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Comments on song "Ham Tujhse Mohabbat Karke Sanam"
Gurkan112 on March 16, 2007
bence bu sarki Awaara filminin en güzel sarkisi.Sarkiyi söyleyen
Mukesh.Mukesh the soul and Raj the body.
Ayhan Yavuz Açıkgöz on April 05, 2007
Raj abi burada çok karizma... Ama salladigi biçagi düsürüp çekimi basa
almislardir :)
okctime on May 19, 2007
very nice song, one my dad's favorites. thanks for posting
Ayhan Yavuz Açıkgöz on May 20, 2007
Inshaallaah... I'll try to find it broth...
farrukhismail on May 23, 2007
Thank you okctime, How is your dad? give him my best wishes.
Gregory Mihut on May 31, 2007
Love can create you,... or can distroy you!
akashrajsinha2525 on July 17, 2007
aha ! wat a song .
June G on August 17, 2007
Another master piece. Thanks for posting.
BhaiSubhash on August 19, 2007

It is masterpiece collection you are providing to most of us who grew up with these movies and music. On behalf of everyone - thanks a million.

S. Bhai
albraccoli on August 23, 2007
What a melodious song. Such a nostalgia. Many many thanks for posting. U have nice taste.
farrukhismail on August 26, 2007
Thank you, i have been listening these songs since my early childhood. Thanks to my elders who arrange musical evening on every saturday, i was the youngest participant listening songs till the end.
flghumman on August 27, 2007
hi, u got great tast. thanks for posting these songs plz carry it on. i have realised we have several things in common name is one of these. farrukh Ahmed
chotaybaba on August 28, 2007
... as Shelly said, 'Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thoughts' and this one is really sweet ( and sad) and many thanks to you for sharing it with us. I felt like I was walking down the dim-lit streets of Calcutta again, with a cig in hand and a meetha pan in the mouth, trying to be as cool as Raj and melodius as Mukesh, and I was a chota baba again. Thank you for this 'walk down memory lane'
farrukhismail on August 29, 2007
Thank you for your comment, I also listen these song from the memory lane when I feel sad or I just want to be sad. Keep watching, you will find more nice songs here.
kammunni on September 24, 2007
Excellent selection and very good vidieo quality
Dr.Kammunni,Kerala State
mirik71 on October 09, 2007
ayhan kardes udit narayan sarkilarini nasil buluyorsun onlarada bi el atsana be...shahrukh klipleriyle ne güzel olurdu..ah elimden gelse...
KohsaarTv on October 29, 2007
Very Cool video!!! I like it Very good presented Thank you wounderful
zeeraxis on November 02, 2007
all time best song... much appreciated ... gud quality

hats off to ...Mr Farrukh!
Subhash Acharya on November 12, 2007
If you listen to lyric very carefully, it has words like Aag, Ansoo,
Barasaat, Badal, Awaara. These are names of then famous movies. This idea
of using movie names in lyric was repeated in "Ek Duje ke Liye"
skshinwari on November 16, 2007
lovely.gonna sue mdrn indn sngz dump
wildbacha4u on November 20, 2007
dear farrukh u seems to b so nce person anyway these songs r best and i love these songs coz these songs memories me lots of things
byserserim on January 27, 2008
coook tşk bu sarkıya hastayım
rahdisas on March 25, 2008
All time favourite song -- the quality of his voice is simply mind-boggling. Good quality vid.
yasmeenkhan786 on April 15, 2008
evergreen song i never get bored i listen to this song lots of times every single day
masood12306 on April 18, 2008
best of best.God grant mercey to composer, singer,lyrics and to Raj.
wastewaste on April 18, 2008
greatest singer ever.
what an era ..kishore, mukesh and rafi
Princessjasmineariel on May 25, 2008
mukesh saab was a great singer...i love his voice
bzulqarni on May 26, 2008
No doubt Lata, Rafi and Kishor are legendry singers. But you are forgetting other good singers like Aasha B., Mahinder Kapoor, Manna Day
imam21 on July 16, 2008
bu cingene kim yaw, herkes ayilir bayilir burda, tarkan mi sandiniz lan bunu ibnetorlar
tiger1war on November 04, 2008
i luv tis song so simpl bt so soulful.
Nadisch85 on December 14, 2008
Nadisch85 on December 14, 2008
maheshkumar55 on April 05, 2009
First two lines;

Having loved you, my love; I kept smiling and shading tears at the same time.
I kept facing the blows of adversities with smile, and that too, in your love.
challenger449 on April 15, 2009
1 of mine fav lovly sad song
teen49 on May 07, 2009
one of my fav song i love it too much kind of u for posting this...lovely voice ...beautiful lyrics
jasimtariqUK on May 11, 2009
yeh dil jo jala aik AAG aage; ansoo so bahay BARSAAT hue...BADAAL ke tarhan AAWARA thay ham..all of raj kapoor's movies names
Zabandraz on June 29, 2009
Mukesh has always been the best, Thanks for this song
Nabeel Sahi on July 22, 2009
Love this song.
Sandeepchat on November 18, 2009
He is Genius .too big too big ..
326BZ on November 26, 2009
@SoldierOfMahdy: Indeed, simple and elegant music that is still liked by
BNBahadurMr on November 30, 2009
Excellent song, good lilting tenor...Wah Mukesh Sahab...BNB
Norek on December 12, 2009
rsforyou on February 04, 2010
i heard this song from sangeethmala vol 1 at some place, and i was searching for the song.nice post !!
Rashmin56 on March 05, 2010
A forever-haunting song!

Is it any surprise with
Raj Kapoor at his handsomest,
Mukesh at his best 'dard'-evoking voice,
S-J at the peak of their musical wizardry!
foy145 on March 21, 2010
my the most favorite song. my heart floats with its rhythm, the sound of the music, the tune, the ever reassuring voice of mukesh-ji. i pray at the day of my cremation this song will be my company. thanks.
foy145 on March 21, 2010
the soothing tune, ever assuring voice of mukesh-ji, the rhythm, oh my most favorite song. thank. i pray at the day of cremation, let it be my company.
foy145 on March 21, 2010
my most favorite song. the ever assuring voice of mukesh-ji, the tune, the rhythm, all hear touching. i pray on the day of cremation, let this be my company. thanks.
tkyaheya on May 02, 2010
A brilliant masterpiece.Nice tune, perfect rhythm, touching voice and awesome music! makes it 10*!
tkyaheya on June 18, 2010
A topping number! An all time favourite of mine.
raspoteenk on June 29, 2010
kia baat hey mukesh sahib ki awaz oor raj kapoor ki acting. superb
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