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Comments on song "Hey Bhagwan Mujhko Tu"
pranab kakati on July 15, 2011
Now this is called a total band. Everyone is enjoying and everywhere there
energy. Raghu Rock.
Ashish Toor on July 15, 2011
Life Infusing Music!!!!,,,Kudos to Raghu and Band...& Coke Studio!!!
new ton on July 15, 2011
i find this as the best performance till now on coke studio... knowing that
this is not made/composed on spot or by that coke studio crew , but played
by the original band members itself.
mathewiv on July 15, 2011
4:30 to 4:52 was just sweet!
guru prasad on July 16, 2011
the best performance on coke studio india till date !!! RAGHU DIXIT ROCKS !
brahmabul on July 16, 2011
The best thing about the song was the violin.
ldhbramp on July 17, 2011
Thanks to Coke Studio that there is something without that lesle LAME lewis
Arun S on July 17, 2011
The guy on the electric guitar ripped it!
rangercode on July 17, 2011
indian bob marley!
faiqrg on July 18, 2011
till when will he sing the same song? it has been, what, 6 years now?
guftguvara on July 18, 2011
this is what missing in coke studio india..the magic..earthiness and purity
of folk mixed with the rawness of basic rock instruments...
Bharadwaj on July 18, 2011
@faiqrg Lol you are funny, the band is two albums old and this happens to
be one of the popular numbers. I'm sure you have no idea of his
international success?
Rupam Khunger on July 18, 2011
Great. . .Guitarist is very good
vinci88 on July 19, 2011
Anna on electric guitar nailed it!!
pushpesh kranti on July 19, 2011
zabardast performance hai bhai...!!!!...i listen this first time but
enjoyed too much..!!!..this performance has nice rythm...!!!!
anjum raj khan on July 20, 2011
this is something :O
Ambar Das on July 22, 2011
by far the best performance in csi... thnx RDP...
gorlll on July 23, 2011
Karthik on violin is awesome
Pradeep Ullal on July 24, 2011
superb energy. heard abt them for the first time. exciting bunch of
artistes. liked their sound and arrangement. especially the violinist and
guitarist were truly outstanding. raghu dixit. explore further and give us
the pleasure of listening to such fusions of reggae, india folk, u
TheChaitanya1994 on July 25, 2011
@azadvichar these guys are far enough. already
Nitin sharma on July 28, 2011
everytym i c it ...i fall in luv wid life. i don need second life. after
listenin to dis i wan njoy dis life nlyyyy. luv raghu
Subhodh Subramanian on July 29, 2011
9 Guys who disliked this track.. Seriously, You need this song :P
backyardspecial299 on July 30, 2011
they're so happy!! it makes me happy! how can you dislike this??!
Shivek Dhar on August 17, 2011
raghu dixit has NOT written this song... please correct it coke studio.
Aman Vig on August 18, 2011
@shivek1987 who wrote the song?
Bhimrao Wankhede on August 19, 2011
raghu dixit has wrote this song
Shivek Dhar on August 22, 2011
@amannvig sadly i dont have that video so i dont have a proof right now.
Yogesh Wadhwa on August 27, 2011
Awesome Violin Play!
shyamrohit on September 11, 2011
Really very energetic and pasionate song and i really ilike the way to ask
GOD for the second chance of life.
Hardik Bhatia on September 15, 2011
everyone cannot play this kind a song on guitar and drums. :) awesomeeeee.
kchhatb on November 04, 2011
Thats too Awesome.. Violine play was rocking
Prem Thakoer on November 16, 2011
The best of the best, I like it so much, The music wowwwww, the meaning
algoseer on November 28, 2011
thats what i am talking about coke studio. is it so hard to bring a band
like this?
Anudeep Rao on December 24, 2011
Love the guy on violin!
Amit Shetty on February 14, 2012
Violin, Guitar, Costumes ...n amazing music .Perfect...!!!!
Mohammad Shiraz Makhdumi on March 23, 2012
My love for this song is beyond words. #EnuffSaid :)
Akhilesh Kashyap on July 17, 2012
<3 <3 love this..
Hariharan Acharya on August 30, 2012
the combination of the lead vocalist's voice, the violin , and the guitar
just. awesome. the lyrics and this combination brought tears in
my eyes.
Hariharan Acharya on August 30, 2012
it HAS brought tears in my eyes
Arpit Agnihotri on October 07, 2012
God is not giving another life Raghu cuz you are kicking asses in this one.
i7rs on October 13, 2012
Very Nice Bass line
Rohith Jyothish on January 14, 2013
I love this guy! We need more indie music in this country!
Rakesh M S on April 17, 2013
Every guy has his own style of playing.the imp thing he's sounds so
great :)
Varna Reddy on June 19, 2013
How to give 1000 likes ? I luvvvvv this song a lot . completely drenched ;)
vikrant varkute on July 11, 2013
but original one was awesome, :(
Mathew Daniel on September 27, 2013
actually as far as i remember, when this song was released by Mtv Raghu
mentioned that this song was written by his friend! well the song is a
Rajiv Senaboya on October 04, 2013
As a guitarist I bow u vijay joshep
Pratyush Thakur on October 13, 2013
Vijay joseph(lead guitarist) filled the song brilliantly !!!
Saylee Padwal on December 18, 2013
My legs started dancing my head started moving round n round my hands were
moving I had a big huge smile ..ohhh god dis is d best of RDP I've heard ..
Melinda D. on December 29, 2013
Love, love, love this!!!!! 
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