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Comments on song "Kahin Door Jab Din Dhal Jaye"
Sagar Lama on November 10, 2012
This song defines Rahesh Khanna's superb acting...He was the best in
emotional scenes..Kaka i miss you.
Dook Boodhoo on November 12, 2012
Was so young when I saw this first time and affected me then and still does
but the poetry and feel of the song is superb. Have been ill myself and can
empathise with this.
critic on December 01, 2012
what a beautifull and deep song.someone please post the lyrics with the
meaning of the song...!!
bobby singh on December 08, 2012
Todays songs can never compete old songs or with those great legendary
Sanjay Bhujle on December 08, 2012
Legends!! Mukesh and Rajesh!
hitesh khetpal on December 14, 2012
Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan and Sumita Sanyal.
sunil pawar on December 14, 2012
Very touching and emotional.. RIP Rajesh Khanna!
Anurag Rajora on December 28, 2012
wow what a song heart touching
NAGALING GAYAKAWAD on January 01, 2013
great song ...
syed safdar hussain on January 01, 2013
Best of mukesh
Madhur Motwani on January 02, 2013
this song makes me so sentimental...and then I think about the songs these
days... and then my tears become more apparent.
Sc0rnish on January 04, 2013
56 people dont know what music is...must be justin bieber fan...
Sumit Bhatt on January 05, 2013
Long live Kaka Ji.RIP
Mala Chatterjee on January 16, 2013
my feb song
Sieberliebangbang on January 21, 2013
Akram chaudhary on January 28, 2013
i love this song all of near and far
Mohammad WASEEM SIDDIQUI on February 01, 2013
nice song. *._.*
Narayana Swamy on February 01, 2013
While Mukesh and Rajesh Khanna are remembered Worth remembering the
Lyricist Yogesh and Music director Salil Chaudhary. It is a great loss that
we did not hear much from Yogesh
Mahesh Pandey on February 03, 2013
high school days will never come back so as these unforgettable memories
feels like we are regaining our childhood all over again. interval at the
school we go to eat @ hotel tea or snack with limited cash. calling sick
and going to watch some fev move.
Prince Jain on February 04, 2013
very nice song
Prince Jain on February 06, 2013
mukesh sir you are best
Rene Ninu on February 07, 2013
far away when the day turns into dusk,the bridegroom of dusk feels shy of
her body comes quietly in the veranda of my thoughts someone lights the
candles of my dreams sometimes when i feel difficult to breath and eyes are
filled with tears then i feel someone touching me lovingly and naughtily
but not visible to me
Rene Ninu on February 07, 2013
some times hearts do not meet sometimes you feel related from many births
it is difficult situation heart feels someone elses pain heart knows all my
deep secrets how my golden dreams were lost these dreams are mine these
shadows of my dream will never part from me
Rene Ninu on February 07, 2013
dear i tried to translate for you hope you like it more now
Sieberliebangbang on February 07, 2013
where can i find the translation..?
Rene Ninu on February 08, 2013
i do not know where you can find exact translation/ but i tried to
translate for you read the comments by me where you are from do you want to
know the words ,if so i will send you words
Rene Ninu on February 08, 2013
kahin door jab din dhal jayee saangh ki dulhan badan churaye,chupke se aaye
.M ere khayalon ke aangan mein koi sapnon ke deep jalaye KAHI..KABHI
yuhl ke ,pyar se chal ke chooye mujhe koi par nazar na aaye. kahin too yeh
dil mil nahi paate, kahi pe nikal aaye janmon ke naate.ghani thi uljhan
baire aapna manapana hi ho ke sahe dard paraye. dil janne mere sare bhed
yeh gahre, ho gaye kaise mere sapne sunhere,yeh mere sapne yahi to hai
aapne mujh se juda na hoonge inke yeh saaye kahi door..
Sieberliebangbang on February 09, 2013
OhSoInsane on February 28, 2013
don't think that'll be much useful to you in English. There are lots of
metaphors and imagery there that just doesn't translate, it would be hard
to find an equivalent and with normal translation, it wouldn't make sense
at all
Sieberliebangbang on February 28, 2013
i know how to think, just give me the translation
OhSoInsane on February 28, 2013
When did I doubt your ability to think in my response? Point that to me
anywhere in that comment. And stop being a douche with that arrogant
attitude. I hate your type of people.
sprang12 on March 06, 2013
Somewhere far away when the day retires The dusk sneaks up, shyly like a
bride In the courtyard of my thoughts, Someone lights up lamps of dreams
Sometimes when without a reason my breaths become heavy When my eyes well
up just sitting there Then with a flutter, moving with love, Someone
touches me, but I cannot see her.. I cannot see her Sometimes these hearts
are unable to come together and somewhere else, connections of lifetimes
emerge.. The problem was deep, and my own heart became the...
sprang12 on March 06, 2013
Part 2.. The problem was deep, and my own heart became the enemy even
though belonging to me, yet bearing the pain of another My heart knows all
these deep secrets of mine How my dreams became golden.. My these dreams,
these alone are my own, Even their shadows will not be separated from me..
somewhere far away
Sangeet Khatri on March 09, 2013
I don't believe how can someone dislike this?
kirti kumar Khanna on March 12, 2013
no no no nobody is like mukesh chand .what a performence and salil sahib
aap ka bhi jwab nahin .the combination of salil jee and Mukesh chand mathur
.please god bring themback indian musicand listeners want them back
Gaurav Khare on March 16, 2013
superb song..shows the height of these legends
Siddharth Chauhan on March 18, 2013
This is closest to perfection as it gets.Beautiful.
cricketchandrasekhar on March 27, 2013
one of the best from the salil mukesh duo there can never be any song like
this again.
Nitin Tiwari on March 31, 2013
Ritu na surf achha hai per sunta vi hun.Aaj kaal aisay ganey banna bund ho
gaya hai.
Gaurav Solanki on April 02, 2013
You sit alone in the evening time and listen to this song ..I am sure
you'll love it even more .
Abdul Malik Talib on April 02, 2013
Well said bro.
Viraj Salunke on April 10, 2013
Hit like if u too think its a very meaningful song...:-)
akhtar khan on April 17, 2013
great song.never be compose like it..Mukesh innocent voice workss as
flute..Ears like to listen this voice..
eskimomeltin on April 29, 2013
23:23 CET in Stockholm.. Me all alone with these melodies..
ajay nanda on May 02, 2013
this song is god gift to those who like to feel the life
shakshi yadav on May 02, 2013
lovely song...
ruma Dutta on June 04, 2013
My sweet prince..kakaji will be always in my heart till I breathe my
last...OMG what was that period, music, movie,...and that prince..
punjabipandit on June 08, 2013
my fav song
Prashant Akerkar on June 20, 2013
Mukeshji has sung this song so beautifully. Thanks & Regards, Prashant S
Tahiti Baksh on June 21, 2013
What's d matter ...wid. Rk..why so,sad ...explain anyone thank u.
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