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Comments on song "Janiye Jara Sa Jara Sa Chhu Le Mujhe"
Nadeni on December 10, 2007
Crazy Beat ;P love it!!
Shamim Jones on December 11, 2007
great song! Is the song there in the movie? anyone who has seen the movie?
Shamim Jones on December 14, 2007
aaah thats sad...the song had raised my hopes of watching the movie..they
set wrong expectations!
kitrak on December 14, 2007
songs nice but the movie wasnt that much..i mean i was expecting somethin
more...this song plays in the background though thruout
rishiarora1983 on December 14, 2007
manisha lamba is so hot.damn all the girls are hot in this video
shahidfan01 on December 16, 2007
you forgot dia mirza.
pwetti on December 17, 2007
none ov dem have a toned body lol all got flabby stomaches! hahaha lol
Sheela Lal on December 20, 2007
I love this song.
bapalover on December 21, 2007
why are people saying this is a bad comment i am jjust asking hy they
didn;t put him in the movie.
shahidfan01 on December 22, 2007
i knwo they should've put him in the movie :( they shoudl put him in every
movie :)
bapalover on December 22, 2007
thank you! at least somebody has good taste.
nousername81 on December 26, 2007
neha is the only one toned
Vidalkiss5 on December 28, 2007
my favorite song from this movie, altho "Dus" is another good one
babblesing on January 02, 2008
i agree with u
vam moh on January 03, 2008
lol, fitness song
hariss11 on January 12, 2008
rememberd me Gym days!!! ahh
Eva26011975 on January 19, 2008
sehr gut. Musik vorallem.
soni on February 03, 2008
I like there step at 0.57...nice
khanrulesbollywood on February 10, 2008
i love the girls doing the dance and of course the girls are erotic hot
zayedkhan929 on February 11, 2008
i bet you do too, so just be kind of respectful, if you CAN be respectful
to them. They are artistes, and that's disrespectful to them.
Eva26011975 on February 13, 2008
very good and a good music.
ashminangel on February 14, 2008
i have sanged this song are you my fan anyways my name is aniya my sisters name is annie
soni on February 18, 2008
i w ant all thse chicks to go d own
paulataula on February 18, 2008
what does go down means.go down beneath you?
jalom999 on February 20, 2008
ama-se-mama-se-mama-ku-sa...ama-se-mama-se-mama-ku-sa !!!
assmasweet on February 20, 2008
everybody stop being rude to ashminangel she is the singer of that song everybody i will give you a punishment ok stop being rude to ashminangel
kutra100 on February 23, 2008
Are u a FOB?? | | | V
Tansch77 on February 25, 2008
Wie ich dieses Lied liebe.abgefahren...
aber woher bekomme ich es ?Weiss jemand bescheid wo ich Hindi Lieder bekomme?
Kadijawae on March 11, 2008
eines der geilsten lieder.und es schlägt sogar fast rihanna - dont stop
the music
ashminangel on March 12, 2008
i am in there tooo dont forget me
mojorose on April 04, 2008
sharam karo, besharmo. use ur own creativity. stop copying others.
k antony on April 07, 2008
no u hvn SUNIDHI CHAUHAN sang ths sng :s
zzzemagic19 on April 21, 2008
chick is hot cool song wats da name of this movie ?
GPSD on June 08, 2008
im hoping your really hot because for no other reason do i plan to let you get away with sayig that!

zzzemagic19 on June 26, 2008
um i dont judge maself but ppl think im hot lolz
zzzemagic19 on June 26, 2008
ok cool i saw dus it was cool so this one is called dus kahaniya
Gotz2Bril on July 18, 2008
so typical good points you made! one and main reason why i hate bollywood
it should be called follywood (fake-hollywood)
sheen1983 on August 23, 2008
does anyone knows that in which english rap song neha dhupia is starring
does any one knows please let me know
alwayzsmilin21 on September 09, 2008
that english rap song that neha dhupia is starring is in from the movie "Siingh is King" and the song's name is "Bas ek King"!
k antony on September 19, 2008
neha dhupia actuali stars in this other rap video other than singh is
kinng..i saw it on b4u but i can't remember what tune it was probably 'cz
it wsn't so catchy
tanyaisrocking on September 28, 2008
im gonna be in bollywood by 2009 well love da song!!
tanyaisrocking on September 28, 2008
yaa neha dhupia is doing a english rap in a hollywood movie in 2009. i noe all this bcuz im gonna be in bollywood by 2009
Reema Khan on December 16, 2008
Keep dreaming... lol
chocopopfan on March 24, 2009
hey are u in bollywood yet?:) lol gdluck
lastdropofpoison on April 07, 2009
sorry to say but this isnt a copy of the song ur talking about ...i can
show u 7 more songs with same kiss to wall mirror and almost exactly same
location .. yaah sometimes bollywood copy but this time its just not copied
frm thr ..
Aravind Jairam on April 26, 2009
Neha , Minisha , Anita , Mausumi ...boy r these women hot or what!.
Aravind Jairam on April 26, 2009
ooops forgot neha uberoi .
Rohit S on May 19, 2009
the point is that the concept isn't original <_< we love the girls though xD
Rohit S on June 06, 2009
turn off the sound u retard <_<
Dawe Dieszek on June 07, 2009
i told you the truth little boy
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