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Comments on song "Inhin Logon Ne Le Linaa Dupattaa Meraa"
kandigee22 on March 04, 2009
Top Class performance
hollywoodslut on September 05, 2009
She's singing:
These are the people, these are the people that stole my veil.

I could translate the rest but its too much to write(lol)
kesava2006 on September 12, 2009
and your point is... ? i suggest you enjoy the song and keep social discussions to oprah's webblogs.
IronGuy100 on October 12, 2009
it does not mean veil...dupatta means scarf. This is not arab
IronGuy100 on October 12, 2009
open your dictionary and check the definitions of both
cuttie101pie on December 01, 2009
wow shes beautiful and is very talented

i noticed other dancers in the back...thats pretty cool
bhagat14 on December 10, 2009
MEENA KUMARI was very sick while making this movie. SHE died soon after
making this movie in 1972. She died of lung cancer, she was very depressed,
most of her relationships with men failed. She was a alcoholic, i love her
, in the movie pakeezah they hired a lot of professional dancers, they
other person was right there were other dancers in the background.
farzana84 on December 12, 2009
This is the only song where she is dancing by herself.. coz the movie took 14 years to be completed.. coz she was married with Director Kamal Amrohi.. and during the movie they got divorced.. and movie stuck.. and later.. as Meera Kumari got ill.. Kamal wanted to complete the movie.. and later.. all her dances were danced by some other dancers..
JayJei22 on December 13, 2009
what about thare rahiyo and chalte chalte i think she did those ones by
farzana84 on December 13, 2009
But she wasnt moving herself that much in other songs.. in Thare rahiyo.. they had an another dancer for these foot step dance... and in Chalte chalte she was just sitting most of the time.. and in last song.. Aaj hum apni duaon.. they had an another dancer.. thats why she is wearing a veil.. and covering her face most of the time.. only the close ups were Meera Kumari.. and the dancer was an another person..
pooja232 on February 18, 2010
umm she died of cirrhosis of the liver BECAUSE she was an alcoholic
nzimalaya on February 21, 2010
boss aap hi director banjate to movie bohot jaldi banjati yaar, thanx for
info though,so typical of indians,like to bother themselves with matters
that dont even concern them.
farzana84 on February 21, 2010
can be... but i like to know all about something.. if i like it..
FaridElhanMalaysia on March 10, 2010
vah vah kya bhat hai
vi3wtub3 on April 27, 2010
@cuttie101pie Don't know how you got voted up so high for a generic
comment. Well, that's Youtube for you.
CandyShaz on May 24, 2010
She is a tragedy queen and my mum literally had tears running down her face
when she watched this. I love her now as well :)
FaridElhanMalaysia on July 08, 2010
Already buy ths dvd from shemaroo, very clear and superb.. Thanx shemaroo
Sengmi Rema on August 01, 2010
@VioletSpanxx i think so
wdywtkm on August 01, 2010
I like what she does at 2:27 LOL :)
bollywoodmovieful on August 12, 2010
oh i love this song even though it is too old
Fazleena Aziz on August 13, 2010
those were the days the actors knew classical indian dance.
ArjunsGandivArrow on August 19, 2010
Huma ri bhi ye dinaya baniti thi- kalakulati kin khandani maiya - ne Mere Jindagi barbad gardia.
ArjunsGandivArrow on August 19, 2010
Yini Logaine mera sansar liya- mai kya karun ...
kishmishyfruit on October 02, 2010
i will always love this movie
and pass it one to my grandchildren
ramprashad29 on October 20, 2010
meena kumari the magnificient...along with lata the great brilliant
stuff..stuff of legend.entertainment of this level does not exist
today amongst those who sing and dance or act in movies.
sewinphilly on October 22, 2010
I stumbled on this tonight just messing around. I am such a fan of this number. Thanks for posting!!!
TUFAIL HEERA on November 09, 2010
She was nice Lady and great Actress, was pioneer of film industry, really
Superstar Dancer, Superb Artist and very good Performer, nice beautiful
song, remarkable words with fine quality acting, the video is also so
impressive / fantastic / brilliant and excellent, it is so sad she is no
more with us.
Chanks420 on February 18, 2011
The depth of detail and ingenious directership is evidentin this small
clip. Just have a look at the background detail while the song unfolds (the
minder throwing a drunkard down the stairs and the other artists dancing in
the background). Just wish directors showed similar dedication in todays
ali1999ization on June 27, 2011
nasir hussian on July 03, 2011
i am n asir hussain from india jab dak suraj or chand rhhega lata tera naam
mihamaya23 on July 05, 2011
superba meena
sayeda bukhari on July 29, 2011
Thumbs up if the only reason you're watching this is East is East, coz it
was for me. Awesome song though.
PoojaMissan on August 04, 2011
@andabreadwasmine I agree!!
182popeye on August 25, 2011
Achtung Panzer on September 10, 2011
heritage of oudh. lucknow is still the best
rishfordforever on September 24, 2011
@182popeye HAHA! I love it when Archie Punjabi is dancing to this song in
East is East! QUALITY!
Mansoor Chaudry on September 30, 2011
There is no match.
AK Singh on October 01, 2011
What terrific work on Tabla! Particularly in the use of the left!
Chiman Jagani on October 13, 2011
Album: Pakeezah Year: 1971 Track: Inhi Logon Ne Singer: Lata Album Star
Cast: MeenaKumari RajKumar AshokKumar Track Star Cast: MeenaKumari
ankita sawant on October 15, 2011
Meena Kumari is the queen of mujra... superbly executed
froodo1 on October 20, 2011
@tufailheera Very true ! I would request Shemaroo to upload HD versions of
Pakeezah songs .plzzzz !!!
Derpy Whooves on October 21, 2011
Could you enhance it & make it louder? I can barely hear it :(
mihamaya23 on October 28, 2011
I love her !
TheVintageFiend on October 28, 2011
I listen to Lady Gaga and think she's amazing and then when I listen to
this, it's just EPIC.
nmahangu on November 23, 2011
The dancing at 0:50 is what we call the rum shop dance in Guyana and
Trinidad. lol!!
Cembers on December 11, 2011
Meenah the Paki was dancing to this in East is East.
ramprashad29 on December 30, 2011
isnt she in a league of her, and was
madhubala...sadna, mumtaz, rekah, hema, zeenat aman, nargis the list goes
on and on..bless them all.. and of course singers lata the magnificient
and asha the stunning.
idiotic1021 on January 31, 2012
inhi logon ne, inhi logon ne, inhi logon ne le liya PAJAMA mera
TheLeBronJames6Fan on February 16, 2012
this song goes so hard!!
siandshirl on February 23, 2012
Never heard a song so beautiful. Meena Kumari was a goddess. love the movie
so much.
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