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Comments on song "Haste Haste Kat Jaye Raste"
Md. Rizvee Bhuyan on November 09, 2008
true true ...really true for me ..who cares dunia .badlenge na hum
...dunia chahe badalti rahe .:D
Nargiskhan on November 23, 2008
love this song:)
atwork2583 on May 06, 2009
Friend i really agree with you.but u know what?some circumstances came in way of life and we are really forced to change our self.However it seems you are lucky.
best of luck for feature,take care.
saba s on May 27, 2009
this song. i been lookn for it everywher.reminds me of my
childhoood :)))
afgdukhtar92 on June 08, 2009
omg i love this movie!!
afgdukhtar92 on June 13, 2009
what is the name of this movie?? plzz tell me d(-_-)b
sherzad005 on June 23, 2009
i used to listen this song when i was child took me back 20 year hahah
great song i love it
Devata on August 05, 2009
Khoon Bhari Mang (1988) Жажда мести
Devata on August 05, 2009
I love this Movie & Songs!!! Thanks ))
jinienajma on August 31, 2009
I too enjoy listening to this song. It takes me back to my sweet childhood days. Those were the days!
Md. Rizvee Bhuyan on October 21, 2009
thanks man ..but when ever i watch this song i get courage to fight ...i
wish you also face the reality with with fun and laugh (sorry for late
response but its better to be late than never ) take care
Liljarus on October 24, 2009
can someone tell me what the song ist about??
Liljarus on January 11, 2010
@deepakardil thank you =)
hyanitaaa80 on January 21, 2010
очень люблю этот фильм, воспоминание децтва!
fatfac3 on March 06, 2010
I've been looking for this song for ages! I love this song, it takes me
back to when i was little too.
mamun9799 on March 16, 2010
Very Nice Song, Thnx My Jaan
aliafghan on March 21, 2010
OMG! Gold memories! its remember me my childhoed!!!
pari14375 on March 31, 2010
memories. love ths song!!!!
sansheikh on June 09, 2010
mazing song, brings back some memories !
htgajjar on July 04, 2010
What a Super Song of Nitin Mukesh !!!
Qamar Haq on August 08, 2010
the movie is "Khoon Bhari Maang" with the cast of Qadir Khan and Kabir
Badi. Its beautiful movies.
grayoushka on August 29, 2010
haste haste kat jaye raste. zindagi yu hi chalti rahe. khush mile ya gumm badlege na hum duniya chahe badalti rahe

Vinod Mathew on October 17, 2010
Wow...what a song...i luv it
MegaSaqul on February 09, 2011
TheBlackjocker56 on March 21, 2011
background male singer is nitin mukesh, i do have restpect for him but if UDIT narayan sang this would've been better also
Rajesh Kumar Dubey on April 03, 2011
This is very good song.
szakhter on April 21, 2011
@dol345 Same here!!!
zeena balgobin on April 24, 2011
very nice song
saba s on May 05, 2011
@whannes ...the song came out during my childhood it was on the
radio repeatedly. lol...that doesn't mean it is directly related to my
Heeelllooo Bumegham on May 29, 2011
Excellent, superb song. I love it.
drsaurab on June 23, 2011
Just listen to the quantum amount of music in the background. The horrible
80s was the beginning of the end of melody.
loverajlove101 on July 02, 2011
dis song is dedicated to mr. Rishi Raj Sharma,
kismat400 on July 04, 2011
old songs are the best. brings back them golden days in the pass
teonika22 on August 03, 2011
my favourite movie, its best indian movie I've ever seen
chander parkash on September 07, 2011
very nice song i love it
angel khan on November 07, 2011
this song is in my parents wedding video...nice song
WiseBlackheart on November 24, 2011
han nehin badlenge
Asya Asya on December 18, 2011
whwhat is the name of boy??
Sukanta Saha on January 19, 2012
R & R (rakesh roshan Rekha) in khoon bhari mang with music from rajesh
Martin Kumar on February 21, 2012
@sahasukanta Rekha's hair length.amazing..
ssshaks5 on March 25, 2012
thnx needed this 2day and everyday
ShabO sahar on April 27, 2012
The guy is the father of Hrithik Roshan..(Rakesh Roshan)
Sharmin Lalani on May 14, 2012
i loveeeee rakesh roshan! all his movies were FAB! altho in this one he
barely had a role..
Rashid Hussain on May 17, 2012
sweet song i love this song
Mai Lee on June 04, 2012
Wow, Rakesh Roshan was quite handsome in his younger days, no wonder
Hritihk turned out to be so HOT!
Rajendra Jagad on June 21, 2012
Why is Rekha got Jay Bhachan's Style Sari and Hair Style, Does anybody have
a wild guess ? Date this song was film is the key to the answer..?
sheru lion on June 22, 2012
rakesh roshan.nice actor
Bashir Ahmad on June 25, 2012
you r telling us that u have an ipod. so we know now that u have got one.
happy now!
MyAbid2011 on July 10, 2012
this song evok us to stay happy in every stuation
Anna Gabrielyan on July 16, 2012
i lvoe this movie and this song very much
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