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Comments on song "Jab Bhi Tumse Milta Hu Jhagde Huye"
dildabhangra on December 23, 2009
very very very nice job!!
Chirag Rana on December 24, 2009
Damn rakhi stuntz r kewl lolz... gr8 song!!
Alita Pereira on December 25, 2009
the video n the dance moves r really good...but i cant help but notice that
rakhi looks like a guy in this video...i thot the background female dancers
were better
Kainat Bashir on December 29, 2009
is she thinknig tht she is rihana?
anuj srivastava on January 08, 2010
rakhi u suuccccs.
fike on January 13, 2010
its funny how they got RAHKI for this music video
Sumit Waid on January 13, 2010
Rakhi is just so daring.. like her confidence
firecrow1000 on January 17, 2010
rakhi is awesome in this dancing.
dakshsweet on January 19, 2010
wat abt making babies wid me??
dakshsweet on January 20, 2010 a much btr hip hopper than wana make babies?
Ishita Dosaj on January 28, 2010
omg rakhi looks like rihana
MeIndian01 on February 03, 2010
hey ..i hv been very rude critic of rakhi..but this time she rocked...i
mean after pardesia song she is once again performing amzingly..& we hav to
accept it. This is very awesome effort by both rakhi & bector. I want u keep it up...u hav imense potential please concentrate on
it...rather creating cheap publicity stunts.
shiva4ever on February 10, 2010
She looks hot and does a great job. Great energy.
OoSaniaoO on February 13, 2010
i love rakhi's look in this vid!! her hair looks cute!! love this song ishq
has done it again!! he is awesome and so is rakhi!!
Wyanet AlciCLUB on February 15, 2010
i luv rakhi's shorts!!!!! and her hair!!!!! but most of all her voice!!!!!
funy98 on February 20, 2010
!!!(:u looking so beautiful this song rakhi and is also awesome:)!!!
kuri420s on February 20, 2010
for the first time i read something good about rakhi ..!! :) great work
rakhiii !! (L) n ofcourse IB (L)
downloaditsme on February 22, 2010
awesome! :D
cheema1st on February 28, 2010
nice braboooooo rakhi
masoodno on March 04, 2010
WAUW nice :D ..
Eathroc on March 08, 2010
Rakhi redeemed herself! Amazing! Best song out of Bollywood in a long time!
Rosy Thapa on March 12, 2010
every time i play dis song its make me dance...i love dis song GREAT JOB
Rosy Thapa on March 13, 2010
gr8 song.great looks of dis video
Rushna Khan on March 17, 2010
Love this song!!!
katrinakaifrocks13 on March 21, 2010
wow love this song
Mariam Malik on March 24, 2010
rakhi finally looks like a gorgeous girl but she really isnt
SONALI VERMA on March 27, 2010
ekdaum mast song hai yaaaar...i donno somehow rakhi lukin sweet
..with loooooooooooots of make up
Arooj Zavary on April 04, 2010
i dnt noe why but i think she dressed up like Rihanna the hollywood
singer.. even the hair style is like hers.. oh well i like the song...
tennisgrl8778 on April 08, 2010
i love the talent, its really diff. I am an indian american and i love how
they hv incorporated the whole western ghetto w/ the indian ghetto its hot!
oh and im half gujju and half punjabi so im lovin the mix of languages!! :)
tennisgrl8778 on April 08, 2010
oh and ishq is hott! :)
SylhetSweety16 on April 28, 2010
@ujoo0814 lol im glad u noticed this 2.
SylhetSweety16 on April 28, 2010
rakhi actually lux pretty like that but i think with more decent clothing
other than that this song is hawt
Arooj Zavary on April 28, 2010
@SylhetSweety16 lol and she's always braggin about how bhartiya naari she
is lol..
heersaletti on May 27, 2010
ishq bector has similiar looks with daddy yankee.
juddin9 on June 06, 2010
love this song
toofar togo on June 15, 2010
rakiz looking damm gorgeous here i wonder is this her real voice . if
yes then wowoww alike rihana..
toofar togo on July 11, 2010
2009Ahtisham on August 08, 2010
Rakhi is Gorgeous
panjab2000 on August 27, 2010
Damm good video Song reminds of some old Baba Sehgal stuff, but more upto
date. I like the entire concept to the video. Keep it up dude!
muhammad shihab on August 31, 2010
muhammad shihab on August 31, 2010
atinb on September 23, 2010
Who's the voice behind Rakhi? is it Monali Thakur of 'Touch me' ; Race fame?
ZaaraDhoomSe on September 29, 2010
@quickfix85 why the Fack do you say Fack?
Sunitha M on November 12, 2010
i hate rakhi she is sooo superficial and fake tryna be rihanna well you'll
never reach her standards i have no respect for people who do plastic
surgury UF!!!! and ishq you can do sooo much better yiur soo hott like
always :)) see the girl in aye hip hopper was so beautiful and suits you :))
Gurleen29 on January 08, 2011
Cherry Bob on March 20, 2011
i love how they fight its so cute
TheQueensimran on April 02, 2011
Zeshaan !!!! :O
Gully23 on April 10, 2011
Damn, I didn't know she sang. she's a really good dancer and I like her
short hair. Overall 10/10.
Junaid Rupani on April 11, 2011
rakhi is indian rihanna
bunneh87 on May 31, 2011
Ishq is so hot.. <3
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