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Comments on song "Ik Munda Meree Umra Da Hay Meree Umra Da"
SONIAakaKING on January 30, 2008
tnx a billion-lov dis song :")))
lorrybollywood on February 17, 2008
wow she is beautiful!!!How old is she now??? can someone post the song from
karan arjun where she is singing mujhe rana ji maaf karna pleaaase
shuvoshek7 on February 29, 2008
wats her name???
monalisa7 on March 11, 2008
I think it's already been uploaded. Search for "Karan Arjun gup chup".
HeyThere on April 03, 2008
luv this song, luv this movie and Mamta Kulkarni is extremely pretty!!
Famaay on April 15, 2008
Salman khan is so hottttt!!!!!!!!!
CurlyLocalite on April 17, 2008
salman khan has taken my breath away.
sweethearts654 on June 01, 2008
salman and sharukh luked sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute in this movie i
think they should do more movies togather their 2 of the best luking guys
in bollywood
arashsaurabh on June 05, 2008
this movie was so unintenionally funny. the end was howlarious. blocking
bullets with hands. i ended watching the movie by saying what a joke
arashsaurabh on June 05, 2008
salman def bro. srk r u serious??????
arashsaurabh on June 05, 2008
seriously???? she is nice but not that hot!!!!
sultanadnanas on June 09, 2008
salman, je tm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
amna bibi on June 29, 2008
omg god i m in love wid him such a hottie
frankydmello on June 30, 2008
great song salman is amazing
crzy4HP78 on August 05, 2008
she is flat underneath all that padding..if u know wut i mean... hmm.. wut ever happened to mamta?
mahaa ali on September 10, 2008
mamta is the prettiest girl in the world.
BusyRiz on October 10, 2008
I am selling the original soundtrack CD to this film Karan Arjun (Tips) for
£5. Thank you.
humairap on December 24, 2008
nice song. remind me of magical 90's
Frough Nejrabi on December 26, 2008
can someone translate this song for me plz. i love you plz plz im not
indian but i love this plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
coooolmike4444 on January 10, 2009
superb!awesome n cute n lovely n gorgeous mamta!fantastic dance!magical song i've ever heard in my life...i m listening dis song now 23rd time in a row.
DivyaDutta4ever on January 11, 2009
mamta is hot
whocares on January 13, 2009
english translation: there's a boy, my age look, he refuses to listen to
his/her heart ...something like that
lostsoul324 on January 13, 2009
Gosh!! these songs make me fall in love again lolllll Miss firing is me
right? lolll
AksheeShadow on February 01, 2009
The song translates to "there is a guy, my age..he doesnt know things about
heart and love" Then she says my bangles klink to call you and i dress up
to impress u. if my beauty cannot make u crazy its of no use to me. Why do
you shy away from me, noone is shy from their near ones. look at my eyes I
will guide you to my heart. :) Enjoy
diseezvishal on February 23, 2009
can anyone translate this song for me? please
lovelyrose44 on February 28, 2009
by the way what is she doing nowadays ???+ just wondering
millionstylez1 on March 20, 2009
well salman is coming out wit a new movie
wgamarrav30 on March 25, 2009
Esta pelicula y en especial la danza el buen gusto la musica el arte y la
elegancia.Me gusta is great movie,music me transporta a las estrellas she
is beutiful dance y he elegante los admiro mucho y los envidio.
Priyankafanno1 on March 27, 2009
i just dotn get it. why salman khan didnt got the award .. for thsi movie..
his was more .. serious in the movie .. then srk was.. he was just ..
jumping around..
loogay Oar on April 06, 2009
kia kehnay mamta k. she stunning hot.
video4234 on April 13, 2009
salman khan was no.1 at this time and more of a king srk wasn't that much
RedHimJoy on April 20, 2009
Where has Mamta Kulkarni gone ? She had put on so much weight..It was said that excessive intake of beer was the cause...
BusyRiz on April 25, 2009
I am selling the original soundtrack CD for this film Karan Arjun (Tips)
for only £5. Thank you.
mahaa ali on May 04, 2009
mamta cute face and black hairs looking so pretty awsome.
GNgoodnews on May 06, 2009
@2:05 to 2:28:)
satlovessrk on May 27, 2009
don't you think she looks like an indian drew barrymore? i've always thought she does lol
missy2045 on May 29, 2009
yeah that's right, bubbly and a bit chubby:)
animeisfav on May 29, 2009
This song is really nice and Mamta looks amazing. India treated her soo
bad; they are hipocrits. Love the music at 1:40; makes me remember my love
asplnirmesh on May 30, 2009
Guys the place where the song has been shot is Siliserh lake near Alwar in Rajasthan, just when Sariska begins. Go and see this place
AksheeShadow on May 31, 2009
wat did india do :| she didnt do any good movies. She always played a
second actress or the love interest of the hero in male dominated movies.
or generally just was their fr some skin. How are we to be blamed> and also
she was really bad in acting. I remember seeing her in Karan arjun and I
was like eeww :|she was so fake wen she talks. She was pretty for sure and
a good dancer.
suhanisood on June 29, 2009
and also she become really fat very soon
hisbabii69 on July 01, 2009
she is not chubby, shes in good shape in this video
Xyru754 on August 12, 2009
nowdays all the actresses are so skinny and tight, back in the day them so
el natural fit.
livelovepeace45 on August 13, 2009
r u kidding me?! this is how the actresses these days should be, she's not
at all chubby in this...she's healthy and beautiful. The stick thin figures
there are in the industry these days are just scary!
Desi4evah on August 29, 2009
how did India treat mamta bad?
Desi4evah on August 29, 2009
true... some people just overreact... India treated her badly... what a joke!
daliadeedee3 on September 02, 2009
What means Ek Munda in english?!!
Awiesha on September 13, 2009
such a beautiful woman, cant get my eyes off her..
ranabimla on September 29, 2009
Omg salmankhan so HOT with blue T shirt n jens.
vish2254 on October 18, 2009
lataji ki awwaz
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