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Comments on song "Jaana Tha Hamse Dur Bahane Bana Liye"
Suhanee11 on August 04, 2009
Another beautiful, soulful song by Lataji, beautiful videos. You have great taste in choosing the songs and clips for the video, very nice. Simply awesome. Thanks for sharing with me. Regards, Suhanee!!
V. Siddhartha on August 04, 2009
A most moving song of parting and longing. Lataji isn't just singing; her
soul tearfully seems to be conveying to High Heavens the anguish of all
human beings who have suffered unalterable separation from those who have
gone into the infinite void of cosmic space . Songs like these resonate
with the hearts of millions of listeners in multifarious ways. Apt images
in the video clip. Great post again, Desaiji.
Bharat Desai on August 04, 2009
When we are connected with THE original source, the source of all sources
Shiv, this is becoming very natural & effortless for me as HE is sending
inspiration in many forms, believe me. You are one. Regards. Bharat !!
Bharat Desai on August 04, 2009
Mago Ji, You all friends are my real inspiration to try my hands on Madan
Ji's songs, the words, the emotions, THE voice, THE compositions of these
songs are beyond this world as very truly expressed by you. My
SincereThanks For Your Comment.
jasbongy on August 04, 2009
''In Daultose Hamne Khajane Bana Liye'' Such beautiful lyrics,and all time
fav. of mine. I have no tracks but will sing without music. Very very
beautiful,touching song..and beautiful presentation of Video. 10***********
with best wishes Sarla.
jasbongy on August 04, 2009
Do U know anyone in Muscat?
Bharat Desai on August 04, 2009
Thank you for your comments, Yuan. Best Wishes.
Bharat Desai on August 04, 2009
Sarla ji, thank you for appreciation & nice comment. I spent 15 Months in
Muscat as a Project In Charge near Sohar in 95-96. Regards. Bharat
jyotijwala on August 04, 2009
wow..the way you presented this song..excellent..this is really one of my
fav song..un aanshon se humne fasane bana a lyrics..thanks..
Bharat Desai on August 04, 2009
Thanks for your appreciation & emotions.
Maina on August 04, 2009
Great presentation Bharat Ji !! And the choice of the song is Unique ...
Love it :) Regards, Maina
Bharat Desai on August 04, 2009
It feels good when knowledgeable persons like your efforts. Thank you,
Maina ji. Best Wishes. Bharat
ways1234 on August 06, 2009
Dear Barat, the awesome gem.. her soulful voice.., her
melody..she's magic: latha n u , u bring it all amidst us. Not
sure if id ever be able to thank ya full..for a simple reason: u are
Bharat Desai on August 06, 2009
Dear Aujo, I am new to YT & this video presentation. Inspiration comes from
people like you. Thanks for very nice comment. Best Wishes.
isaac moses on August 08, 2009
'Jana tha humse dur bahane bana liye' is a sad song of betrayal, separation
and lost love.. This beautiful performance is probably, far too emotionally
charged, to appeal to true lovers. The lyrics & melody are an appropriately
word perfect melancholic composition.
Bharat Desai on August 08, 2009
You may be right, it may be expression of seperation & not of betrayal, but
extremely well written & well composed & well sung. Thanks.
Ramesh Rawat on August 27, 2009
One of my favorite. ..un aansuon se hamne khazane bana liye. Isi tarah
se hamare khazane ko badhate rahiye Bharat Bhai. Ham is khazane ke mamley
me bahut hi lalchi hai! Kabhi santushti nahi, jitna do utna hi kam hai.
Thanks for this beautiful. Thanks for the 'Aansu' Thanks for the 'Khazana'
Bharat Desai on August 27, 2009
I feel absolutely elated with your response and also see the depth in your
philosophy of life. Thanks, Ramesh Ji. Best Wishes & Regards.
saishaa1 on September 25, 2009
Excellent background. As if the whole Brahmaand is in tune with the
emotions of song. jaise charo dishao se ek aisi awaz aa rahi hai jo sirf
gahare sannate mai hi sunee jaa sakti hai.
Bharat Desai on September 25, 2009
Thanks for nice response. Welcome to the Club of Music Lovers.
nandu1f on November 03, 2009
Amazing. Both the composition and the voice that could do justice to the
music composer. Very touching. Thanks Bharat ji.
Bharat Desai on November 03, 2009
Such combinations occur once in life time & also strange coincidence that
both were removed from film. I tried to do justice with my own slide show.
Thanks, Nandu.
sheddy73 on November 11, 2009
I listened to this song many times after untimed death of my 27 year old younger brother.
Bharat Desai on November 13, 2009
Shahid ji, a loss is a loss and that of young Bro. is a big loss. But
remember Rooh marti nahin. If you want yr departed Bro. to be happy, pl let
go yr sorrow yr attachment to his memory as he is on new journey. Best
sheddy73 on November 13, 2009
Thanks for your wishes. You seem to be a good person. Yes, Rooh (aatma) merti nahin, but remains in the skies.God bless you. Amin!
Bharat Desai on November 13, 2009
Thanks Shahid. We believe that Atma takes another body. Take care.
Mulakush on December 14, 2009
Modern research in USA is turning up evidence that: (a) Soul never dies.
(b) It comes back to earth for Karmic reasons. (c) It returns to form
loving relations with those it loved before. So, take heart, me dear. Your
brother may come around with neither of you recognizing each other but a
loving relationship will resume.
Bharat Desai on December 14, 2009
It is the eternal truth that the Soul/Rooh/Atma, the Live Concious Energy
is Eternal as per our philosophy. Thanks for your response.
SPChitale on January 28, 2010
Share your sorrow but as all others have consoled one has to digest that life is a journey and everyone has to get down from the compartment when his Station comes. Of course it is easier said than done.
This particula song fantastic by Madan_Lata in Raag Pilu
Bharat Desai on January 28, 2010
Yes, that wisdom comes to each one of us at certain stage in
life.Another Madan-Lata.Sapne mein sajan se do may enjoy
on my channel. Thanks.
Muhammad Habib Sadiq on January 30, 2010
one of greatest actor..Hindi cinema is blessed to have him.Long
live...thanks 4 uploading
nandu1f on February 20, 2010
@BharatDesai6 Sorry, I requested this song and the next second I found it.
Thanks to you.
Bharat Desai on April 29, 2010
My all sympaties. May I request you to put a FULL STOP to all thoughts of
past? Take carte & pl. wait for one Share from me. Om Shanti.I Am
Peaceful Soul.
rajendra mantri on May 09, 2010
@sheddy73 I was really moved away with ur comment. I felt very sorry for ur
brother. I will always remember him whenever i listen this song.
Manohar Kalra on June 06, 2010
I wonder how one can sing so beautifully. But yes only Lataji can. I bet no
one can stop crying litterlly, after listening this song, especially people
like me who enjoy these songs more after having a drink or two. Thanks very
much for posting this unique oldie. God bless u.
Bharat Desai on June 06, 2010
It is a real classic. Thank you for your expression. Take care & don't cry.
Anurag Chaturvedi on September 24, 2010
ever best lataji great wonder of india
Bharat Desai on September 25, 2010
@a2n4u6 Yes, Anu ji, I agree.
luvsargam on January 09, 2011
Madan mohan's gem of a song sune sweetly by Latadidi! A very touching song!
Bharat Desai on January 09, 2011
@luvsargam I fully agree.
Deepak S on January 10, 2011
तुझको गरज क्या मेरी वफ़ा से जियूं या मरूं मैं, तेरी बला से... Rajinder
Kishen and Madan Mohan were a powerful duo. This particular song was
deleted from the movie but that was probably a bad decision. You have
chosen wonderful picturisation that bring out the melancholy mood in the
song. Thx
Bharat Desai on January 10, 2011
@rmimer Thank you very much for your great response. With Lata ji, they
made an unbeatable TRIO.
luvsargam on January 22, 2011
OMG what a touching sweet song by Latadidi!
Bharat Desai on January 22, 2011
@luvsargam It Is Eternal GEM. Thanks.
sumit bhardwaj on August 11, 2011
where is te original video
Bharat Desai on August 12, 2011
Not Available.
Manohar Chhabria on September 29, 2011
thanks for a masterpiece from lata and madanmohan...both are
immortal..of course, i will not forget the writer.they will always
be in our memories whether alive or not..GOD HAS REALLY MADE SOME
Bharat Desai on September 30, 2011
You are right. Thanks for nice response. Good Wishes.
Bharat Desai on October 04, 2011
Yes, My Fav. too. Thanks.
Alouette12345 on October 20, 2011
One person never experienced love !
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