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Comments on song "Kahin Door Jab Din Dhal Jaye"
Usman Malik on April 08, 2012
dude u need to know what urdu actually is here u r sounding totally retarded
Aayush Singhania on April 24, 2012
Songs so clean...such simplicity...lyrics spread like a beautiful
painting.people today have forgotten what music was all about...
Imam Siddique on May 01, 2012
Today is his birth anniversary. May the almighty lord bless this man with
the soulful voice of the son of the soil.
Sajjad Nawaz on May 05, 2012
Great movie, foto FB and search: ANAND - Amitabh Shahenshah Bachchan
assertive925 on May 06, 2012
Thanks for translation,Just when I needed most.
gopi gandotra on May 09, 2012
khayal = urdu mere vichaaron ke aangan mein sunne me utna meetha nahi lagta
hai i am a marathi
Ashneel Jaynesh Prasad on May 28, 2012
kuch geet aise hoote haii... jisse sirf mehsoos kiya ja sakta haii...
punit kumar on May 30, 2012
jabb app ka mood kharab ho tab app ko ye shila munni chkni shallu wale
songs relax nahi karte relax to ye songs karte hai is ko sun ke apna sa
lagta hai
saivandana09 on June 04, 2012
kahin to ye dil kabhi mil nahin paate kahin se nikal aaye janmon ke naate
ghani thi ulajhan bairi apanaa man apanaa hi hoke sahe dard paraaye dard
paraaye kahin door jab din dhal jaye saanjh ki dulhan badan churaaye
chupake se aaye
Damanjeet Singh on June 09, 2012
Beyond my Worth !
Damanjeet Singh on June 09, 2012
You are right Dear !!!
David on June 13, 2012
Please translate the whole lyrics, its so touching :)
harshakool on June 23, 2012
somewhere far away when the day is over, dusk slowly creeps in like a shy
bride In my garden of chain of thoughts Someone lights the lamp of dreams
Sometimes when just like that, the breath becomes heavy when the eyes
moisten with tears for no reason then someone, very lovingly touches me but
cannot be seen sometimes, these hearts cannot even meet and sometimes, the
bonds are there from so many lives Very heavy is the dilemma, strange is my
heart being mine it tolerates the pain of others
ear2ear420 on July 13, 2012
21 people have no soul -_-..
hussain ahmad on July 16, 2012
old is gold...
daisy bdaisy on July 17, 2012
its a simple song with several meanings.
somfrodo on July 18, 2012
R.I.P. Kaka
pings007 on July 18, 2012
will miss you kaka ..
Hippietraveller on July 18, 2012
Kaka lives on...
pings007 on July 18, 2012
Miss you Kaka ..
JOJO on July 18, 2012
kahin to ye dil kabhi mmil nahi paate... kahin pe nikal aaye janmonn ke
naate... ausumn lines miss u sir
Chander K. Sharda on July 18, 2012
Salute to Kaka, May God give rest and peace to the departed soul...
Ritam Basu on July 18, 2012
ANAND mara nahi.ANAND marta nahi
Tejas Vinda on July 18, 2012
simplicity at best..!! RIP kaka :(
Sanil Abraham on July 18, 2012
LIKE if you are still listening to this in 2012
Ravish Vaidya on July 18, 2012
“बाबुमुशाई... ज़िंदगी और मौत ऊपर वाले के हाथ में है जहाँपनाह, उसे न तो आप
बदल सकते हैं न मैं, हम सब तो रंगमंच की कठपुतलियाँ हैं जिनकी डोर ऊपर वाले की
उंगलियों में बंधी है, कब, कौन, कैसे उठेगा यह कोई नहीं बता सकता है..” we all
miss you kaka..
indranee19 on July 18, 2012
RIP... he was my first actor-crush :(
casanova2784 on July 18, 2012
alvida kaka.
babby baba on July 18, 2012
behad dukhad.!!!
madhuri patil on July 18, 2012
lovely song...will u miss while hearing this.
laliteis on July 18, 2012
We will miss you Kaka .. :(
Ambika Vohra on July 18, 2012
Sad day for Indian Cinema...RIP will be missed.
Ajay Sharma on July 18, 2012
zindagi bahut choti hai kisi se naraz rehne ya kisi ko naraaz karne ke
liye..if a superstar can go so soon toh apni kya kahein...spread
vayunandu on July 18, 2012
23 loosers..
IndyTinTin85 on July 19, 2012
whenever i think of mukesh ji i automatically think of this classic song!
divyjyoti sinha on July 19, 2012
Best song in the history of Indian cinema...we all will miss you Rajesh
sir...hats of to your acting and expressions...
59coolangel on July 19, 2012
a heart touching and soulful song, tears in my eyes, rip.
Vinod Kumar on July 19, 2012
The most beautiful song of Hindi cinema.
Vinod Kumar on July 19, 2012
Songs suits Rajesh Khanna very much.
LuckyStar on July 19, 2012
Kaka will not die until his last fan dies! And each and every day from
generation to generation people will adore him. Good bye Sweet prince! :(
Bhuwanish Kunwar on July 19, 2012
I will not say Good bye.. Ur with me and always remain with me. ( Meray Fan
, koi muzsay cheen nahi sakta)
Sudhir Bhandari on July 19, 2012
very nice song of ramu kaka aur aub kaun kahega hamari dost ko baba musai
jacko arias on July 19, 2012
kaka ur always b there in our heart and mind , ur a true indian , v all
will miss u
jacko arias on July 19, 2012
kaka u can see us all from there all your fans, always with u, ur the no 1
tigersfart on July 19, 2012
There will never be another Rajesh Khanna. RIP
Deepika Gulati on July 20, 2012
awesome ...miss u kaka ji
Ashneel Jaynesh Prasad on July 20, 2012
kahi ek deep bhuj gaya. ek chingari jali thi, aaj woh bhi khatam ho
gaya.. ek umeed lekar aaya hoon yaha daman failai... kaha chale gaya
Kunal Sharma on July 20, 2012
Best song love it and also love kaka and miss u lot kaka
Rizwan paks on July 20, 2012
Silu Mallick on July 21, 2012
it touched my heart deeply
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