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Comments on song "Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai, Maujo Ki Ravani Hai, Zindagi Aur Kuch Bhi Nahi"
double7007 on October 23, 2006
this isnt from nav jeevan its from shor
sonuvideos on November 06, 2006
shor with MANOJ KUMAR?
trinihem on April 18, 2007
Shor "noise" great movie, old memories.1985 in Trinidad on a Sunday,saw this movie ,cried like a baby.
Shraddhanjali on April 22, 2007
This movie was absolutely great! I had really cried while watching this. So
sillykhan on May 05, 2007
Yek Piyar ka Naghma hai Mawjho ke rawani hai Zindage ourr Kuch bahi nahai tere mere kahani hai Yek piyar ka naghma hai .what agreat song ... i love this song... Miss You :(
kesava on May 18, 2007
The color "Blue" goes on and off on the neon sign in the background, but
its Red that is on and off in the foreground. :)
jee2b on June 05, 2007
wow, rubyslippez, that gives me dreamt of this song without understanding the words or the movie...past life association maybe? :)
rubyslippez on June 06, 2007
Don't know yet, not really clued up on 'past lives' however some kind of link? - Maybe. Funnily enough I was searching for another song from the film 'Milan' which I woke up humming on Sunday morning just gone. Saw this song in the listings and it brought everything back.
Deepak Kapoor on June 07, 2007
Teri meri kahani hein...
susanmendis on June 14, 2007
this song makes me cry...
Mahmood Ashraf on June 19, 2007
aww how emotional can life get and i cant get the dvd to this as well
sooooo bad
babulg on July 17, 2007
Thought provoking and soothing. Seems like i could never out grow the
abmodak on July 18, 2007
This is such an awesome song!!! when i heard this song for the first time,
it brought tears to my eyes! Thanks for posting this song!!
Jay star on July 22, 2007
it made me cry :-(
Jay star on July 22, 2007
jivan ka matlab to ana or jana hai do pal ke jevan se, ek umre churaney
aamir neha on September 06, 2007
yeh ghana zindagi me subsay acha aur soulful music tha! May be violin baja
te hoon aur yeh ghana mene apne mom keh leye bajaya tha! Wonderful
anand gupta on September 15, 2007
what a song..v v nice
KAUSIK NIYOGI on September 23, 2007
Once again the Prima dona Lata Mangesker touched the heart with her
melodious voice. the song is one of the honiest ones.
kasim11kl on September 30, 2007
amazing!! brings back so many memories.

thanks for this mate.
eddieuncle on October 19, 2007
Hi Guys The song is from the movie "Shor" ...but the actress is Nanda who
never acted in that movie. Could this be dubbed or re-done as a new mix? I
am curious. If I am wrong, i'll have to go and find the movie and see it
again..i saw it in the early 70's
aamir neha on October 27, 2007
no, i'm sorry but i figured them out on my's not that hard, i can
give you the notes as i play them if i can remember :). good luck to your
sri13mails on November 11, 2007
Surprisingly, a lot of people do not know this movie. Nanda was a part of
this movie and she played the role of Shankar [Manoj Kumar]'s wife. This
greatest ever song, composed by greatest music directors, was dedicated by
both of them to each other.
kesmin212 on November 14, 2007
2 right! iv jus signed up and you couldnt be more true.
anupam goel on November 23, 2007
hi dear, u r definitely wrong, rather it's just a memory fade. It is Nanda,
who played the role of Manoj kumar's wife, and died in the second reel of
the moovie. Main heroine was Jaya bhaduri in later part of moovie.
eddieuncle on November 27, 2007
Here's what i learnt from the other posting of the same clip... It is
Nanda, who played the role of Manoj Kumar's wife, and died in the second
reel of the movie. Main heroine was Jaya Bhaduri in later part of movie.
Anyone else have anything more to add to it
swati King on December 01, 2007
wah nice song old is gold
Froghkarim on December 02, 2007
Lovely song. Indian old songs r really nice. I like them..
lancet565 on December 10, 2007
This song is immortal,,I remember the time I udes to play the instrumental version of this in my central London restaurant,and the English customers all requested whre they could get the CD from.Its so good it transcends all language barriers.
SOULREAVER on December 13, 2007
This Song makes me Cry :')
bablamehtal on December 21, 2007
when I asked a stone that, have you ever cried he/she said once in my life time, it is a song that will make even a stone!! cry
Matloob Alvi on January 02, 2008
lost in song , very good
Sanga17 on January 26, 2008
Zeer mooi!!!!1 wel oud maar mooi.
machinic on February 04, 2008
the song is so refreshing.
MOHAMMAD QADEER on February 06, 2008
one of my favorite song...
Romesh Khardori on February 08, 2008
Words crafted by tactician that tug strings of one's heart. Music that up
lifts and transports one to higher plane and voices that simply mesmerize
an0khi on February 21, 2008
ik pyaar ka nagma heh maujo ki ravani heh zindaghi aur kuch bhi naheen teri meri kahani heh...JimmyO:-)
dollinragoo2 on March 14, 2008
this was my daughter's comfort song when she was a baby and now she is 36 yrs old and this song still pulls at the heartstrings with beautiful memories of her as a child. beautiful song.
tennis7657 on March 16, 2008
My father says this is our father-son song. It's meaning is that we depend on each other. This is a great song.
azee81 on March 16, 2008
My mother used to sing this song when we were kids I still remember those words from my mother..I just recall this song..
azee81 on March 16, 2008
My mother used to sing this song when we were kids I still remember those words from my mother..I just recall this song..
Froghkarim on March 18, 2008
I love this song.I love its meaning too.So real and lovely.
nightekreature on March 28, 2008
God Bless yu OvenHeart :-).. This is wat i call a song... Thx for
uploading !!
bengalibeautii on April 18, 2008
itasneem on April 21, 2008
My heartest fav song, so cool and gives a soothing effect. really love it.
sitarebalbali on April 23, 2008
this song is so lovely and beautiful that its hurting and u wanna cry.
thank u very much for posting this legend of a song.
chandnee on April 28, 2008
do pak ke jeewan se --- ek umr churaani hai !
chandnee on May 01, 2008
Is this mirror effect original? or just in this video?
BurNinGsDeSirEsBD on May 16, 2008
DiZ sOng Iz SuperB!! One Of my very favOrite...
agentzero1 on May 17, 2008
love the violin and of course the song too.
Ho La LA BaBy on May 20, 2008
oh my god i love this song so much. thanks so much mari jan.
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