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Comments on song "Haal Kaisa Hai Janaab Ka, Kya Khayal Hai Aapka"
amir iqbal on April 17, 2007
madhubaka and kishore kuamr , who wud go on and get married after this
Hina mo on April 20, 2007
sandhaeliya on April 22, 2007
i agree but what an enjoyable song- thier love really shows. too bad their
marraige was a nightmare
cmtlevy on May 11, 2007
Thank you so much for posting this; I adore this song!!!
turanem on May 15, 2007
he only married her for her money was a great singer though
chandrmukhi on August 28, 2007
he really married her just for money??? i cant belive it..saddddddd
wiseguyin on October 29, 2007
haha . kishore was probably 10 times richer then Her. he was a well established singer & actor ...

They married for love and the only problem was Kishore's parents... That broke madhubala's heart.

Lovely couple .. Two thumbs up
Californiadesi on November 25, 2007
Asha Jee's unbelievable voice doing full justice to beautiful Madhubala
viraasat222 on December 31, 2007
madhubala is sooo cute and i love her beautiful smile!
raslam90 on May 30, 2008
i read sum where he use to hit her and onli married her for her money cos
he was in trouble at the time with tax. madhubalaji was stil in luv with
Dilip at the time she died n asked for him. i gues we'l neva knw the truth
behind madhubala real live story. oh n she died of heart ailment not tb.
luv the film n the song fanx for uploadin i'm a big fan of madhubala.
raj1905 on October 20, 2008
they were dating and loved each other a lot.madhubala had cancer or
something so she had to go to london for the operation...she wasn't sure of
her come back so she insisted on marrying kishore before dying, thats when
they got married...good love story, no money or anyother cheap factors
chaitanyajosh on November 01, 2008
on the contrary.. he kept his promise and married her even though he was
aware that she was going to die...and then took her to london for treatment
and got bankrupt in the process.. when he married her he was no 2 actor in
the rat race and was pretty rich ! It was she who would throw tantrums
because of her illness..he nursed her for nine long years until her death
in 1969.
Bat Man on November 24, 2008
guys madhubala did not die of TB or cancer yes it was a heart problem but
not a disease she had a hole in her heart and this was discovered a long
time before but was hushed up by her and her family but it was revealed
during the filming of Mughal-E-Azam when she had to wear real iron chains
and stand covered in paint for hours while tht particular shot was
finalised all this put her heart thru a lot of pressure and she fell ill
after filming wrapped
Bat Man on November 24, 2008
thts when the whole world found out what she was goin thru it was at
begining when Mughal E Azam shooting started that Madhubala and Dilip KUmar
broke up along with the emotional pressure she fell very ill many ppl
proposed to her before she married kishore kumar among them was bharat
bhushan her costar in Barsat Ki Raat she married kishore kumar because she
felt hapy with him and they loved each other
boxerbhai77 on November 26, 2008
madhubala is one of the most talented actress that i bollywood i really liked her in movie kala pani with dev anand and of course in all her other movies horwah bridge is one of my fav also
rahdisas on May 05, 2009
In 2:05 Kishore Kumar, for some reason, lip synchs Madhubala's part as well
- it's kind of difficult to see since he is facing her but I found it a
little weird...
professor707 on May 05, 2009
He is helping her it seems with the lyrics... well they were in love with
each other so it is expected... Lovely man and the most wonderful lady.
There will be no other like her - too bad she did not live longer.
ugotayya on May 08, 2009
both of u are wrong actually, sorry, in 2:05 u can also see she closes her eyes, to be in character kishore da was like chweing something. as for all the guys who says they were madly in love, wrong, she was in love with dilip saab, her sister recently said it in a interview that she loved him till the day she died and kishore da wasnt the perfect husband , eventhough he loved her. apparently she married him to get bak at dilip saab
MrGar5 on May 18, 2009
Asha has sung so perfectly,,,it seems Madhubala herslf z singin.lov d humour such songs carried..cant find any of their takkar today!
imbi310 on June 18, 2009
ya, both dilip kumar n madhubala loved each other but madhubala's father did not want her to marry anyone because the money she was bringing to the house hence they broke. if they were married than it would have been the hottest couples of bolywood.
mils2211 on June 25, 2009
kate winslet and madhuri dixit remind me of madhubala

what a beauty
kutte007 on July 03, 2009
Seconded :P
Neville P on July 27, 2009
I strongly recommend everyone read Madhubala's short biography on this
site, it is very touching----
rkbhama on August 24, 2009
Kindly give a reference as to where I could find any biography of Madhubala. I will be grateful.
dickyvdick on September 11, 2009
Nop, dilip had a problem with every lady who was in luv with others. Saira was in madly in luv with an actor, and dilip went after lets forget the cheap sychophancy and enjoy the luxery of entertainment that Indian society has offered.
arun mohindra on January 23, 2010
AMAZING nothing beyond that.arun m
FlamingDesire06 on February 05, 2010
Love this song...its really sweeet.
shona rahim on February 28, 2010
only only kishore kumar is great singer acter he is very good man he is
gretest singer i always fen i laike kishore vice and command on songa his
greatest act with songs fantactic yar
kanupriyaa on March 18, 2010
Atanu Nath on April 11, 2010
But how to download videos from youtube????? There are lots of ways... but
in my linux system I can do nothing. more over I donno administrator
password. is there any direct download procedure in youtube itself?
bulukanto on April 11, 2010
But how to download videos from youtube????? There are lots of ways... but in my linux system I can do nothing. more over I donno administrator password. is there any direct download procedure in youtube itself?
Atanu Nath on April 11, 2010
@rahdisas But how to download videos from youtube????? There are lots of
ways... but in my linux system I can do nothing. more over I donno
administrator password. is there any direct download procedure in
youtube itself?
mspoojagoswami on June 04, 2010
this video is just fantastic,mind blowing,outstanding, great job by kishor kumar & madhubala!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mizzishukaur on June 08, 2010
i love this song really good
Nina Tess on August 03, 2010
let's not forget to mention the brilliance of asha bhosle!
jaemin100 on August 05, 2010
loOveelyyy song :DD waahh they'ree were dating forr real awww
Suresh Chopra on September 10, 2010
songs of chalti ka naam gadi are ever green. I have been listening for the
aboujt 45 years. So gr8 are the songs.
sim k on September 28, 2010
@chaitanyajosh please stay 9 years on bed after being famous and
appreciaited for beauty by poeple and then u would come to know how
impossible it is to get frustrated and throw tantrums.staying in bed
for 9 dyas will tell you everything.
chaitanyajosh on September 28, 2010
@simranwriter : this comment was in response to comments posted earlier
which falsely accused Kishore Kumar of marrying Madhubala for money and
then torturing her ! the point of my comment was not to blame Madhubala !
sim k on September 28, 2010
@chaitanyajosh yeah no point on blaming a person who spend all her life
knowing she wud die soon.she came 2 know about it at the age of
24...she was beautiful and died so was sweet of kishore
to marry her and take care of her.no1 married for money here i
guess..madhu bala died when she cud have dome a lot better in color
cinemas its an irony that the treatment for congenial heart disease came
soon after she died..
AspirantPeacock on October 20, 2010
this movie is so funny, i'll never forget kishore kumar's acting in the
movie padosan- too good so comical n his make up too hahaha. He was a born
genius n a very unique talent. there's a song from this movie- a duet with
manna dey, its very funny. i have that song in CD :-)
Ra kaka on November 30, 2010
fu ing she hot
Stuti Bhatnagar on November 30, 2010
She is the prettiest actress till dated..and kishore kumar is the most
talented guy in the industry till now...
TaniyaManiya on January 14, 2011
The Industry will Never be yhe same again.
raatri1981 on February 06, 2011
madhubala had congenital heart desease. she had some injuries in her heart!
she was also a very unlucky girl who got shocked by both her father and
dilip kumar at her very young age. when she got marry to kishore da she was
only 24 years old! The two legends are evergreen in love and affection.
wish their souls be in peace.
raatri1981 on February 06, 2011
@Rohit84up is converting into the faith of islam a sin?! don't think in
that way..May Allah help u
Subroto Maitra on February 09, 2011
@raatri1981 May krishna or jesus help you brother.
masterchef334 on April 14, 2011
you couldn't find a better song than this
Johal on April 20, 2011
she is
beutiful like a queen todays cinema is incomplete without her and meena
kumari all good actresses like vijayantimala and asha parekh left bollywood
or died wish they were still in movies
Sarvesh Wolvarine Kharawale on April 20, 2011
i like song very much i am i am only 11 years old boy ten also
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