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Comments on song "Ek Savaal Main Karu, Ek Savaal Tum Karo"
rockkk1984 on May 06, 2008
hey khupach bore gaana aahey
Nisha Sachdeva on May 17, 2008
Beautiful song with beautiful lyrics picturized on a beautiful couple.
Mala kadar on May 17, 2008
The south Indian actresses like Saroja devi, Padmini, Vyjayanthi dominated
the earlyHindi screen because they were very talented women- classcial
dancing as well as their acting prowess. thanks!
rk10101 on July 30, 2008
Lovely song!
Mahesh Mehta on August 06, 2008
People should not use foul language on this platform.Every body has
different opinion.We are lucky to hear and see such beautiful oldies
sitting in the home and by just clicking the mouce. ENJOY!!! Mahesh.
mazhar khan on September 18, 2008
another memorable song of ceylone those days was fully loaded
with sasural songs n advertisements.most popular song was teri pyari pyari
soorat ko
Calidoulove on October 20, 2008
love this song, beautiful is sarojdevi still alive? she looks so much la vyjayantimala
MZHH on October 23, 2008
Hiya, yes they are sisters. I dont know if she is still alive. Am too sure
but if she is not. thanks
dharma somashekar on March 12, 2009
she is very much alive and lives in Bangalore,,, and had been given the
dharma somashekar on March 12, 2009
they r not sisters ,,... vijayanti and BSaroja devi
Calidoulove on March 19, 2009
thank you brainlaudry for the info. She has kids??
rk10101 on April 21, 2009
Yes dear, but some foolish hardcore regionally biased guys surf through
hindi songs and make foolish remarks in foul language due to dearth of
proper vocabulary; and then need to be answeerd in the same, to make their
filthy minds understand.
rk10101 on April 21, 2009
This is a sickness of 60s and 70s in which w/o knowing truth people used to
spread the brothers and sisters relationship among 2 actors or 2 actresses!
Vyjayantimala and B Sarojadevi were TOTALLY UNRELATED!
cyphored on June 14, 2009
rockkk1984, get a life a life, you filthy guttersnipe! Don't come here and browse old hindi songs and make obscene comments. We adore these classics and are proud of them. So, we don't give a fart about your nucklehead remarks.
abdul waheed on December 26, 2009
Good song. Who is lady singer with Muhammad rafi. Can sombody tell please???
salil dixit on February 24, 2010
lata mangeshkar
deepasahni on June 11, 2010
"Sasural" is remake for a Telugu Suept hit fil m" illarikam(1958)...Jamuna and ANR acted in Telugu movie.Actually Jamuna supposed to be acted in this with Rajendra kumar, but some how B. Saroja Devi got the chance. Very nice movie.
Khalid Hussain on July 17, 2010
What a gracefull acting, modest and descent yet ,sensual.
aceji on August 20, 2010
Rajendra-Sarojadevi on A FANTASTIC Shanker-Jaikishen melody from SASURAL.
aceji on August 20, 2010
Rajendra-Sarojadevi on A FANTASTIC Shanker-Jaikishen melody from SASURAL. I
ask a question and you ask a question. Replies to all questions should be
further questions!!! What a riddle song.
Malkit Banwait on September 05, 2010
An Evergreen, Great Song, Does anyone know where the lyrics for the WHOLE
song are, I cannot find the ending.
aceji on September 06, 2010
@malkitbanwait Please state which bit are you stuck on lyrics and I will
try to help you. On THE CLIP tell me the stage, in time from where you need
the words. Thanks.
Malkit Banwait on September 06, 2010
Thanks Ace Ji. My lyrics end at 4:45, see ??? below. Also do you know where
I can get an English translation, being from Punjab my Hindi is not too
good. Ujiyaare Me.N Jo Parachhaa_Ii Piichhe Piichhe Aaye Vahii Andheraa
Hone Par Kyo.N Saath Chho.D Chhup Jaaye Sukh Me.N Kyo.N Ghere Rahate Hai.N
Apane Aur Paraa Burii Gha.Dii Me.N Kyo.N Har Koii Dekh Ke Bhii Qataraaye -
Burii Gha.Dii Me.N Kyo.N Har Koii Dekh Ke Bhii Qataraaye Ek Savaal Mai.N
Karuu.N ... ?????????????????????
TheAkshay761 on September 18, 2010
can anyone tell on which raag is this song based?
Prasanth205 on October 28, 2010
she was less popular b4 her marriage but after her wedding she bcum..the no 1 leading actress of south india..she is the one who introduce the best cuteness among the heroines...she n vyjayanthimala did two movies 2gether..1 if sivaji in a tamil film..another is paigham in hindi wif dilip kumar...wic saroj devi was supporitin actress in both...later achieve stardom equally as vyjayanthimala..
aceji on November 29, 2010
kiske choone se mitti bhi sona ho jati hey, kiska saya pade to daulat mitti
ban jati hey? Mehnat kash mitti ko chule to sona ho jaye, hath lage kahil
ka daulat mitti mey mil jaye. Ek sawal...
aceji on November 29, 2010
@malkitbanwait see the last part of lyrics by me. It means---whose hands by
mere touch turns soil into gold and whose mere shadow can turn wealth into
dust? He then answers-- A hard worker can turn soil into gold and a lazy
one can waste wealth. Hope this helps. Take care.
Malkit Banwait on December 01, 2010
@aceji Thank You!
rajamer121 on December 11, 2010
Marvelous song. Loved it. Thanks for sharing.
shreepeddireddi on January 15, 2011
very nice song thanks a lot
jay51941 on February 16, 2011
most of the south indina actresses like saroja devi,vyjanthimal.devika,padmini,savithri,rajasulochanna,jamuna rani,banumathi are fantastically fabulous talented actresses, except vyjayanthmala had succesful stories in the north, other than that they are al marvelous.unforgetable ladies. notlike the new generation actress. i forget them faster, but these are are so irresisstable. thanks alot for them.
sopranist1 on April 05, 2011
beautiful performance.thanks for uploading
allfieldsreq on May 12, 2011
A lot of dev anand influence on rajendra kumar here!
301madame on June 13, 2011
ia toja induska ssuuppeerr!!!!!!!!!
achilllllles on July 26, 2011
nice lyrics
Ben Abi-Aden on August 30, 2011
I just haven´t the right words to thank all of you who´s been watching my
Indian music, I only hope that those who deleted the others in my
collection will be so kind and sweet to upload them again as I am just as
found of them as you people are, remember it is all about sharing beautiful
things between nations to destroy all the boarders in between nations.
MrRubbishness on December 03, 2011
Why do I keep thinking Rajendra Kumar is like Dev Anand? But anyway, superb
song, thanks for the upload!
drishyashravya on December 18, 2011
Hasart Jaipuri Sahab ke is geet me- Saarthakataa & Sundartaa -dono ka samaavesh rahta hai !
apparaoarani on January 11, 2012
It is a remake of Telugu film " Illarikam" . This stage programme is from the same film including the text t. Rajendra Kumar follows A.Nageswara Rao steps of the Telugu version. Devanand steps are quite defferet. --Arani-Apparao-Hyderabad-A.P.
Nizam Uddin on March 01, 2012
Thank you for posting this sweet song my boyhood age.More than 40 years wow
oshishu1 on June 16, 2012
An absolute Cracker
prema chintadi on January 13, 2013
great pair ..good lovely song and good chemistry..i love my Rajendra Sir
..the looks of Saroja aunty
Kamla Kalla on March 09, 2013
This is the best song.
Brij Mehta on March 29, 2013
reminds us of college festivals ! Nice songs !
Amarendra R N on May 09, 2013
drishyashravya, ye geet Shailendra ka hai.
Srikant R on June 01, 2013
Rajendra Kumar with B. Saroja Devi ( south Indian Mega Star )
sujata mahale on July 19, 2013
Rajendra wonder they called him Jubilee Kumar , each movie
filled with songs like this one.Thanks to the music makers we continue to
enjoy these beautiful melodies even today.
mp ahuja on February 19, 2014
kiya gana hai
Viswanathan Suresh on June 04, 2014
Rafi at his best - which is always !
PMA Judge on July 12, 2014


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