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Comments on song "Jaag Dil-E-Deewana Rut Jaagi"
crazyoldsongs on December 28, 2009
a very rare gem of a song full of urdu poetry by the great majrooh, adorned
by the equally great but highly underrated composer chitragupt and rendered
so softly by rafi in his heavenly voice to create timeless magic
Pralhad Phadnis on February 25, 2010
Classic poetery, superb voice, immortal song which is unforgetable.
Anjamzahoor on April 23, 2010
Super hit, top class.
Inatsikap on May 01, 2010
Masterclass - Rafi Saab simply brilliant!!
Harvinder Bakshi on June 15, 2010
A rare melody. I remember i used to hum this in college days. But then
completely forgot this.Now a chance finding on YT. Really superb. Thanks
for reviving old memories!!!
nandu1f on July 04, 2010
Very good video for a most melodious composition. Rafi at his best. So also
Chitragupt with the amazing play of the selected instrumets. Excellent
scenic photography to compliment the magical mood. I have not seen the
movie to know the background of the song. Lyrics are very good, although I
don't understand a few Urdu words like "wasale" (yaar ki). I wish some one
smarter can provide the translation. Thanks shamajones ji.
atulks on August 02, 2010
@nandu1f ..wasale yaar ki means meeting or rendezvous with a close friend.
The song is quite beautiful and it has personal memories for me also..thats
why it is more close to my heart like 'tere mere sapne.' from
nandu1f on August 03, 2010
@atulks Many thanks for your help with Urdu words. I wonder who is the girl
(actress) he is dreaming of.
Raaj Kotwal on September 27, 2010
@sundarn2010 Thats rightly said,SIR RAFISAAB IS GOD
neerajua on November 06, 2010
I bow to this lyrics, music and ofcourse to singing.
pawaskarag on January 04, 2011
Can anyone tell me, what is the meaning of 'Saba'? As to evrybody's opinion : Well Rafi saab is the greatest singer, India has ever seen. No doubt about it.
Syed Azmath on January 24, 2011
amazingly sung by rafi saab fantastic rhythm the way expressing heart
feelings in the song only rafi saab can be do
sumraa on January 24, 2011
what a Masterpiece, immortality of Rafi Saab is literally from the heavens. great song..just concentrate how he controls his voice so perfectly to produce this outstanding gem...

thanx for sharing this magical treasure..

Hatshepsut on February 04, 2011
I cannot seem to stop myself from commenting on this song and the
picturization. The haunting tune and lyrics (I would not claim to
understand much of it, so a good translation posted here would be much
appreciated) sung to perfection with purity of diction as only Rafi can .
This combination is a rarity and they definitely do not make them like this
anymore. Thanks.
aurelius210 on February 22, 2011
@nandu1f "wasl" means union; jaag dil-e-deewana ruut jaagi wasl-e-yaar ki:
"awake, o' mad heart, for the season to be united with the beloved
Hatshepsut on February 25, 2011
@nandu1f The woman in the fog is K.R. Vijaya from Tamil filmdom. She was a
big league star from the mid-60s to early 70s. Her smile and perfect teeth
were much parlayed when promoting her movies. But she is also a good
actress: She brought in the era of toned down dialog delivery. Can you
imagine any of today's stars agreeing to be obscured so for a whole song?:)
FlowerDharshini28 on March 15, 2011
Hello all,
Can anyone please translate this song for me. there are some i understand some i dont. Thks :) Love to all
sonia sharma on April 21, 2011
@pawaskarag 'saba' means spring
sonia sharma on April 22, 2011
@crazyoldsongs where is he chitragupta,God please bring them back even from
deads at any cost,we all dying to hear such soothing soulful music,bring
them back ,bring them back ,bring them back,bring them back,bring them
back,bring them back,bring them back,we really can't live without such
musical creations..sounding somewhat awkward ...we are without such
original real people.bring them all costs..
sonia sharma on April 22, 2011
@pawaskarag saba means spring
sonia sharma on April 22, 2011
@afdc205206 we ewually bow to Majrooh ji ,rooh of such beautiful musical
pikluable on April 26, 2011
@crazyoldsongs your appreciation of this song is highly praise-worthy and exactly tells the words of my mind.
banne mani on August 17, 2011
what a fantastic voice..
virag dave on February 17, 2012
once again, marvellous modulatios and rendition. great.
Krishan Kant on December 17, 2012
beautiful song...
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