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Comments on song "Gandi Baat Gandi Gandi"
Shums A on September 14, 2014
is there another actor in Bollywood that is more enthusiastic and energetic
than Shahid Kapoor when it comes to dancing?! i think not.
WEEHAHA on October 30, 2014
2:42 whats the girls name? 
Sig Linde on November 11, 2014
Gosh, Sonakshi is so very beautiful! She seems to be very sweet too :) 
Sabitra Gurung on November 13, 2014
Romantic and nice song
Dina Maaz Ahmed on November 14, 2014
Put shahed kapoor so nice with rania mokargey yeah or what 
nirbhay121 on November 17, 2014
There are two Shahid in one Sonakshi...
Abdurlhman Ali 33339033 on November 17, 2014
الله الله مشلا
The God Father on November 18, 2014
salman, is annoying in every eros now song .
Exhaustive Posts on November 19, 2014
good song
Habib Habib on November 19, 2014
is best song de shahid kapoor
Hanadi Elfaki on November 30, 2014
Even he is the best dancer
Ma Sha2 Allah
Haasher on December 02, 2014
love this movie and the actors!!!
Brijesh Patel on December 04, 2014
very nice
madhumanti roy on December 04, 2014
Nice song
venu blanco on December 10, 2014
prabu deva !-the mass entertainer !
nassdu37 on December 13, 2014
Please Salman, leave us alone. We don't want to watch your movies
abeer199618 on December 19, 2014
Wawooo This buataifal
delon a on December 20, 2014
Wow,who wrote the lyrics? Tagore, R K Nrayan ,Majrhoo? Defiantly classic
Aishu 123 on December 22, 2014
Charmi is much more beautiful than Sonakshi. :\
dancer queen on December 24, 2014
Sonakshi is such a beautiful woman and not fat !!!! Gossh 
Nisrine Grain on December 31, 2014
i love this song and shahid kapoor
Sieberliebangbang on January 01, 2015
shaihd better dancer than hrithik. 
Shatrughan 1 on January 02, 2015
Shatrughan Rajbhar
leila rahmani on January 05, 2015
i always listen to this song,i just can't get enough
thefunkyone247 on January 06, 2015
Garama garam dhoodo. Milky milky yum yum
thefunkyone247 on January 06, 2015
Hot navel action Bhai !!! 
Kavya M on January 08, 2015
omg sonakshi is so gorgeous people would kill for her curves <3
Vaasu97 on January 08, 2015
i don't like this singer i like the other one 
Rokhaya LOME on January 11, 2015
c'est drole ce clip video j'ai adoré j'essaye même de le dancer à la maison
love u king Khan on January 13, 2015
Wooooooow shahid~~♥♥♥
Khaleesi Of The Dothraki on January 16, 2015
Shahid does the exact thing as Prabhudeva. If you watch it carefully when
both are dancing, it's like a mirror. Shahid is super underrated. He's a
star. He's romance, comedy and action hero. And his dance moves! 
sharfraj khan on January 17, 2015
Nice song 
Jani Bhavini on January 18, 2015
Superb dance shahid...
Sidorela Got7 Jb on January 22, 2015
3:28 funny :)
Sushanto Asa on January 25, 2015
varry nich
Asasasas Asasasas on January 28, 2015
احلا نني كابور 
pro gamer on February 01, 2015
very nice
Natasha M. on February 03, 2015
You call THIS lyrics? You call THIS music?. Disgusting.
Not very many sensible songs left in Bollywood anymore. Pick up your
standard, Bollywood. 
skbelal ahmed on February 05, 2015
gandi baat
xXxresidentM477xXx on February 06, 2015
1:55 Shahid trying to do an Allu Arjun style and failing
RLR PLP on February 08, 2015
notice how they aren't allowing the viewers to see sonakshi's full body up
close because a bit on the hefty side according to Bollywood standards
harz on February 14, 2015
Just imagine sonakshi rolling on ppl at 3:50
Masood Siddiqui on February 14, 2015

omer shah on February 16, 2015
salman is a
mallikanti mani on February 17, 2015
kirrak song 
Abhishek Bera on February 19, 2015
To dance is to be out of yourself, larger, more powerful, more beautiful.
This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking. 
Suryakant Chauhan on February 19, 2015
Nice song 
Caz P on February 21, 2015
Shahid should use his fame to promote better lyrics yaar. If any man sings
this to a woman in real life he should be slapped.
Zakir Reza Abedin on February 22, 2015
Sonakshi isn't slim like the rest actress but i admit she is pretty and i
don't think she needs to go on year long diet to look like the slim baboons
of our movie industry.
Morena Victoria on March 02, 2015
Yeh ❤️Shahid rocked it 
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