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Comments on song "Humko Tumse Pyar Hain"
dipa1ahmed on September 29, 2007
i love this song
sidra007 on November 04, 2007
woooooooow wiicckkked song
K1NG4N5T3R on April 08, 2008
WICKED!!!! dis film made me cry!!! :'(
daydreamgirl110 on May 04, 2008
this is my favorite song...
Fouzia Zaza on May 15, 2008
I really love this song, it express a lot.
nalayeh on July 03, 2008
the coolest song that i ever lisent it ..Omh its so sweet n nice
missy2045 on July 28, 2008
Beautiful song the first half of this movie was sooooooo Beautiful stroy
between amisha and arjun=) love it :D
nomiemalik on July 31, 2008
really its lovely song.but i think u have got alot memories like me.
BO55SH4H on August 18, 2008
ai hai this tune takes ya heart out bang bang
amiharamihar on August 20, 2008
can sumone TRANSLITERATE (not translate) the first bit of the song before
kumar sanu sings...plz... thanks..
afghanigurl101 on August 23, 2008
the songs is too romantic
i love my crush...
amiharamihar on August 23, 2008
can som1 plz 'transliterate' the punjabi bit at the beginning of the song
plz... the meaning is already there... i jus wanna knw the punjabi words...
plz plz plz!
sid2cool2006 on August 26, 2008
aww arjun rampal is soo cute in this movie, i wish i had sum1 jus like him.
Hes jus charmingg !!!
sid2cool2006 on August 26, 2008
truuu!! i also think the same. arjun soo cute in and charmig in the first
part only if i had sum1 like dat aww, anyways lol ... just dat the
directors had changed in batween dats why, it messed up otherwise the movie
wud hav been wiked.
luv4becks on September 04, 2008
For God's sake people. You'de honestly think that you know this man. How do you know he's charming, he's probably a creep in real life.
luv4becks on September 04, 2008
It's also funny how some of you talk about "TV" bollywood couples as though they are really dating. "AWKWARD"
I wonder how their spouses or partners feel about that.
Karina C on September 04, 2008
HAVEN'T SEEN THEM ALL YET!!BUT SURELY WILL...and this is song is nice Humko
tumse pyaar hai..(8)(8)!!when i got some money ill open an hindi Disco =)
(dreaming is for free) =)
luv4becks on September 05, 2008
What do you mean "dreaming is for free?"
luv4becks on September 16, 2008
If you're directing that question to moi- azteken12, then here's my answer: I don't have crushes on men whom I do not know, even if they're on T.V., especially if I'm well aware that I may never meet them in my lifetime,you???
luv4becks on September 16, 2008
If the question was not directed to me: then who is your "crush?"
I feel weird about that word, I haven't said it since like middle school.
Agha Hassan Syed President on September 19, 2008
in memory of Madame late SOPHIA HASSAN SYED wife of Presidente Agha Hassan
syed who died 11 years ago in 1997
BFO1 on October 18, 2008
amazing track
anzoo4ever on October 26, 2008
hammer song
sq11lve on October 28, 2008
such an amazing song, i love it.
dedicated to my lover <3
Puncheon007 on November 27, 2008
this song makes u fall in love again
Mamsiie on December 28, 2008
omg this movie is so sweet, and it makes you cry when amisha looses arjun, and she think that he is dead .. and this song is so beautiful song, the meaning of this song is so beautiful
ksssvp on January 24, 2009
kumar sanu !!!!!!!!!! legend
madgirlsaleena786 on February 07, 2009
dis song is soooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!! a luv dis track dis film was
a really really gd 2!
mahbooba09 on February 17, 2009
dis song in on ma cousins wedding film (well she was like an older sister to me) .. everytime i hear dis song it reminds me of her .. it brings tears to ma eyes .. wickid track tho .. thanx for uploading it .. :)
sar5268 on February 21, 2009
love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!\
jhana215 on February 26, 2009
I love tihs song it actually gives me alot affection and memories of my past great song!!
teradlrmeradlekdlhai on March 03, 2009
i love this song mmuuaaah
nangphone on March 28, 2009
I like this song and this movie, it makes me cry every time I watch it
lemogirrl on May 16, 2009
OMG!!!! im dying for this song. is it possible to find a better and
romnaticer song than this? DONT THINK SO (L)
dunyiamuskan on May 23, 2009
really really lovely song . i love this song
happyadeel on May 27, 2009
I love this song for someone,this is realy realy a nice song.touching heart
words.i love this
lemogirrl on May 28, 2009
My favorit song. omG. I JUST LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH. Don´t u guys. this is the
most romantic song ever made in bollywood (i think) XD
hugs2610 on May 30, 2009
921* who will remain in my heart always*
Lutfa Mashuk on June 27, 2009
I love this movie, really good story line =3
muddaserm on June 28, 2009
who is the man hu sings at the beginig luv his voice
sabrina ahmed on June 28, 2009
beautiful song, only heard it last week on max tv, the film was good an all
NAF267 on July 12, 2009
This is my favorite movie i love the movie so much that tears come out of my eyes.
UNfabulouSsss on July 27, 2009
i love this movie
but i will this movie in germann :(:(
lovelyfazi on August 23, 2009
I love this song so much! The movie was just beautiful and romantic. I cried when I saw the movie. Great movie!
TheSoni83 on September 02, 2009
its hans raj hans!!!
ajkavara on September 19, 2009
which movie does this sonfg belong to??
can anyone tell???
Arnewaty on October 04, 2009
i have always like arjun amisha pair up. Both look very compatible.
Amisha's height is just nice with arjun's. when she stands beside him,
amisha looked cute and beautiful. Her height is about within his shoulders
i think. Arjun looked tall and lean beside her.
2011KCG on October 05, 2009
Luv you kumar sanu:)
rockingangle123 on October 08, 2009
yap sure ajkavara ..its from humko tumse payar hai. kk hunni.. x
khanyasir96 on October 23, 2009
nyc song forever!!!!!!!!!!!
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