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Comments on song "Kahaan Ho Tum, Zaraa Aavaaz Do, Ham Yaad Karate Hain"
TalatFifties on July 10, 2008
Nice song!Wah!
rumahale on August 19, 2008
Excellent one from Lata Mangeshkar and Mukesh. Thanks for the upload.
shama475 on July 04, 2009
ye song mai sunna chahti thi kabse
raqib56 on July 10, 2009
kia kehnay he, mazah agaya,

raqib56 on July 10, 2009
lutf agaya, bohat umdah geet he !!

Judah bulbul he apnay phool se,
aur roo keh kehti he
arri duniya, kia woh zulm
jo sayyad kartay hein
Hamari bebassi yeh he keh ham
kuch keh nehin saktay
wafa badnaam hoti he agar
faryaad kertay hein
durlabh kolhe on December 03, 2009
very nice from film malhar. i am searching 'muhabbat ki kismat bananeke
pahale jamane ke malik tu roya to hoga'. pl. do the needful.
aceji on December 07, 2009
Roshanji and Mukesh-Lata gave us this immortal music in MALHAR.
nandu1f on April 15, 2010
Lata at her best singing the high notes without losing the sweetness that
made her so special. Is that Shammi? I had not seen her in serious romance
roles as in this one. Thanks Mirza ji.
kbsanjay on April 17, 2010
tere kadmon mein rahne ki tamanna dil me rakhte hain. great song by
lata/mukesh thanks for uploading
tk yaheya on May 08, 2010
Beautiful tune, tilting voices, fantastic musical harmony makes the song
nisha Patel on June 03, 2010
Thank u very much for sharing this song..i have heard this song after
sooooo many years. wonderful song with nice lyrics. keep the good work.
SJisBack on July 31, 2010
Thanks for this upload. Lata ji's young voice from 1951 ! Who are the
Rajesh Kochhar on August 19, 2010
Difference between Urdu and Hindi will come when you use a script.
raqib56 on September 25, 2010

Yes, in pure Urdu, its a geet, song, ( naghma ) !

raqib56 on September 27, 2010
you are welcome !
the couplet has two lines,firs is called asthai & seond anrtara,
you asked the very first part of ASTHAI, which means

" where are you my love ? call me, I miss you "

Malhar is one of the 3 hundred thousands of raaga, sung during rainy season,
malhar is of Kafee " thaat " ( derived & based on one of the principle 37 ragas & ragnis) malhar means the rythmic ecstasy between a flower and rain drops flirt !

sazzad qadir on October 10, 2010
fabulous duet...
Karim Admani on November 05, 2010
ab tu burhi ho gayi hai allah allah kar and gane chor
Rajendra Oza on March 25, 2011
A great upload Mirza Sahab !!
SOPAN TOPAN on April 20, 2011
This is an ultimate song. Say nothing about it. Just listen to it and it
will touch you somewhere and move you sonmewhere in the past you do not
want to go.
Moid Hasan on June 29, 2011
Film Malhar 1951, producer Darling films Director Harish the song in
excerpt ,penned by Kaif Irfani sung by lata and mukesh ,tuned by Roshan
,Cast,Shammi Arjun Moti Sagar and Khainyalal.
thehappiestman on August 19, 2011
what a sweet song.
asha1053 on December 28, 2011
beautiful song, music, and lyrics...thanks
P Vijay on February 24, 2012
What beautiful and heart wrenching words! कहाँ हो तुम, ज़रा आवाज़ दो, हम याद
करते हैं .. जहाँ हैं और अब जिस हाल में हैं, हम तुम्हारे हैं .. तुम्ही आबाद
हो दिल में, तुम्ही को याद करते हैं .. तेरे कदमों में रहने की तमन्ना दिल में
रखते हैं .. जुदा दुनिया ने हमको कर दिया फ़रियाद करते हैं .. Beautiful words
of Kaif Irfani and unbeatable music of great Roshan .. Sad songs have come
and will come, but no song will ever beat this song .. Even after sixty
years it's melody has reduced a bit.. Amazing!
59coolangel on March 13, 2012
very beautiful song.
orientlover1 on July 13, 2012
I don't know if this film was successful or not but all its songs are unique. I did not know this immortal song was picturized on Shammi. Great music composed by Roshan Lal and lyrics by Kaif Irfani ( had never heard about this poet before) and of course Lata's melodious voice to go with. Thanks for upload.
orientlover1 on July 13, 2012
Director of this movie Harish also called Tara Harish also acted in movies like Radhika, Ek hi Rasta etc. and directed movies like Do Ustad, Naqli Nawab, Dada, Malhar, Burma Road. Date of birth 23-10-1916 died 1963.
orientlover1 on July 14, 2012
I have seen different posts on this song uploaded by various persons. Some say lyricist of this film was Indeevar while others say it was Kaif Irfani. So what is the truth?
777888111geetsiv on August 20, 2012
Kaha ho tum jara avaj do hum yaad kerthya heai.
reverseswing on October 02, 2012
Immortal song... one of the best duets of lata & Mukesh. Roshan sahib ki
tareef karna chiragh ko roshni dikhane ke mutaradif hai. Both Indeevar and
Kaif Irfani wrote the lyrics of this film. Kaif Irfani was an excellent
lyric writer who wrote songs mostly for MDs Madan Mohan and Roshan.
Cilamkoti Janakiram on February 06, 2013
The only film produced by Mukesh was MALHAR. He put his soul into the songs
and Roshan gave lilting tunes Because of the cast the picture failed
Sunil Sehgal on February 09, 2013
Thanks for this fabulous video of a sweet duet by Mukesh & Lataji.
MrMkr43 on July 02, 2013
Mrmkr43 very very sweet song by Lata ji and her Mukesh Bhaiya
Ramesh Shah on August 09, 2013
Enjoying Melodies O Mukesh And Lata.
gopal sinha on August 30, 2013
Unforgettable !..
maq mohan on September 20, 2014
find your song...
and sing it..
ramesh babu on December 06, 2014
How innocent love
Surender Bhutani on February 11, 2015
A beautiful song penned by Kaif Irfani. It is a great pity the film
industry did not use his talent properly. Only Mukesh, Roshan and Anil
Biswas used his lyrics.
reyaz bhat on May 12, 2015
Songs of film malhaar r favourite songs.
muhammad akram Nadeem on July 19, 2015
kahan ho tum-most beatifull and sweat melody sung by mukesh and lata ji
.muhammad akram nadeem.
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