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Comments on song "Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar, Beqarar Hai Ke Nahi"
BilliKhanum on March 20, 2007
This movie looks really interesting, i only ever heard the songs wen i was
a kid, always wodered what was going on!
bisahauk on April 03, 2007
one of my fav... gazal
sweetprincess06 on April 04, 2007
please downlaod this movie
preetleah on April 13, 2007
Jagjit singh ji is d guru pf ghazals. Lyrics made it superb. muzic. superb. over all gr8 songs. salute 2 d writer for soo touchable wordings. GOD bLESs YoU aLl
Dezi Alien on April 15, 2007
only cuz it featured in movie.lets not call it a song n insult it...
Gazal is a Gazal..if u ko wat i mean
suhasvkamath on May 09, 2007
beautiful song man, really love this song
abhi513020 on May 13, 2007
its net not a madrassa ! here no need to put right spellings or pernounciation !
myriad82 on May 24, 2007
is this Jagjeet Singh again?
gud24 on June 10, 2007
if u cant spell it right wat will u understand the meaning, urdu is beautiful language ,not tumcha vada pav
vixengreeneyz on June 13, 2007
gud24, u will be surprised to know that amcha vada pav(marathi) has more literature,literate scholars,cultural heirloom then urdu cud ever imagine.Languages are like mothers,your own is alwayz close to your heart and you cannot take a derogatory remark concerning stop being kiddish and FYI-pada paav is the hamburger of India not just get out of my face!!
j44nu on June 22, 2007
just enjoy the song everyone ARTH sorty of a director having affair with
actress n ditching his wife - poor thing. true story of mahesh bhatt who
made the film and parveen bhabi who bless her soul is dead now - all the
men in her life sent her mental -
pinktrush on November 19, 2007
somebody please upload this movie i love it
vpanwar on April 04, 2008
She is looking so pretty in this one
kenjn60 on April 17, 2008
Why argue and criticize? There is enough pain and negativity in the world.
Just appreciate the beautiful vocal, melody, and instrumentation. Even if I
dont understand the words, the very sound reaches the heart!
shounak1982 on April 17, 2008
does anyone have idea about actor Raj Kiran in this song ?? what is he
doing now ?? i used 2 like him in childhood...havent seen him in so many
munnibuchi on April 18, 2008
long back, I saw a news article in which they said Raj Kiran was out of
work and was living in abject penury...and they showed the song - rekhaaon
se maat kha rahi ho..tum itna jo muskura rahi ho..we all felt very bad
Yvonne Pimentel on May 05, 2008
hi there j44nu.. i like the rhythm of this song but i would gladlt
appreciate it if you could tell me what i means.. i could just feel sadness
in the woman's eyes while the guy sings this to her. i love indian and
arabic songs though i'm not so familiar with the languages..
XxXxDivaxXxX on May 06, 2008
yes i miss him too he was my first heart throb
XxXxDivaxXxX on May 06, 2008
ur eyes r luking down so down - i wonder if u hav luv - tell me wots in ur heart count ur young heart beats - is ur heart unsettled like mine -hidden hidden - do u hav luv in u - ur eyes r luking down oh so down-
i 'll give up everyone in life in the hope for having u - do u trust urself too to do the same - hidden hidden - ur eyes luking down
Yvonne Pimentel on May 06, 2008
thanks a gazillion! knowing the meaning of the song, my instinct was right
with my hunch.. to my Love, i will always be with you no matter what.. may
our distance be not the hindrance to us..
Queenlatifa27 on May 10, 2008
but yvonnepimentel original is much more beautiful than the translated one .. when i read the translation it sounded really funny .. but that the best translation one can come up with ..
Yvonne Pimentel on May 10, 2008
hi queenlatida27.. yap,originals are always far better. the good thing is,
i got the idea about the song and someone did tell me about the movie and
why at that scene, this song was sang. i really appreciate you guys for
helping me out with this.. THANKS!
Rajat Sharma on June 14, 2008
this ghazal by Jagjit Singh is right next to my heart.Thanx for posting.
Amit shan on June 17, 2008
where can I find this movie?
ajkav101 on July 28, 2008
awesome song.i hate these remixes.i hate this world now.those lovely songs earlier they it's all westernised.I hate it!
prbhaskar on July 31, 2008
A 'joy' poignant too! A song that touches one's very
William Wordsworth had it:... sweetest songs are those that tell us of
saddest thoughts... PR
st471438 on August 08, 2008
great song, music and great acting. no new comers can do this type of
"true" acting.. all are just sitting but still showing their great face
Indian Dance Group MAYURI on August 27, 2008
great actress!
kessaven on August 27, 2008
great poetry by sabana azmi's dad kaifi azmi
diehardFedfan on September 02, 2008
amazing..heart melting.if only we had such songs these days!
eagle33x on September 13, 2008
does anyone know the singer ?
shilpa88888 on September 19, 2008
Sabana azmi's features are so nice. I love this gazal. Thanks for posting
this video.
eagle33x on September 19, 2008
Thanks I think his voice is completely changed.
collateralcallous on September 20, 2008
loved and remained my choice since 1995.
smokinjoe11 on October 19, 2008
altaf raja has such a nice voice
Anilkumar Nagarappu on November 04, 2008
So meaningful and wonderful song.
zafar07 on November 12, 2008
its really beatiful one of my touching sing.& its remind me my past which i naver forgeet lovelly
Abin Awale on November 16, 2008
teri ummeed pe thukra raha hoon duniya ko.. is geet ki tajagi pe thukra
raha hoon ko exam ki tension ko..
4S on January 03, 2009
sooo translation please?
seeget on January 10, 2009
apne farrey pe tujhe - aetbar hai ke nahi
htgajjar on January 27, 2009
Jagit Singh at his Best.
Saurabh Bhatt on February 16, 2009
jagjeet singh is on top of the world that time in ghazal singing
anamikaunknown on February 26, 2009
I love you, Neeraj
Meri tarah tera dil... beqaraar hai ki nahi...
umauk on March 08, 2009
quality and sweeeeeeeeeeeet Ghazal ,
but the lady is awfull
Kumkum Choudhary on March 16, 2009
:) aisa kya??gazal is always good..
chickenflu4 on March 18, 2009
"arth" is one of the finest movie i have ever seen!
shikari23 on March 20, 2009
one of the awesome songs.old is forever gold.
Faisal Chowdhury on March 21, 2009
Jaghjit is one of the best...Next to Mehedi Hasan.
pranit shrestha on March 28, 2009
mannn this is nice, i had forgotten she was so hot.. i was so small then
primesetter on April 01, 2009
you are still small mentally. grow up.
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