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Comments on song "Ye Jalwa Ye Jalwa Fashion Ka Hai Ye Jalwa"
junomz21 on November 11, 2008
I liked this movie.
princesskaur4eva on November 13, 2008
This movie is really good priyanka acted well.
bradlyfish on November 19, 2008
i lov this song
it is very sad what they have to go through in their live's :(
teenqueen786 on December 22, 2008
Love this songgggg
arianahmad on December 23, 2008
love u guys salim and suliman for this fantabuolas composition u guys rock
hats off.
teenqueen786 on January 03, 2009
this movie really roxed it was wickedd
dragonslug93 on January 16, 2009
I so agree with you. This movie is awesome
lostsoul836 on January 27, 2009
Kangana's performance is the best thing abut the movie. She was fantastic.
4S on January 29, 2009
quite good/intense too...
farebiiii on March 16, 2009
jalwa jisom ka hia ye jalwa fashion ka hia :)>- RULZ of SAHIL
candygrl30 on March 21, 2009
movie was awesome, song is awesomer~ lol :)
asmasiddiqui on March 31, 2009
everyone knows that this movie is awesome...
its eally true movie and there is a line in this song that in the world of fashion one will have to give just more than morals..
its true cuz in fashion everyone is treated very badly...
Prakriti Basnet on April 10, 2009
juliesngh on May 05, 2009
cool movieeeeeee
rosajms90 on May 14, 2009
this movie is so realistic... lol...
ukz1punjabiprincess on June 08, 2009
i just watched this Film. I am actually amazed at how such actors can act-
they are sooo extremely fantastic. i loved mugda and kangana was out
standing! Priyanka's role as an arrogant b*tch was like Fabulous! Great
film overall!!
0716359516 on June 09, 2009
it's an awesome movie.kangana really deserves her award!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bobbyfaith on June 14, 2009
right Kangana does... but not priyanka.. she was ok... it was d movie that
was good and she rode on the movie fame.. what do u say? but kangana ya she
was awesome
ruparuparupa on June 17, 2009
Priyanka did a really great job..her transformation from a naive girl to a complete diva was excellent..I don't see anyone that could replace her at all...and of course kangana her acting was awesome as well playing an addict, she is truly one of the best actress in bollywood
sara0082 on June 18, 2009
love this song
luvforever100 on June 22, 2009
i think kangana should won an award for her amazing peformance in dis film! im not saying prianka didn't act well. she did! but kangana acted a little better as her character!
anka1090 on August 01, 2009
i like both,kangana N priyanka. they were awesome..but its very sad,when at the end kangana dies.. ;( very very sad.
Kool2bAsian on August 10, 2009
She won an award for this film at iifa...
Kool2bAsian on August 10, 2009
I will praise her too because she is a good actress ;)
Donny Singh on August 15, 2009
offcourse yu can hate my opninion but that doesnt change the fact that
bollywood is not like it used to be i mean c'mon dont yu think they r
overdoing it i cant watch a single movie with my parents now a days and
that is a real waste but fck it i respect your opinion and its your choice
to respect mine or not adiosss
Supriya P on September 13, 2009
it's called acting. that's what actors do. enact scenes that have happened
before. theres nothing shameful in what she did. it is an accident that has
happened to models in the past and if you find it cheap maybe you should
sit and watch black and white movies which will please your conservative,
backward notions.
Lalit Mundra on September 16, 2009
now priyanka chopra is ready to sleep with everyone after this movie
poisonjeenie on September 26, 2009
Great song!!!!!!!!!! Nasha hi nashaaaa :p
kdl0071 on October 21, 2009
kya bhai chupe kar
Wasim Umar on November 26, 2009
lovely kangna beautiful song.
rudrarup mukherjee on February 24, 2010
well said valentina1227.well said.
Ri Tu on April 09, 2010
@valentina1227 yeah thank god that somebody is here who is not crazy and
jealous about the actress i just love you for your words xd
afg100 on May 03, 2010
amazing movie love prianka
zaira3134 on June 08, 2010
this movie by far best iv seen its based on reality. its not about
dacngaround trees or just unrealistic love stories. its a great movie!
priyanka chopra is the best, no other actress would have suited thjis rule
she has the attitude which made her perfect for it. priyanka rocks!!
awesome movie and awesome music! xx
aakash saagar on July 25, 2010
priyanka so cute
TheRubabZ on November 09, 2010
so hottttttttt...
dgdfdf on November 15, 2010
@valentina1227 so true!
HumbleRuby on November 18, 2010
@valentina1227 : most of those folks have 2 problems: 1. They do not have
to do and choose to be negative towards others. 2. They believe their
beliefs are more supreme to others. To both I say, mind you own business
because actors sure are doing their business well...Cheers.
Shivani6060 on December 04, 2010
Pryanka she is soo beautiul i love the Movie Fashion
Sri Kanth on September 08, 2011
Sri Kanth on September 08, 2011
B BOY SUDD on September 28, 2011
oh superb print.. awesome song>>
Physceria on October 02, 2011
Kangana looks like some hawt, gothic vampiress <3!!!!!!!!!
B BOY SUDD on November 12, 2011
really lyk their cozy look huhhh" dam seductive...
aadeel60 on November 26, 2011
kangna and priyanka both r gud actress i like both ..great job gud
ThePrakashchhetri on November 28, 2011
kangana is the best... she is better than priyanka ... she played very
strongly.i like it
eslam salim on December 20, 2011
i only know Priyanka and i Adore both her looks and talent
vaibhav371 on March 03, 2012
Kangna's cat Walk on the Ramp and Sukhwinder's intoxicating voice..perfect
blend to bleed any1..superb singing Sukkhi ji..just awesome..
vaibhav371 on March 03, 2012
i guess.ya.asses of evry model..esp. Kangna's..
Rubaiyah mohammed iqbal on March 09, 2012
nice music nice lyrics regarding the fashion world
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