlAlvares1 on December 01, 2009
faltu faltu bakwas song kishore da kitna aacha gaate the.
dhruv494 on December 11, 2009
.thanks for ruining one of the best songs ever
ezhavapanicker on December 28, 2009
no offence but can u plz remove dis song and load the original one coz this
is just it
Manzurul Hassan on January 18, 2010
This is an insult to kishor kumar.
Manzurul Hassan on January 18, 2010
golaraj Please please please remove this video with respect to kishor
kumar. Thankyou.
vindMera on March 07, 2010
Wow. This almost as good as the orginal done by KK
Coolieboi252 on March 13, 2010
old memories.kishore kumar was surly the best!!
adidasleo1 on March 17, 2010
@Coolieboi252 i wanna correct you ..
He is the best
NaamTera0 on April 26, 2010
omgz stolen from Nirvana via tiem machine!
miligenie on May 05, 2010
Kishor is the best.. I love this...
TheGreatidea123 on June 04, 2010
Yes is not ..not Kishore voice
Robby N on July 27, 2010
Kumar Shanu is Fine , but do not compare with great Kishore . Original
remains Original. Point.
cobacana on August 22, 2010
Awesome !!! please can you tell me what film is this song from . very nice ...
Mohit Jha on September 06, 2010
This voice is definitely not of Kishore Kumar, who is singing, pls do not
pass it as Kishore Kumar.
lovingearth123 on September 08, 2010
Whatever the level of match of Sanu-da's voice to K.K. watch the original video with the singing of Kishore. That is more soulful & pure & more appealing..
halua khan on October 11, 2010
kumar sanu is just like scar and kishore like simba...i m talking
about lion king
greatdanegreatdane on February 26, 2011
wonderful original song messed up the a duplicate singer
Ashfaq777able on March 07, 2011
Kishore sung much better then Kumar sanu
Ankita anks on April 07, 2011
still it rocks, a romactic song of that time and still rules now...
100riddhipatel on April 12, 2011
love this song
TheSomnathchatterjee on April 14, 2011
yes up loaders please upload original songs
dsachan1 on May 31, 2011
Why does Kumar Sanu even agree to sing Kishore Kumar's song? He just can't.
It's like insulting beautiful music.
eddyisno2 on June 01, 2011
I always tell ppl that the song Uptown girl of John Travolta from movie
Grease is inspired by Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhagi si!!!And i know its right!!!!
Samir Khan on July 01, 2011
Superb song...Nice video... Madhoo bala at her best... love it...
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