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Comments on song "Hawa Hawai"
loveisnotforme on June 07, 2011
this song is not in the shaitan album :( btw great mix like reggae stuff
Soumya Shetty on June 08, 2011 the way she says hawa hawai! XD
Kamal Marjit on June 12, 2011
Awesome remix .. Can't find the mp3 version..!!!
kameneeraj on June 13, 2011
copy the url..
shail pancholi on June 14, 2011
use for mp3 version
shail pancholi on June 14, 2011
like my post if you like snipmp3 and subscribe me
kamalika89 on June 15, 2011
u r jus a lil bullcrap thng..hav got no self respect n ur indecent..i wont b surprised if ur illiterate..!!
luckyiss on June 16, 2011
where to Find MP3 of this ???
kanojiadevina on June 17, 2011
u can find its mp3 to nowhere.
but i got it. its trick

if u have youtube downloader, just use it nd download this video, nd convert it wid same download as mp3. and play it
Umang .jain on June 19, 2011
@kamalika89 R u hot ?
shivi145 on June 20, 2011
i dint get its mp3 version in ne f da songs website.suggest where i cn get it.
TheSmilinthrough on June 21, 2011
@kameneeraj Thanku ..! Got it.:)
Paritosh Sharma on June 22, 2011
you have khoya khoya chand from shaitan too?? please upload
iiSCYTHEii on June 22, 2011
Very nicely sung.. like a small child.. sweet voice..
rushabh59 on June 24, 2011
luv ths sng .!!!!!
माझ्या प्रेमाच्या दारातिल उंबरा on June 25, 2011
ekdam mast voice sweet and nashila voice mwa mwa mwa ..
atul344 on June 26, 2011
nic dis is nt in can i dwld it
langifiles on June 26, 2011
better than the original!!!
Ashraya B Mathema on June 29, 2011
the song is an instant ear pleaser...hawa hawai :)
Alisha Shenoy on June 30, 2011
@jc2y I was wondering the very same thing
rashyd96 on June 30, 2011
Awesome ... bijli gira di !!
tina Sharma on June 30, 2011
@surajrohara hamka peeni hai peeni hai hamka peeni hai , UR A REAL SHAITAN
solanki177 on June 30, 2011
gud song.
mayatheassassin123 on July 01, 2011
Bijali girane mai hu aayei.reminded me of Old song too.
sayak bhattacharya on July 01, 2011
soooooooooo sweeeet!!!!! am in luv wd d voice!!!
Umang .jain on July 02, 2011
@kamalika89 ok gud,,,
suraj rohara on July 02, 2011
@MrSahilo : like the movie, the song is very offline too and with a lot of
confidence i can say one of the best songs bollywood has come up with ( im
not debating just my opinion). Love Peace and Light always :)
suraj rohara on July 02, 2011
Three cheers for Suman Sridhar : Amazing voice, She is second on my list
after Dido!
tina Sharma on July 03, 2011
@surajrohara this movie remind me of u , thats y i said ur a shaitan :) lol
Seeshil Kar on July 03, 2011 i became fan of suman sridhar.her singing is as cute
as she is..awesome style in singing this song..i am
listening this song more than 20 times a day from the day it release and
dtill not got bored.want more.her voice and singing makes me
dance.janu jo tumne baat chupai...line is touching directly to my
shekhawatbhavani on July 05, 2011
a song which is far better than the original composition. u will fall in love with this voice its like taking u to a new world of shaitans whr u can dance with open heart
Seeshil Kar on July 07, 2011
Love this song..everyday before sleeping..i use to listen..luv u
suman...listening from my android...
hapyy88 on July 08, 2011
luv d song .!!!!!!!!
redbutterfly57 on July 08, 2011
I'm in love with this song, since I heard it :-)
avik sanyal on July 10, 2011
not a gr8 voice as compared to the original, bt stll luv to listen to this
kshis13 on July 11, 2011
fantastic lol
dragonbane44 on July 11, 2011
the instant i heard it in the ads i liked it... there's something risque
about the voice
savio399 on July 15, 2011
Suzanne Dmello rocked it !!! Yup is the singer!!!!
123456hannahmontana on July 21, 2011
heard for 20 times from the first heard.voice is romantic.her voice is really hawa hawaiii.nice remake.not the lines...ever the actress is cute.
sameer ghogle on July 25, 2011
nice remix
Salhin on July 30, 2011
singer sandg this song after 5 shot of taquila
shane2505 on July 30, 2011
Mogambo khush huaa!!
gladefoam on August 03, 2011
This song is in my head all day today.
rohan nayar on August 08, 2011
her voice is wow wowwweeeee
Iman Allen on August 09, 2011
This is a horrible remake of the original!
Sunil Zala on August 10, 2011
Balaji Loganathan on August 11, 2011
layee rangin afsane, too bhee sun le divane aa dil me halchal kar du, aa
tujhko pagal kar du meree aankho me jadu, meree sanso me khushbu jab meraa
yeh tan lachke, jaye naa koyee bachke koyee bachke, bachke bachke, han han
jee bachke surat hee maine aisee payee - (x2) kehte hain mujhko hawa
hawayee hawa hawayee - (x5) bijalee girane mai hu aayee, kehte hain mujhko
hawa hawayee hawa hawayee - (x5)
20mebala on August 11, 2011
(aka chikee lakee chikee chikee lakee chu
aka chikee lakee chikee chikee lakee chikee chu) - (x2)

mai khwabo kee shehjadee, mai hu har dil par chhayee
ho, mai khwabo kee shehjadee, mai hu har dil pe chhayee
badal hai meree julfe, bijalee meree angdayee
bijalee girane mai hu aayee - (x2)
kehte hain mujhko hawa hawayee

hawa hawayee - (x5)

bijalee girane mai hu aayee, ho bijalee girane mai hu aayee
kehte hain mujhko hawa hawayee

hawa hawayee - (x5)
siya52 on August 11, 2011
amazing songgggg..gr8 voice..
TheVarun123saxena on August 16, 2011
it is better than the original version..i can hear this for n number of times..
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