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Comments on song "Jhuki Aai Re Badariya Saawan Ki"
ved prakash on September 19, 2010
excellent music and singing. Saraswati Devi was an excellent Music Director. This is Raag Gaud Malhar.
ved prakash on September 19, 2010
There were so many good singers in the best era of Hindi film music from 1931-1949. Lata came in 1948 and the aforesaid era of Raag based melodious music ended in 1949 or so with the death of Khemchand Prakash the best ever music director of Bollywood till date in 1950, except occasional (very very few and far between) classical songs but with not so good background music as in this song typical of the golden Raag based era, later sung by Lata and Mannadey.
Alaknanda2007 on September 27, 2010
: You have a point there about the naturalness of the raag-based era. I started off with the late 40s-early 50s music but then over the years I also have felt that the 30s and 40s are the richest two decades. Thanks for the info about Gaud Malhar.
ved prakash on September 27, 2010
I agree.There was no dearth of good Raag based Music Directors and singers in the golden era of Indian film-music i.e. 30s and 40s unlike in later years.There were all time great filmi singers KL Saigal & Kanan Devi, Amirbai Karnataki and other good singers like Pankaj Mullick, KC Day, Uma Shashi, Nurjehan, Khursheed, etc.Background music of the songs was loud and very melodious accompanying the singers creating musical Raag-based most enjoyable environment not to be found later.
ved prakash on September 27, 2010
In the golden era of Indian film-music i.e. 30s and 40s, all-time best filmi Music Directors till date, were there-RC Boral in Kolkata who also went to Bombay in 40s and Khemchand Prakash in Bollywood (after after working as assistant of Timir Baran in film-Devdas and with RC Boral in Calcutta in film-Street Singer in which he sang a comedy song & briefly acted as a dancer),who taught classical music to Naushad and in that sense was Guru of Naushad (as acknowledged by Naushad)
ved prakash on September 27, 2010
In 30s & 40s,there were other outstanding and very very melodious music directors like Pankaj Mullick, Gyan Dutt, Kamaldas Gupta, Timir Baran, SK Paul, Mitra, Sarawati Devi, etc., whose calibre-level of music directors were not to be found in later years.
Tusharbhatia20 on February 02, 2011
Pankaj Mullick & R C BORAL CREATED MAGIC WITH K L Saigal & Kanan devi.
75husted on December 14, 2011
there is nothing spontaneous about this recording. it is well rehearsed nursery rhyme style. perhaps to accommodate the limits of the singer. saraswati devi was a parsi music director from bombay. notice the gentleman on the armchair beating his hands wildly offbeat. is he meant to be intentionally comic?
baddyfan1 on January 11, 2012
This was sung and recorded 74 years ago by my grandmother Renuka Devi, who was not a professional singer or actor but a mother of three at the time who simply had "raw" talent and gave her 200 % effort in everything she did. She died 23 yrs ago and left an amazing legacy of hard work and dedication for us. Thank you Alaknanda2007 for posting this clip. Very nostalgic!
MAHI846 on June 15, 2012
I didnt know that Ranuka devi was our beloved begum khursheed ,its a pleasant surprise for me,...Begum khursheed mirza was a graceful lady and such a good actress , first time i came to know that she was a singer as well.
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