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Comments on song "Hava Me Dil Dole Machal Kar Bole"
amrutvani on November 24, 2007
Good song but other songs of saiyya (1951) with music by Sajjad Hussain are
mind blowing.
pais1003 on November 30, 2007
Awesome song. Was looking for it for a long time. Thanks a lot Kitaabik. Where do you get all these beauties??? :)
V. Siddhartha on May 23, 2008
I just can't bring myself up to giving anything less than a 5-star rating
to any clip with Madhubala in it, no matter how contrived or poor the scene
or the quality of the video or audio. What can I say? This lovely was that
kind of angel.
kitaabik on May 23, 2008
Well this is the best quality video that I could manage of this song. Have
you seen this movie "Saiyan"? Madhubala is completely spellbinding in it!
Just amazing!
V. Siddhartha on May 23, 2008
Kitaabik,of course , you can only provide what is available, and like so
many others I am always full of gratitude to you for spreading the joy of
great music around.
pais1003 on May 30, 2008
Every time I log in..I have to listen to this song..simply amazing..cant decide whos better.Lata / Madhubala
rahman212294617 on December 26, 2008
Beautiful song & dance number-----------and THE BEAUTY HERSELF---MADHUBALA----VOW.
rahman212294617 on December 26, 2008
How true it is-----MADHUBALA makes all the difference !! I have gotten to know MADHUBALA only a few weeks ago. Amazing--this lady left this world about 40 years ago---and still she can fire the imaginations of people ----with love,beauty & SALAM!! This is the power of cinema --and the power of her magical charm even after 40 years. VOW--what a beauty. GOD bless her. Her short-lived life was a divine blessing indeed.
V. Siddhartha on December 26, 2008
Indeed,Rahmanji.I trust you have also seen her in Tarana, Amar, and
Mughal-e-Azam(I won't list numerous other movies in which she starred).
This epitome of loveliness, sweetness and gracefulness was also a natural
and versatile actress;her talent covered a whole gamut of roles--from
tragic to romantic to comic ones. The fact that she had to die unfairly at
age 36 due to an irreparable heart problem still makes millions deeply
nacapula1 on January 07, 2009
Alegria Indiana, que bom!!
Prasad88996 on February 21, 2009
Those were days! That music, those artists, those poets, those choreographers.. I really wish I was a part of that era and I wish that era had never ended.
rahman212294617 on March 29, 2009
Indeed ,it is so true. MADHUBALA seems to make al the difference----this majestic and magnificient beauty. It is heart-breaking to see that she left this world ,at such a young age ,heart-broken. But her short life was a great gift of pleasure and blessing for millions of people----who watched and enjoyed her in the movies---and still 40 years after her death , her memory fires the imagination of people for beauty , love and romance. GOD bless her.
durlabh kolhe on October 08, 2009
sajjad a unique composer composed song for selected films like sangdil,his
last film was rustom sohrab starring prithwi raj kapoor suraiyya and
premnath. sajjads compositions was difficult to sing and lata agreed that.
Harsha Kapileshwar on October 20, 2009
Thanks a lot for sharing such a lovely song.
Shiv Shanker on December 14, 2009
@srinivasanchanniga great song from Sajjad Hussain...very melodious... I
have heard it for the first or so time... Sajjad ji ki jitni tareef ki jaye
kam hai..
kirti kumar Khanna on July 16, 2010
I love this song .i am one of sajjad hussain ; great fan all sayyain song
.are top quality music .i remember few years ago someone told me if i give
him 300 rupees he will get me sayyain tape i gave him the money and i got
this casset .after listening this tape i now feel i coulld give 3000
ruppees . this casset is worth lot more ,
swarmagna on August 01, 2010
@amrutvani Sajjad was GREAT !!!! I agree with you other songs of Saiyyan
are mind blowing.
tmjatala on October 18, 2010

Those who say that they never heard this song or others from this movie are right ,because the music of this movie was neither released on records nor aired on radio( with the exception of radio Ceylon,which aired a couple of songs) The song and its presentation both are superb.Music Director Sajjad and Director M Saadiq has created a miracle.

Montymonty10 on June 03, 2012
Madhubala looks ravishing.
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